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Unit 12 Your are supposed to shake hands同步练习 15期

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初三英语人教版<新目标>Unit 12 Your are supposed to shake hands同步练习


I. 单项选择

1. Don’t point anyone your chopsticks. It’s not polite.

A. at; by B. at; with C. to; by D. out; with

2. People in Colombia are very relaxed time.

A. about B. for C. of D. with ﹡15. Can you tell us the things we are supposed to do?

A. what B. if C. how D. that

﹡II. 完形填空

There are many differences between Chinese and Western eating habits. In the West, everyone has their own of food. But in China the dishes are on the table and everyone shares. If you are being treated by a Chinese host, there must be food prepared

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for you. Chinese are very of their culture and will do their best to show their hospitality(好客).

And sometimes the Chinese host use their to put food in your bowl or plate. This is a sign of politeness. The proper thing to do would be to eat the whatever-it-is and say how it is. If you feel uncomfortable with this, you can just say a polite “Thanks” and leave the food there. Don’t your chopsticks upright into the rice bowl. Instead, lay(放置) them on your dish. The reason for this is that when somebody , the shrine(神祠)to them has a bowl of sand or rice with two chopsticks which are stuck upright in it. It is impolite to set the teapot down “Please come over for a drink sometime.”

“Why not get together for a party sometime?”

“Why don’t you come over and see us sometime soon?”

They are really just polite ways of ending a conversation. They are not real invitations because they don’t mention a specific time or date. They just show that the person is trying to be friendly. To reply to expressions like these, people just say “Sure, that would be great!” or “OK. Yes, thanks.”

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So next time when you hear what sounds like an invitation, listen carefully. Is it a real invitation or is the person just being friendly?

26. Canadians and Americans often invite friends for meals at home because .

A. they can save time B. they can spend less money

C. they enjoy entertaining at home D. they have modern and beautiful houses

27. If people say “Let’s get together for lunch some day”, you just say “”

A. That would be nice. B. How about this weekend?

C. Oh, sorry. I’m very busy D. That’s great. I’ll be there on time A. 感谢 B. 欣赏 C. 收藏 D. 包装

33. You can bring for the children if you are invited in the West.

A. some sweets B. some flowers C. a book D. any of the above

34. If you are asked to have a dinner in the West on weekends, .

A. you should bring a gift

B. you are supposed to buy some toys for the children.

C. you need to buy something expensive as a gift.

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D. you must bring something special for the host as a gift

35. According to the passage, which of the following sentences is NOT true?

A. Bringing a gift is very necessary if you visit your friends.

B. The things made in China are a special gift in the West.

C. Westerners like to open gifts at once.

D. If you want to send a gift, a small one is OK.

﹡C 47. It’s impolite to friends’ homes without calling first in Switzerland.

48. You shouldn’t beat him, but tell him why — , he is a child.

49. You can wave your hands to them instead of with them.

50. To keep your classroom clean, please waste paper whenever you see it.

V. 根据句子意思用适当的介词填空。

51. He left saying a word.

52. The customs here are quite different ours.

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53. Today she saw the Great Wall the first time.

54. You shouldn’t point anyone with your chopsticks.

55. Everyone likes children good manners.

VI. 书面表达


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I. 1~5 BAAAC 6~10 CBAAA 11~15 BBDAD

II. 16~20 BDCCD 21~25 ADCBC

III. 26~30 CAADB 31~35 CADAB 36~40 CDABB

IV. 41.learns; by himself 42. begins with 43.cut up 44. is used to 45. make noise

46. went out of his way 47. drop by 48. after all 49. shaking hands 50. pick up

V. 51. without 52. from 53. for 54. at 55. with

VI. You are supposed to get there on time or a few minutes earlier. You needn’t take any presents. If you really want, you can take something lovely, such as wine or some fruit.

When you begin to eat, you should wait until the host invites you to do so. We like to eat together and dishes in the plate are shared by all. It’s not polite to cross your chopsticks on your bowl. Put them on the table. If you are full, you should say so and thank for the dinner.

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