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Unit 10 By the time I got outside ,the bus had同步练习 13期

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初三英语人教版<新目标>Unit 10 By the time i got outside ,

the bus had already left同步练习


I. 单项选择

1. Mary, hurry up! Or we get there, the performance will be over.

A. at the time B. on time C. by the time D. in time

2. There are still twenty minutes left. If we run, we will . C. get married; gotten married D. get married; married

15. —You don’t look well this morning. What’s wrong?

—Nothing. Maybe I a little late last night.

A. stayed up B. woke up C. got up D. stood up

II. 完形填空

“Ring…Ring…” the telephone suddenly rang. Sam got up to the call. It was his

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“Sam, are you still at home?” she asked in a surprised voice.

Sam looked at the clock. It was already 7:30 am.

“Oh, my goodness! There is an important today,” Sam shouted out.

He rushed to wash his face and get dressed. When he was going to leave the house, he remembered that he had not his books. He ran quickly to the and put them into his schoolbag.

He then went to the bus stop as as he could. When he got into the classroom, his 26. What was the boy’s problem?

A. He was often ill.

B. He liked junk food very much.

C. He didn’t want to have a physical exam.

D. He didn’t want to eat anything.

27. The doctor tried .

A. to let the boy understand it was bad to have too much junk food

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B. to give the boy more junk food

C. to test if the boy was clever

D. to make the boy eat no junk food

28. What answer did the doctor expect to hear about his second question?

A. It’s not good for you to have too much junk food.

B. You’ll be stronger if you eat more junk food.

C. It doesn’t matter to eat too much junk food.

D. Listen to your mother, and you’ll have more junk food. 32. The labels inside the clothes tell you_______.

A. how to keep them looking their best

B. how to save money

C. whether they fit you or not

D. where to get them dry cleaned

33. The first thing for you to do before you buy clothes is ______.

A. to look for well-made clothes

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B. to see how much money you can pay

C. to know how to wash them

D. to read the labels inside them

34. We learn from the reading that cheaper clothes _______.

A. are always worse made B. must be dry cleaned

C. can not be washed D. can sometimes fit you better

35. The best title(标题)for the reading should be_______.

A. Buying Less Expensive Clothes

B. Taking Enough Money When Shopping

C. Being a Clever Clothes Shopper

D. Choosing the Labels inside New Clothes


Right in the middle of the town are some long ponds(池塘). They are only about half a foot deep. The men of Symi dug out the earth to make the ponds.

Over each pond is a low cover(盖子). It is made of glass that you can see through.

At night, sea water is taken into the ponds. The next day, the hot sun shines through the covers. The sun light turns the water into vapor(水蒸气)and the vapor goes up from the ponds. The salt is left behind.

As it goes, the vapor becomes mist(雾). On the inside of each cover, the little drops of mist run together to make big drops. These run down the sides of the cover, filling another ponds with fresh water.

The salt left behind in the ponds is washed out each night. Then more sea water is taken in. The factory is ready for the next day’s work. The covers and other parts of the factory cost very little. Sea water and sun cost nothing. Most people of Symi are poor. So to them this new way of getting fresh water seems wonderful.

36. Why did the men of Symi dig some long ponds? They dug the long ponds ________.

A. to get fresh water

B. to find out salt and flesh water inside

C. so that they could clean sea water

D. to get salt by taking sea water inside and shining it

37. What makes the water turn into vapor?

A. The glass cover B. The bad weather C. The salty water D. The sun light

38. Where are the little drops made into big drops?

A. In the ponds with flesh water.

B. On the inside of the covers.

C. As the vapor goes up.

D. On the walls of the salt water ponds.

39. Which picture shows the right way to get fresh water?

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A. B. C. D.

40. Which of the following is true?

A. There is a very big river running through the town to the sea.

B. The sea water is taken into the ponds in the daytime every day.

C. The people in Symi can get fresh water from the sea.

D. The water in the ponds can be seen through the cover.

IV. 根据句意,用方框中所给词的适当形式填空。

提示:football match, excited, bed, until,twelve, too late for, get to school, on time, begin, lesson, get angry, feel guilty(惭愧), have a test, fail, English test

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It was late last Monday, but Tom was still watching TV in his room.

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I. 1-5 CADBD 6-10 BDBDA 11-15 AABAA

II. 16-20 BADBD 21-25 CCDBD

III. 26-30 BAACD 31-35 DABDC 36-40 ADBCD

IV. 41. had lost 42. married 43. are free 44. had written 45. had been on 46. had been kept

47. show up 48. had left 49. Unluckily 50. hadn’t seen

V. 51. had been away 52. realized; had left 53. had never been to 54.arrived; had; run

55. looked exhausted; happened to

VI. It was late last Monday, but Tom was still watching TV in his room. There was a wonderful football match on TV. How excited he was! That night he didn’t go to bed until twelve o’clock. The next morning, it was a quarter to eight when he woke up. It was too late for Tom to get to school on time.

When Tom reached school, it was eight. The teacher was already beginning her lesson. When Tom came into the classroom, she got angry and said, “What time is it now, Tom? ”Tom felt guilty and could say nothing.

In English class, he had a test. He couldn’t remember the lessons at all, all he was thinking of was the football match. So, Tom failed his English test.

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