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Unit 15 We are trying to save the manatees同步练习 18期

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初三英语人教版<新目标>Unit 15 We are trying to save the manatees同步练习


Ⅰ. 单项选择

1. This place is suitable wild animals to live in.

A. to B. at C. for D. with

2. —Some people think that animals should not live in zoos.

—I agree them. ﹡13. Can you provide us some information the computer?

A. for; with B. with; about C. about; with

14. —Are you free now?

—No. I have so many chores today. D. with; with

A. do B. to do C. doing D. done

﹡15. —When we arrived at the hall, the meeting for just a minute.

—What a pity!

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A. has ended

Ⅱ. 完型填空 B. had ended C. has been over D. had been over

I first saw the baby panda when she was only 10 days old. She looked like a white mouse. We her “Xi Wang”. It means “hope”.

When Xi Wang was born, she was just 100 grams. She drank her mother’s milk for as as 14 hours a day. When she was six months old, she started to eat bamboo shoots and leaves. Eight nonths later, she was not a small baby any more. She grew into a young panpa and 第2页 版权所有 不得复制

26. A grown-up male African elephant is .

A. four meters long B. more than 6 merers tall

C. about 7 meters long D. less than 4 meters tall

27. A male giraffe is about .

A. 225 kilograms B. one ton C. 5.5 tons D. 7 tons A. her son was in danger of losing his life

B. her son was playing with a big snake

C. a boa was eating her son

D. Barney was fighting with a boa

32. The underlined word “terrified” means in Chinese.

A. 激动的 B. 平静的 C. 惊恐的 D. 难过的

33. Lisa failed in fighting against the boa at first just because .

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A. she was worried about her own life

B. the boa was so strong

C. she was too old

D. she was afraid what she did would hurt her son

34. Lisa bit the snake because .

A. she was mad

B. her son was entwined by the boa

C. she hadn’t got any other way to heat the snake Tom and Peter are talking about their visit to the nature reserve(自然保护区).

Tom: We have to meet the others at 8:30 at the reserve, don’t we?

Tom : Do you know how to get there?

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It’ll take us about two hours to get there by bus.

Peter: It’s an area that protects lots of different animals.

Peter: I’m not really sure. I know there are different kinds of birds there and I’m going to take my camera with me.

What clothes are you going to wear?

Peter: Well, if it’s wet, I’ll wear my sports shoes and take my raincoat with me.

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Ⅰ. 1~5 CCCBD 6~10 CBADB 11~15 DBBBD

Ⅱ. 16~20 BBDCC 21~25 DABCA

Ⅲ. 26~30 CBADB 31~35 ACBCA 36~40 BCDAA

Ⅳ. 41~45 EBDAG

Ⅴ. 46. be pulled down 47.agree with 48. care for 49. are against 50. turn off


To Protect Tigers

I think it is important to protect tigers. I’ve just read an article in a newspaper about saving tigers. It says that the population of tigers is getting smaller and smaller. There are about four hundred tigers now. I think there are two main reasons for this. One is that some people kill tigers for making money. For example, last Tuesday I saw a few people selling skins of tigers by the road side. It’s terrible. The other reason is that too many trees have been cut down, which has destroyed the places where tigers used to live. Tigers are dying out. I hope that the government takes steps to pass laws to protect tigers and punish the tiger hunters. We should work together to make a pleasant home for both human beings and animals.

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