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Unit 8 I will clean up the city parks同步练习 08期

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初三英语人教版<新目标>Unit 8 I will clean up the city parks同步练习


I. 单项选择

1. The boy who_______ the notice there is my cousin.

A. put up B. puts up C. is putting up D. is putting

2. Joy spent two hours _______ her aunt.

A. to write to B. write to C. writing down D. writing to A. With pleasure. B. For pleasure. C. Take great pleasure. D. My pleasure.

II. 完形填空

Do you know this story? July 11 of every year, a local office of Project Hope receives a donation from a person Xu Qin. But investigation shows that Xu Qin died in 1994.

Xu Qin was Liu Wenzhen’s youngest daughter. She died in a traffic accident on July 11, 1994.

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Ever since, Liu Wenzhen has been in the habit of making a donation Project Hope on that date to commemorate her daughter’s death.

Mrs Liu doesn’t consider her donations out of the ordinary. She is simply helping to her daughter’s dream. “I have always dreamed becoming a teacher in the countryside because that is my father’s home is” Xu Qin once said.

Project Hope is built to children to be able to go to school. Many people make a commitment to the project all over the world. In China the project began in 1985.

As a student, we can also do to support this project. We may save our money and and I love children, so this is going to be a great experience for me.

26. Young people in the USA volunteer to spend helping others.

A. school holidays B. weekdays C. every morning D. pocket money

27. Jim plans to in summer.

A. breathe fresh air

B. sleep under the stars

C. help build new roads in the mountain

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D. spend the whole summer living in the tent

28. wants to be a teacher.

A. Jim B. Susan C. Michael D. Nobody

29. Which of the following is TRUE about Susan?

A. She likes reading B. She is 15 years old.

C. She is good at sports. D. She likes children.

30. Which is the best title for this passage?

A. Great Experience in the Forest Center

B. Reading for Life

C. A Special House Project

D. Young American Volunteers


His songs are a bit sad, but his boy-like smile can quickly warm you up! And people love A-do for both reasons.

He has been singing for only two years, but he’s already a famous star in Asia’s pop world. The Singaporean singer has already made three albums. Together they have sold more than five million copies across Asia.

Last Friday, China’s Music Radio named him “the Asian King of Pop”. A-do said he didn’t expect the award(奖). “It’s great for me. It makes me want to work even harder. ”

His new album “Hello” came out in December. He sings with the same rough(粗糙的)voice, and he puts in some rock music. In the “Hello” music video, Vicky Zhao(赵薇) is with A-do outside on a cold day in Northern China.

A-do used to be a house builder. Every day after work, he would sing by himself. Other workers heard him and told him he should be in a contest.

A-do hasn’t changed much. He still gets nervous in front of cameras. Peng Yiting, a junior at a middle school, says, “ He’s real and doesn’t show off(炫耀). He’s an everyday hero and shows anyone can do well if they work hard. ”

31. What can warm you up according to the passage?

A. A-do’s copies. B. A-do’s songs.

C. A-do’s albums. D. A-do’s boy-like smile.

32. How long has A-do been singing?

A. For one year. B. For less than two years.

C. For only two years. D. For only three years.

33. What did A-do think of “the Asian King of Pop”?

A. He disliked it. B. He didn’t expect the award.

C. He hated it. D. The award made him sad.

34. After reading the passage, we know__________.

A. Vicky Zhao taught A-do to sing B. For less than two years

C. A-do is a Chinese singer D. A-do is a Singaporean singer

35. What was A-do before he because a famous singer?

A. A builder. B. A businessman. C. A teacher. D. A farmer.


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The dinosaurs once lived happily on the earth. But 65 million years ago, they suddenly died out. What happened to them? Scientists thought that a change in temperature may be to blame. They have come up with lots of ideas to explain the end of the dinosaurs.

The most famous one is the minor planet(小行星) idea. Let’s go back to that day 65 million years ago to see what happened. Everything was OK before a large minor planet suddenly hit the The hit produced a lot of dust, which flew up into the air and blocked the sun for months. The earth became very cold without sunlight. The plants died first. Then the grass-eating 47. —I am doing homework. I feel terrible.

—Well, ! It’s part of your job.

48. The city park is not clean. We need to a plan.

49. I don’t have any more of it. I’ve it.

50. I get a part-time job—to advertisement sheets after school.

V. 根据句子意思用适当的介词或副词填空。

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51. You can help your mother the housework.

52. Li Hui looks his mother.

53. Thank you lending your bike to me.

54. Because my sleeplessness, I’m going to see the doctor.

55. The bag is filled sand. It’s too heavy.

56.The boy hurried to clean pieces of the broken plates when he saw his mother coming in.

57. If you can’t pronounce the words, please look them up the dictionary.

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I. 1~5 CDCAC 6~10 BABCD 11~15 CBBAA

II. 16~20 ADACB 21~25 BADAA

III. 26~30 ACCBD 31~35 DCBDA 36~40 DACBB

IV. 41. set up 42. fixing up 43. put off 44. come up with / thought up 45. put up 46. gave; away

47. cheer up 48. work out 49. run out of 50. give out / hand out

V. 51. with 52. like 53. for 54. of 55. with 56. up 57. in 58. by 59. up 60. out

VI. I like helping people who need help. I enjoy singing very much. So, if I have a chance be a to volunteer, I’d like to be a teacher to teach children many songs that I like. I love children. Looking at their sweet smile is so happy. And I think it’s also a great pleasure to make others happier. If I am a volunteer, I will be a great one.

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