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Unit 13 Rainy days make me sad同步练习 16期

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初三英语人教版(新目标)Unit 13 Rainy days make me sad.同步练习


I. 单项选择

1. Many ads on TV are aimed specially young women.

A. to B. at C. for D. of

2. How do you feel soft color pink and light blue?

A. like B. or C. of D. about C. confusing; mislead D. confusing; misleading

II. 完型填空

It’s very difficult to find a public place without advertisement now. We can __meet our eyes.

It’s true that in the activities of business ads are a more and more important part.

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make their business better. This is a big advantage. _, ads also bring people all kinds of disadvantages. For example, some of the businessmen are even so dishonest that they don’t the truth about their products, in hopes that they will win a big for their products. When you are watching an interesting TV play, get tired of ads. Also some ads at children, and they ask their parents to buy them

26.The advertisements above are about ______.

A. shopping B. food C. travel D. hotels

27. If you go to Bangkok, you can __________.

A. climb mountains B. enjoy the scenery of the forests

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C. live in the Post Hotel D. buy fruits while sitting in your boat

28. _____ is one better way to prevent the strong sunshine in Bangkok

A. Going to the sandy beaches B. Wearing a hat

C. Climbing up the mountains D. Staying in the forests

29.Which place will you choose if you want to visit both mountains and beaches?

A. Soll in Austria. B. Bangkok in Thailand.

C. The Floating Market. D. Kauai in Hawaii.

30. According to(根据)the advertisements, we know that _______. A. happy B. sad C. excited D. fearful

34. Sugar in green boxes didn’t sell well because people think green means A. growth B. rawness C. sweetness D. badness

35. From this passage we know different colors can influence .

A. our bodies B. our behavior C. feelings D. food


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A man once said how useless it was to put advertisements in the newspapers. “Last week, ”he said, “my umbrella was stolen from a London church. As it was a present, I spent twice its worth in advertising, but didn’t get it back. ”

“How did you write your advertisement?” asked one of the listeners, a businessman.

“Here it is,” said the man, taking out of his pocket a slip cut(剪下的纸条)from a newspaper. The other man took it and read, “Lost from the City Church last Sunday evening, a black silk umbrella. Anyone who finds it will receive ten shillings(先令)on leaving it at No.10 Broad Street. ” “Now,” the businessman said, “I often advertise, and find that it pays me well. But the way in which an advertisement is expressed(表述)is of great importance. Let us try for your umbrella again, and if it fails, I’ll buy you a new one. ”

The businessman then took a piece of paper out of his pocket and wrote: “If the man who was seen to take an umbrella from the City Church last Sunday evening doesn’t wish to get into trouble, he will return the umbrella to No. 10 Broad Street. He is well known.”

This appeared in the paper, and on the following morning, the man was surprised when he opened the front door. In the doorway lay at least twelve umbrellas of all sizes and colours that had been thrown in, and his own was among the number. Many of the umbrellas had notes which were fastened(系牢)to them saying that they had been taken by mistake, and begging the loser not to say anything about the matter.

36. Who would receive ten shillings according to the first advertisement?

A. Anyone who found the thief.

B. Anyone who gave a message to the loser of the umbrella.

C. Anyone who left the umbrella in the City Church.

D. Anyone who left the umbrella at No. 10 Broad Street.

37. What was the result of the first advertisement?

A. The man got his umbrella back.

B. The man wasted some money advertising.

C. Nobody found the missing umbrella.

D. The umbrella was found somewhere near the church.

38. The businessman suggested that the man should

A. buy a new umbrella B. go on looking for his umbrella

C. report to the police D. write another advertisement

39. What did the businessman mean by saying “If it fails, I’ll buy you a new one”?

A. He was quite sure of success.

B. He was not sure if he could get the umbrella back.

C. He did not know what to do.

D. He was rich enough to afford a new umbrella.

40. The writer of this story mainly wants to tell us_________.

A. a useless advertisement

B. how the man lost and found his umbrella

C. how to make a helpful advertisement

D. what the businessman did for the umbrella owner

IV. 用所给词的适当形式完成下列句子。

41. Here are some things they have learned from ______(scientist)studies.

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42. Sunglasses are used for _____(keep)out the sun.

﹡43. The students are ______(confuse)about the ______(confuse)problem.

44. I’m considering _____(study)in Beijing or Shanghai.

45. I felt _______(embarrass)when everyone looked at me.

V. 根据首字母提示,补写下列单词, 使句意完整。

46. We should protect e_______ animals.

47. I want to eat something because I am k_______ of hungry.

48. How do you feel a________ pollution?

49. The cake t_________ delicious. Would you pass me one more?

50. Many advertisements are aimed specifically a______ teenagers, so you have to be careful.

51. I need a pair of warm trousers to keep o________ cold.

52. Money is a_______ in some situations.

53. You can send flowers a_______ of time for Mother’s birthday.

54. It’s very important to choose a p_______ time to visit friends.

55. The map m_______ me, so I went the wrong way.

VI. 书面表达


词数为80词左右。提示词:cheat 上当,受骗


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I. 1—5 BABDD 6—10 CBCBA 11—15 BDBCD

II. 16~20 CDBBD 21~25 BDBAC

III. 26~30 CDBDB 31~35 CDBBB 36~40 DBDAC

IV. 41.scientific 42.keeping 43.confused; confusing 44. studying 45. embarrassed

V. 46.endangered 47. kind 48. about 49. tastes 50.at

51. out 52.acceptable 53.ahead 54. proper 55. misled

VI. In the modern world, advertising is everywhere! Some people like ads and others hate ads. I think it offers some advantages and disadvantages.

Some ads are very useful. They can tell people how to compare two different products so that people can buy the better one. They can also help you save money.

However there are also some disadvantages. Some ads can be confusing or misleading. Sometimes the words sound good but don’t tell you anything real. So you have to be careful not to be cheated. We shouldn’t believe everything.

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