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Unit 1 How do you study for a test 同步练习 01期

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初三英语人教版<新目标>Unit 1 How do you study for a test同步练习


I. 单项选择

1. Jackson studied Chinese by __________ tapes.

A. listening B. to listen

C. listening to D. to listening to

2. --_________ do you come to school every day?

--By bike.

A. What B. Why C. How D. For what

3. A young man is practicing_____________ English with Mr. King on the train.

A. to speak B. saying C. to say D. speaking

4. ---How do you study___________ a test?

---I study ________ working___________ a group.

A. for, in, with B. for, by, at

C. for, by, with D. of, in, by

5. The party____________ with a beautiful song.

A. ended up B. end up C. is ended up D. ending up

6. ---Have you__________ studied__________ a group?

---Yes, I have.

A. never; with B. ever; with

C. ever; to D. always; with

7. I think the best way to learn more English is to learn by__________ English.

A. speaking B. writing C. saying D. using

8. The student is ___________ see the teacher because he__________ a mistake.

A. afraid of; has B. afraid to; has made

C. afraid to; make D. afraid of; made

9. Wang Ping speaks English as__________ second language.

A. the B. / C. a D. an

10. English is very popular____________ the world for computers.

A. on B. for C. all over D. by

11. My little son said that he couldn’t understand the people who talked__________.

A. slowly B. clearly C. lastly D. quickly

12. Please write a letter to tell your friend___________ a better language learner.

A. how to become B. when to become

C. to become how D. why to become

13. All of us were____________ at the ____________ news.

A. amazing; amazing B. amazing; amazed

C. amazed, amazing D. amazed ; amazed

14. Have you _________ to__________ English well, can you tell me?

A. learned ; learn B. learn; learn

C. learn; learned D. learned; learning

15. I found learning English _________ because the teacher’s pronunciation was _______.

A. interesting; good B. hard; good

C. difficult; good D. frustrating; sweet

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II. 完形填空

Like many other 17-year-old girls, Maria Sharapova likes to go shopping, talk with friends and read Harry Potter Books. But she is very different.

The Russian tennis player is one of the richest sportswomen in the world.

She can 100 million dollars a year. This year Sharapova has not only five big games but also been lots of fashion magazines. Will she let money and fame(名声) the way she lives?

“I have to keep my head cool. I leave business for people. I just want to go out and play tennis,” she said. Sharapova has strict for herself. When she is not playing games, she usually practices for two hours each day “I’III. They A. Because they enjoyed doing so.

B. Because their parents asked them to do so.

C. Because they were asked to do so.

D. Because they were good at repeating things.

28. For some of the children, school is a kind of prison because___________.

A. they don’t like schools B. their parents like schools

C. there are many school rulers D. they have to stay in school

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29. What does the underline word “discover ”mean in the passage?

A.制作 B. 评价 C.分析 D. 发现

30. The passage tells us some of the children hate schools because ______.

A. their teacher didn’t like them

B. schools were prisons at that time

C. their parents made them go there

D. they didn’t reach a certain age to find jobs

禁止 She get in 3A. 3D. get in touch with their children

35. The passage tells us that_______.

A. students shouldn’t have mobile phones at school except for some special reasons

B. it is impossible to ban students from using mobile phone at school

C. some parents felt unhappy because they couldn’t Use their phones at school

D. parents should teach their children how to use mobile phones during school hours

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IV. 用括号内所给词的适当形式填空

36. When I was a child, I was in music. (interest)

37. one)of all, I don’t know him at all.

38. It wasn’(understand) the teacher.

39. The girl was 40. I couldn’t pass the exam. I was very (happy.)

41. Sorry, my is so poor. Can you help me? (pronounce)

42. How could she act ? (different) V. ) VI. 2. 3.

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I. 1-5 CCDCA 6-10 BDBCC 11-15 DACAA

II. 16-20 BACAD 21-25 DBDBC

III. 26-30 BCACD 31-35 CCDDA

IV. 36. interested 37. First 38. to understand 39. excited 40. unhappy 41. pronunciation

42. differently 43. reading 44. playing 45. spoken

V. 46. How do; study 47. improves 48. too; for; to 49. Does; learn 50. Why does; find

VI. In fact,English is not as difficult as you think . You may have problems with the way you learn. Here are my ideas:

1. Try to get everything ready before class and try to practice speaking English in class and out of class.

2. Listen carefully when you are in class. It can help you understand the lesson better. Don’t forget to take notes if necessary.

3. Review the lesson after class. And try to do a bit more exercises if you wish. Don’t worry too much about it. Keep trying and you will soon learn it better.

Good luck!

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