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Unit 11 – unit 15 words and sentences

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Unit 11 – unit 15知识梳理
中关村中学 初三英语组

1.词汇 (单词,词组)


词汇:单词 (核心词汇,扩充词汇)

market,land,towards, point,full,form,whose, hard,list,schoolbag, thought, water, hit, appear, turn, government, step, pound, build, society, business

fresh, lend, park, order, wonder, trouble, certain, kiss, stick, knife, mark, beside, experiment, proper, pink, serve, truth, taste, count, wood, light, farm, mail, southern, feed, weigh, pull, planet, model, plastic, proud, flag

magic, direct, lead, fork, spoon, rubbish, e-mail, riddle, fair, toothpaste, purse, towel, anyway, poem, purpose, tiny, president, spare, certainly, expression, educate suitable, gray, homeland, overseas, shake drugstore, department, organized, staff, custom, relaxed, greet, rude, manner, crowd, type, pleased, product, aim, guidebook, garage, award, wave, suit, lead, normally, queue, lighting, skin

词组(核心★,扩展) 分单元

句型 (单元内容,中考说明) 1.五个单元的 TARGET LANGUAGE
U-11、Excuse me. Do you know where I can exchange money? Sure. There’s a bank on the second floor. Take the escalator to the second floor and turn right. The bank is next to the bookstore. U-12、What are people in Korea supposed to do when they meet for the first time? They are suppose to bow. How was the dinner at Paul’s house last night? Well, it was OK, but I made some mistakes. I was supposed to arrive at 7:00, but I arrived at 8:00.

U-13、I’d rather go to the Blue Lagoon Restaurant because I like to listen to quiet music while I’m eating. Me too. Loud music makes me tense. I agree. Not me! Loud music makes me uncomfortable. U-14、Have you watered the plants yet? Yes, I have already watered them. I haven’t cleaned out the refrigerator yet. U-15、I think that animals should not live in zoos. I disagree with you. I feel that zoos provide clean and safe places for endangered animals to live.


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