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Unit 3 Teenagers should be allowed to choose their own clothes.同步练习 03期

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Unit 3 Teenagers should be allowed to choose their own clothes同步练习


I. 单项选择

1. I allow Tina my computer.

A. use B. using C. to use D. uses

2. Young trees should be 13. ---I think teenagers should be allowed to go out with their friends in the evening.

. It’s not safe enough.

A. I agree. B. I think so. C. I don’t know. D. I disagree.

14. She looks in this blue uniform

A. smart B. happily C. well D. beautifully

15. I Lucy at the bank the other day.

A. see B. saw C. was seen D. seeing

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II. 完形填空

When we see a cigarette box, we’ll see “ Smoking is harmful to your health” on it. Children are not to smoke by their parents or teachers. But in many countries is becoming a bigger problem for young people. Most smokers in their teens or earlier. Some students think smoking is very cool, and they can see many people smoking around them. They want to have a .

“If young people start smoking early, they will probably get addicted (上瘾的)to nicotine Parents often try to choose their children’s friends for them. Some parents may even stop their children from meeting their good friends: The question of “choice” is an interesting one. Have you ever thought of the following questions?

Who choose your friends?

Do you choose your friend or your friends choose you?

Have you got a good friend your parents don’t like?

Your answers are welcome.

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26. Who know them better than their parents for the teenagers?

A. Their parents. B. Their friends.

C. Brothers and sisters. D. Family members.

27. How do they communicate when the teenagers stay alone?

A. Go to their friends.

B. Talk with their parents:

C. Talk with their friends on the phone.

D. Have a discussion with their family by phone.

28. Which of the following sentences is true?

A. Parents should like everything their children enjoy.

B. In all families, children can choose everything they like.

C. Teenagers can only go to their friends for help.

D. Parents should try their best to understand their children better.

29. What is the meaning for “Your answers are welcome. ”?

A. You are welcome to have a discussion with us.

B. You have got an idea, so your answers are welcome.

C. Your answers are always right.

D. You can give us all the right answers.

30. Which is the best title of this passage?

A. Only parents can decide. B. Parents and children.

C. A strange question. D. Teenagers need friends.


How much pocket money do you get from your parents every month---200 yuan? Some may need more to buy birthday presents, fast food lunches, ice creams and cartoon books. But for Li Beibei, 30 yuan each month is enough. The only thing she buys is lunch ---1.5 yuan each day. “My favorite is fried potato slices and rice,” said Li. “But meat is too expensive for me.”

Li, 14, is a Junior 1 at Beijing’s Xingzhi Experimental School. Her parents are migrant workers. They first came to Beijing from a village in Luohe, Henan two years ago. Her father now works as a cleaner and gets 500 yuan every month. Her mother has no job. Every day, Li gets up at 5:30 am and rides her bike for 20 minutes to get to school. She studies hard, and even reads books during breaks! Like many teens, Li has a lot of homework, but that is not all her work. During the week she helps her mum cook. On weekends, she helps wash clothes.

Li said she wants to be a doctor when she grows up. “I watched TV and found out there are many people with AIDS in Henan. Some are kids. They need help,” said Li. But she is afraid of having to leave school. Li didn’t go to school at 12 for one year because her family had no money to send her. This year, the school didn’t ask her to pay the 600 yuan fees because her family is too poor. “I hope I will always be in school,” said Li. “Dad works hard to get money. I promised him I will study hard to be a good student and a good doctor in the future.”

31. Li doesn’t often have meat because .

A. she hates it B. she doesn’t have enough money

C. she prefers to have vegetables D. she thinks it’s a waste of money

32. The word “migrant” probably means A. moving from place to place B. working part-time

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C. special D. interesting

33. Which of these is not mentioned in the passage?

A. School life. B. Worries. C. Hopes. D. Hobby.

34. Which of the following statements about Li Beibei is NOT true?

A. She comes from countryside. B. She paid lots of money to study

C. She has a lot of homework. D. She often helps her mother on weekends

35. From the story, we can see Li Beibei is a(n)__________ girl.

A. serious B. wild C. athletic D. hard-working


New rules and behavior standards (行为规范)for middle school students came out in March. Middle school is going to use a new way to decide who the top students are. The best students won’t only have high marks. They will also be kids who don’t dye (染)their hair, smoke or drink. The following are some of the new rules.

Tell the truth. Have you ever copied someone else’s work on an exam? Don’t do it again! That’s not something an honest student should do.

Do more at school. Good students love animals and care for other people. April is Bird-Loving Month in our country. Is your school doing anything to celebrate? You should join! In that way, you can learn more about animals and how to protect them.

Have teamwork spirit. When more people work together, it will be more fun for everyone. Have you ever quarreled with your teammates when your basketball team lost? Only working together can make your team stronger. Be friendly to the people you are with. Try to think of others, not only yourself.

Be open to new ideas. Have you ever thought that people could live on the moon? Don’t look down on new ideas, because new ideas make life better for everyone.

Protect yourself. If you have to go home late, you should let your parents know.

Use the Internet carefully. The Internet can be very useful for your studies. But some things on the Internet aren’t for kids, so try to look at Web pages that are good for you. You can use the Web for fun or homework.

36. The school new rules will help kids by telling them _________.

A. how they can study well

B. what they should do at school only

Cwhat is right and what is wrong

37. According to the passage, which of the following is NOT true?

A. Tell the truth, even when you are wrong.

B. Keep some animals to protect them.

C. Use the Internet, but keep away from bad things.

38. The main idea of the third new rule is about _________.

A. making the team stronger

B. working together with others

C. being a good friend to others

39. Good Web sites for children can _________.

A. help them with their studies

B. do homework for them

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C. make life easier

40. The passage tells us how to _________.

A. be top students B. do more at school C. care for others

IV. 根据下列句子意思及所给的汉语提示,写出空缺的单词、固定短语或固定搭配的正确形式。

41. Mr Li went to have the meeting (代替)Mr Zhang.

42. The warmth from the fire made her feel (困倦的).

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1~5 CDCAD 6~10 ADCCC 11~15 BADAB


16~20 BCCDB 21~25 BDABA


26~30 BCDAD 31~35 BADBD 36~40 CBBAA


41. instead of 42. sleepy 43. at present 44. licences 45. the other day

46. stayed up 47. disagree with 48. care about 49. was serious about 50. concentrate on


51. don’t; is 52. It; that; has 53. be asked to 54. Both; and; have; So has 55. instead of going


…We should go to school on time. In class, we should listen to the teacher carefully. Don’t copy others’ homework. We should take an active part in sports and keep healthy. We should always help the people in trouble. When waiting for a bus, we must stand in line and wait for our turns. Don’t push others and jump the queue. On a bus, we should give seats to older people or people with a child. We should not speak loudly or spit in public. Don’t litter things about. It’s our duty to protect the environment. If somebody does so, I’m sure he or she will be a polite student.

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