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Unit 14 Have you packed yet同步练习 17期

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初三英语人教版<新目标>Unit 14 Have you packed yet同步练习


Ⅰ. 单项选择

1. We have never heard such wonderful news.

A. a B. an C. / D. the

2. —Darling, what about taking the dog a walk?

—Sure. C. That’s right. D. You’re lucky.

﹡14. —Sue, it’s your turn the dishes.

—Okay. I’ll do it.

A. wash B. washing C. washes D. to wash

15. Look, the old woman is flowers in the garden.

A. water B. watered C. watering D. waters

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﹡Ⅱ. 完型填空

Not everyone has the chance to be a detective (侦探). But I ever got one when I was thirteen years old. It happened in 1988.

One afternoon, I was walking down the street when I saw my father’s new car. I to see my father, but to my . I saw a young woman driving instead. “She stole my father’s car,” I thought. So I quickly stopped a taxi and got in. I said to the driver, “Follow that new car

The taxi driver had a car telephone, and I asked him to call the police. Soon we heard the No-car day. On a no-car day, nobody comes to school in a car—not the students and not the teacher! Cars give pollution to our air, so remember:

Walk, jump, bike or run.

Use your legs! It’s lots of fun!

Turn off the water! Did you know that some toilets can waste(浪费)twenty to forty m3 of water an hour? In a year, that would fill a small river! In environment clubs, students mend those broken toilets.

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We love our environment. Let’s work together to make it clean .


A. to run to school every day. B. to take exercise every day

C. not to forget to take cars D. not to throw away lunch bags


A. at school B in shops C in clubs D at home

will take a car to school.

A. Both students and teachers B. only students successful and it wasn’t long before Andrew was home again.

31. What was the trouble in the little girl’s family?

A. Her brother was seriously ill. B. They had no money

C. Nothing could save her brother. D. Both A and B

32. In the eye of the little girl, a miracle might be ____.

A. something interesting B. something cheap

C. some wonderful medicine D. some healthy food

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33. The little girl said again and again “…I can try and get some more (money)” That shows___

A .she had still kept some money

B. she hoped not to be refused

C .there was no need to worry about money

D. she thought money was easy to get

34. What made the miracle happen?

A. The girl’s love for her brother B. The girl’s money.

C. The medicine from the drugstore D. Nobody can tell

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41. I’m hearing from you.

42. His friend Jim will to a foreign country.

43. My brother his bedroom. It’s clean now.

44. I wonder whether I can go to Mars .

45. your help, I can work out the math problem

46. We’re very busy today. we’ve sold over forty bikes.

47. There are children playing in the zoo on Children’s Day.

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Ⅰ. 1-5 CDCBD 6-10 DACCB 11-15 BDBDC

Ⅱ. 16-20 BCBDC 21-25 DABCA

Ⅲ. 26-30 DACCB 31-35 DCBAA

36. “吉祥物”.

37. “Five Friendlies”/ “Beibei” “Jingjing” “Huanhuan” “Yingying” and “Nini”.

38. “Beijing welcomes you.”

39. He felt pleased/satisfied about/with them.

40. Beijing chose 5 dolls for Olympic mascots.

Ⅳ. 41. looking forward to 42. be off 43. has cleaned out 44. some day 45. Thanks to

46. So far 47. thousands of 48. go for walks 49. turn off 50. in search of

Ⅴ. 51. haven’t; yet 52. Has; yet 53. How long 54. How soon

55. ①came to; ②It is, since; ③has passed


Dear Jim,

How’s everything? I haven’t heard from you for a long time. I missed you very much. I have finished my exams. I did very well in the exams. Now I’m spending my holiday at home.

I’m very busy every day, especially today. I have so many chores to do. I have to do my homework, of course. I started about an hour ago, but I haven’t finished. Then I have to water flowers and do some shopping.

My father has just bought a personal computer. In the evening I will have a computer class. Now I have learned to send e-mails to my friends. It’s very interesting.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you.


Li Ming

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