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专题三 一般将来时 重点短语

1. grow up 成长 2.a basketball player 篮球运动员

3.study computer science 学习计算机科学 4.become a writer 成为一位作家

5.be sure about 确信;对……有把握 6.make sure 确保;查明

7.take acting lessons 上表演课 8.take singing lessons 上音乐课

9.go to a cooking school 去烹饪学校 10.move to Shanghai 搬家到上海

11.learn to play the piano 学习弹钢琴 12.make the soccer team 组建足球队

13.get lots of exercise 多锻炼

14.take guitar lessons 上吉他课

15.learn another foreign language 再学一门外语 16.take piano lessons 上钢琴课

17.make resolutions 下决心;制定计划 18.the meaning of.. ……的意思

19.a kind of promise 一种承 20.at the beginning/start of the year 在新年刚开始的时候 21.write down 写下;记下

22.different kinds of resolutions 不同种类的决心 23.have to do with 关于;与……有关系

24.take up 学习做;开始做 25.make a weekly plan 制订每周的计划

26.make promises to sb. 向某人保证/承诺


1. be going to+动词原形结构

1、 be going to 句型的用法

对于将要发生的事,或打算、计划、决定要做的事,皆以“be going to +动词原形”的句型来表示。

如:I’m going to be a teacher when I grow up.

They’re going to play volleyball next week.


句型:主语+be going to+动词原+……

I am going to play football next Sunday.

He is going to teach in Beijing next year.

They’re going to meet outside the school gate.

It is going to rain.

2、 否定句的构成和用法

句型:主语+be not going to +动词原形

We’re not going to have any class next week.

It’s not going to rain this afternoon.

I’m not going to be a teacher.


He isn’t going to see his brother tomorrow.


句型:be+主语+going to +动词原形…?

Are you going to be a doctor in the future?

Yes ,I am./No, I’m not.

Is your sister going to bring you lunch?

Yes,she is./No,she isn’t.


1.The boys __________ (go) play soccer this afternoon.

2. _____ you _____________(play) basketball with me next week?

3. The actor ___ going to ________(move) New York.

4. He admires actors very much. He’s going to take_____ (act) lessons every day.

5. Lucy ________________(not stay) at home next weekend.

2. will / shall引导的一般将来时:一般将来时表示将来发生的动作或情况,最基本的结构:will / shall + 动词原形


肯定句:主语+ will / shall +动词原形+(宾语)+其他成份

People will have robots in their homes.

否定句:在will / shall 的后面加not即可。will not = won’t

People will not (won’t) have robots in their homes.

一般疑问句:把will / shall 提到句子主语之前,结尾变问号。

Will people have robots in their homes?

特殊疑问句:特殊疑问词+will +主语+动词原形+其他成份?

When will people have robots in their homes?

There be”句型的一般将来时

肯定句: There will be +名词+其他成份


There will be only one country.


There won’t be only one country.


Will there be only one country?

Yes, there will. / No, there won’t.

一. 单项选择

1. People ____ able to own robots in the future.

A. are B. is C. will be D. were

2. Every ___ free in 50 years.

A. is B. are C. was D. will be

3. Books ___ only on the computers in 200 hundred years.


A. will be B. are C. were D. is

4. There’s going to ___ a book show next week.

A. have B. be C. has D. had

5. People will live ___ 300 hundred years old.

A. / B. being C. wee D. to be

6. Will people use money ___ 100 years?

A. on B. in C. for D. with

7. There will be ___ work for humans in the future.

A. many B. few C. less D. fewer

8. I hope we’ll have ___ pollution in a few years.

A. little B. few C. many D. great

9. Don’t used your feet ___ on the street, because it’s too crowded.

A. plays B. played C. playing D. to play

10. She tells us that Peter is ___ college now.

A. of B. off C. with D. in

短文填空April 5, 2012


John was six years old and he liked ---1---very much. But his mother never gave him ---2---, because they were bad for his teeth. John had a very nice ---3---. The old man loved his grandson very much, and sometimes he ---4---chocolates when he came to visit him, Then his mother let him eat them---5----she wanted to make the old man happy.

One evening, a few days ---6---John’s 7th birthday, he was saying prayers(祈祷)in his room before he went to bed. “ Please, God,” he said in a ---7---voice(声音), “make them give me a big box of chocolates for my birthday on Sunday. “

His mother was in the kitchen, but she ---8---the small boy shouting and went into his bedroom quickly.

“Why are you shouting, John?” she asked her son.” God can hear you when you talk ---9---.” “I know,” answered the clever boy with a smile, “---10---my grandfather is in the next room, and he can’t.”

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