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贵阳市乌当中学 高力超

Unit 1

What’s the matter? 怎么了?出什么事了? have a cold 感冒

have a stomachache 胃痛

lie down 躺下

take one’s temperature 量体温

have a fever 发烧

take breaks (take a break) 休息

get off 下车

to one’s surprise 使......惊讶的;出乎......意料 right away 立即;马上

get into 陷入;参与


take risks (take a risk)

run out (of)

cut off 切除

get out of 离开;从......出来

be in control of 掌管;管理

give up 放弃

Unit 2


call up 打电话给(某人);征召

used to 曾经......;过去......

care for 照顾;非常喜欢

try out 参加......选拔;试用

fix up 修理;装饰

give away 赠送;捐赠

take after (外貌或行为)像

set up 建立;设立

make a difference 影响;有作用

Unit 3

take out the rubbish 倒垃圾

all the time 频繁;反复

as soon as 一......就......;尽快

in order to 目的是;为了

depend on 依靠;信赖

take care of 照顾;处理

Unit 4

What’s wrong? 哪儿不舒服?

look through 快速查看; 浏览

big deal 重要的事

work out 成功地发展;解决

get on with 和睦相处;关系良好

cut out 删除;删去

compare...with 比较;对比

in one’s opinion 依......看

Unit 5


fall asleep

die down

have a look 看一看

make one’s way 前往;费力地前进

in silence 沉默;无声


at first 首先;最初

fall in love 爱上;喜欢上

get married 结婚

Unit 7

feel free (可以)随便(做某事)

as far as I know 就我所知

in the face of 面对(问题、困难等)

even though (=even if) 即使;虽然

the Pacific Ocean 太平洋

at birth 出生时

up to 到达(某数量、程度等);至多有;不多于 walk into 走路时撞着

fall over 绊倒

or so 大约

Unit 8

full of 满是......的;(有)大量的;(有)丰富的

hurry up 赶快;急忙(做某事)

science fiction 科幻小说(或影片等)

country music (country) 乡村音乐

ever since 自从

one another 互相

Unit 9

tea art 茶艺

tea set 茶具

a couple of 两个;一对;几个

thousands of 数以千计的;许许多多的

on the one hand...on the other hand... 一方面......另一方面...... all year round 全年

Unit 10

yard sale 庭院拍卖会

break maker

soft toy 软体玩具;布绒玩具

check out 查看;观察

board game 棋类游戏


clear out 清理;丢掉


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