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Unit 2 I used to be afraid of the dark.同步练习 02期

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初三英语人教版<新目标>Unit 2 I used to be afraid of the dark同步练习


I. 单项选择

1. Uncle Wang________ a worker and he is seventy now.

A. uses to B. used to C. used to be D. was used to

2. It’s time to________ the things on the list.

A. pay B. pay to C. pay for D. pay on

II. 完形填空

“Where is the University?” This is a question that many visitors to Cambridge(剑桥)ask. But no one can give them a answer, for there is no wall to be found the university.

The university is a city. You can find classroom buildings, , museums and of the thirty-one colleges.

Cambridge was already a town long before the first students and teachers arrived

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800 years ago. It grew up by the river Granta, and the river was once the Cam. A was built over the river as early as 875. So the town got its name “Cambridge”.

In the 14th and 15th centuries(世纪)more and more land was used for college buildings. The town grew much in the 19th century after the opening of the railway in 1845. Cambridge became a students in other countries to study at Cambridge. Thousands of people from all over the world come to visit the university town. It has become a famous place.

16. A. true B. clear C. right D. real

17. A. around B. in C. near D. by

18. A. cinemas B. parks C. zoos D. libraries

19. A. parents B. farmers C. workers D. teachers

20. A. interesting B. usual C. developing D. common

21. A. said B. called C. spoken D. talked

22. A. bridge B. building C. station D. house

23. A. smaller B. slower C. faster D. cleaner

24. A. city B. college C. university D. country

25. A. stop B. hate C. hope D. need

III. 阅读理解


My friend Matt and I arrived at the Activity Center on Friday evening. The accommodation wasn’t wonderful, but we had everything we needed (beds, blankets, food ), and we were pleased to be out of the city and in the fresh air.

On Saturday morning we met the other ten members of our group. Cameron had come along with two friends, Kevin and Simon, while sisters Carole and Lynn had come with Amanda. There were some other members I didn’t know. We had come from different places and none of us knew the area.

We knew we were going to spend the weekend outdoors, but none of us was sure exactly how. Half of us spent the morning caving while the others went rock-climbing and then we changed at lunchtime. Matt and I went to the caves(岩洞)first. Climbing out was harder than going in, but after a good deal of pushing, we were out at last. Though we were covered with mud, we were pleased and excited by what we’d done.

26. The writer spent the Saturday morning __________.

A. rock-climbing B. sleeping C. meeting friends D. caving

27. There were ______ members in all in the writer’s group.

A. 6 B. 8 C. 10 D. 12

28. We can learn from the passage that _______.

A. some of the group had been there before

B. the group had done rock-climbing many times

C. some of the group already knew each other

D. the group all came from the same city

29. The writer thought her weekends were ________.

A. interesting B. relaxed C. frightened D. unpleasant

30. This passage mainly talks about_______.

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A. the writer’s friends at the Activity Center

B. the writer’s experience at the Activity Center

C. outdoor sports at the Activity Center

D. how to go rock-climbing and caving


When you think of Beijing, the beautiful green waters and hills of Beihai Park and the grand and beautiful Forbidden City will come to your mind. A. like to sit in the courtyards

B. like to enjoy the family life

C. chat with native Beijingers and learn Chinese

D. want to find the true meaning of Chinese family life

35. The best title for the passage can be_______.

A. How the word hutong comes from

B. Every country has it own special cultural background

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C. The foreigners like to go to hutongs directly

D. Hutong and family

IV. 用所给短语的适当形式填空。

take pride in, no longer, used to, be interested in, to one’s great surprise, make a decision, in the end, give up, pay (no/any)attention to, go to sleep

36. Why not smoking? It’s bad for your health.

37. The little girl likes with the light on. 第4页 版权所有 不得复制


I. 1~5 CCBCB 6~10 CADDA 11~15 ABCBC

II. 16~20 BCDDC 21~25 BACAC

III. 26~30 DDCAB 31~35 DCADD

IV. 36. give up 37. going to sleep 38. no longer 39. used to 40. take pride in

41. in the end 42. To my great surprise 43. are interested in 44. pay any attention to

45. have made a decision

V. 46. used to like 47. afraid to 48. doesn’t work, any longer

49. It seemed, was 50. spent; doing


How I’ve Changed!

My life has changed a lot in the last few years. For example, I am fat now, but I used to be thin, and I used to be afraid of speaking in front of a group, but now I don’t mind it. I used to play football. Now, I like playing basketball. I used to hate gym class. Now, it’s my favorite class.

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