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( )1.---- How do you study ______ a test?

---- I study ______ working with a group.

A. for ,by B. by, in C. for ,from D.at,by

( )2.Have you ever ______ with a group?

A.study B.studying C. studied D.to study

( )3.My sister said she studied by ________ English-language videos.

A. watch B. watching C. watched D.looking ( )4.What about _______ the textbook?

A. reading B. read C. to read D.readed

( )5.It improves my _______ skills

A. spoken B. speak C. speaking D.spoke

( )6.I had trouble ________ the new words.

A. memorize B. memorizing C. to memorize D.memorized ( )7.____the help of our friends,we have made great progress.

A.Under B. With C.As D.Because

( )8.Miss Li regards all his students _______ his children.

A . as B. for C. to D.with

( )9.If you don’t know how to spell new words, look them _____ in a dictionary.

A. up B. for C. after D.into

( ) 10.Jack often make mistakes ________grammar.

A.at B.in C.with D.about

( ) 11.Don’t be angry ______him_______his pronunciation.

A.at,with B.with, about C.about,with D.for ,about

( )12.The small boys decided ________ to each other.

A.not talk B.to not talk C.didn’t talk D.not to talk

( ) 13._____you study hard,you can’t get good grades.

A.If B.Until C.Unless D.Whether

( ) 14._____is our duty to help him instead of laughing at him.

A.That B.This C. Which D.It

15.-----Can I ask you some questions?------_____________.

A.That ia OK B.Sure C.Thank you D.Right 二、阅读理解(共15分,每小题3分)



One day, Bruce played in front of a house. A woman came up and asked Bruce, “Little boy, is your mother at home?

“Yes, she is, ” answered the boy.

Then the woman went over to ring the bell. The bell rang and

rang, but no one came to open the door. The woman got angry and called out to him,

“You told me your mother was at home, didn't you?”

“Yes,” the boy answered.“My mother is at home, but this

isn't my home.”

( )16.One day, Bruce played ________.

A. in a park B. in the street

C. in front of a shopD. in front of house

( )17.The woman wanted to see ________.

A. Bruce's motherB. Bruce's father C. Bruce himselfD. Nobody

( )18.The woman went over to ________ after she talked with Bruce.

A. knock at the door of the house B. ring the bell of the house

C. give a call to his mother D. ask his mother some questions

( )19.The woman got ________ because no. one came to open the door.

A. pleased B. surprised C. angry D. afraid ( )20.In the story the woman didn't find Bruce's mother because ________.

A. she went to the wrong house B. she didn't know Bruce's mother

C. Bruce was not at home D. Bruce didn't have a mother

卷Ⅱ(共40 分)

三、英汉互译(共30 分,每题2分)

1. 结束 __________________ 2. 根本不 __________________

3. 以后,随后 ____________ 4.. 生…… 的气 _____________

5.没关系 _______________ 6. 编造 ______________

7. 做笔记 _______________ 8. 查阅 _____________

9.(指时间)过去,消逝 _______________

10. deal with______________ 11.. laugh at_______________

12.be afraid to______________13.try one’s best.… ____________

14. break off_________________ 15.Make mistakes ____________


1.I don’t know how_________(use) commas.

2.They end up _________(laugh) at him at last.

3.We should practice___________(speak) English every day.

4.He used __________(be) very short,but now he is quite tall.

5.Let’s try our best ________(deal) with each challenge.

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