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一. 单项选择:选择最佳答案(重点难点全在这,看你的本领了)(40分)

( )1. My brother hurt his_____ yesterday . He can not walk now.

A. arms B. legs C. hands D. ears.

( ) 2. I had a bad cold. The doctor asked me _________ in bed for a good rest.

A.staying B.stays C. to stay. D. stay.

( ) 3. - Where is Tom?-I heard him_________ with our English teacher when I passed the teacher 's office.

A. talks B. talked C. to talk. D. talking.

( )4. My mother is at work .I have to _________ my grandma at home.

A. look out B. look up C. look after D. look around.

( )5 . Please tell Tom _________ play football in the street . It is dangerous.

A. to play B. not to play . C. playing. D. not play..

( )6. The lesson is very easy.because there are _________ new words in it.

A. few B. little . C. a little D. a few

( )7 . I don't know _________ they can pass the exam or not.

A. what B. that C. how D.wether.

( )8 .Tom told us about the exciting news _________ he knew all about it.

A. as well B. as if . C. as usual. D.as for.

( )9----Can you tell me _________ ?-----Yesterday afternoon.

A. when the train will leave B. when does the train leave

C. when the train left. D. when did the train left.

( )10 . ----Do you know the Tower of London?----Sure, it is the _________ palace .It is 900 years old.

A. oldest B. youngest. C. smallest. D. biggest.

( )11. We are happy that the Smiths feels _________ better today.

A. little B. many . C. lots of D.much..

( )12. She never tells me about _________ .

A. what she likes doing. B. how does she go to school.

C. what does she like doing. D. how she likes doing.

( )13. I usually _________ sunglasses outside in the sun.

A. put on B.wear . C. putting on D.wearing.

( )14 . Help _________ to some fruit and vegetables , children .

A. you B. yours. C.yourself D.yourselves..

( )15 . Let the children go away, they are making too much _________ .

A. voice B.sound. C.noise. D. song.

( )16 . What is wrong with you ? You do not look _________ .

A. good B. sick . C. well. D. ill..

( )17.Tom was ill this morning, _________ he still went to school.

A. and B. or . C. so. D. but.

( )18.----look ! The factory is pouring waste water into the river.----that is terrible .why not _________ them ________that ?

A. keep , doing B. stop ,doing. C.to keep, to do D.to stop, to do.

( )19 .How much does the computer _________ you ?

A. take B.spend C.pay D.cost.

( )20. ---Lucy did not come to school ,did she ?------ _________ ,she was ill in bed. A. No ,she didn't . B. No ,she did. C. Yes ,she did. D.Yes ,she didn't.

( )21.Wang Lin is the second_________ boy in his class..

A. tall B. taller C. tallest D.the tallest

( )22.He tries to spend as much time as he can ____ Chinese well.

A to study B studies C studying D study

( )23.Our teacher made us ______ about our friends in English.

A talks B talk C talking D to talk

( )24. I remembered him somewhere, but I forgot his name.

A. to meet B. met C. would meet D. meeting


A. interesting, interesting B. interested, interested

C. interested, interesting D. interesting, interested

( )26.What are you talking ____?

A to B with C about D /

( )27. She said she ________sorry, but nobody would listen to her.

A. is B. was C. were D. will be

( )28. She asked me ________I could lend my bike to her.

A. that B. / C. if D. which

.( )29. She said she ________three languages.

A. can speak B. will speak C. could speak D. could say

( )30.. Mr Green told us ________some books from the bookshop.

A. to buy B. buy C. buys D. buies

( )31. - “Lucy, what about going camping if it _______ tomorrow?” -“Sounds great!”

A. didn?t rain B. doesn?t rain C. won?t rain D. hasn?t rained

( )32. Jane likes singing. We often hear her _________ after class.

A. sing B. to sings C. sings D. sang

( )33. -Why don?t you go to the shop on foot?

-It takes me _______ time.

A. much too B. too much C. very much D. too many

( )34. -Can you tell me ______ he came to Haikou?

-Yes, he came here by air.

A. what B. why C. how D. when

( )35. -Don?t drop litter in the park, please.


A. Is that so? B. Don?t worry. C. OK, I will D. Sorry, I won?t

( )36. I am taking one week ________ over Christmas.

A. of B. out C. off D. away

( )37.Were you ________ at 11:00 p.m. last night?

A. waking B. awake C. woke D. woken

( )38. Lucy said that her visit was about _________ friends.

A. to make B. makes C. made D. making

( )39. ---_________ did you spend working out the problem?

--- About two hours.

A. How much B. When C. How long D. How soon

( )40. He asked me ________ with me.

A. what the matter is B. what the mater was

C. what?s the matter D. what was the matter

A. 用所给词的适当形式填空。(每题3分,共30分)

1. I remember______________(turn) off the light in my bedroom, but now it?s still on.

2. Don?t forget _________________(bring) your homework tomorrow.

3. If the kids _____________(want) to fly a kite, we ___________(go) to the park.

4. If he _____________(be) late, ______________(not wait) for him.

5. We must clean and tidy the room when we finish ________________(paint).

6. We couldn?t decide whether _____________(buy) the red on e or the blue one.

7. Don?t forget _______________(water) my flowers while I?m away.

8. If he ____________pass) the exam, his father __________buy) him a computer.

9. As he ______________(read) the newspaper, Granny went out quietly.

10. I look forward to_______________(receive) your letter as soon as possible.

B. 单项选择。(每题2分,共30分)

1. Granny looked for her book, but she couldn?t find it ______.

A. somewhere B. everywhere C. anywhere D. nowhere

2. Lingling could hardly hear the traffic, ________?

A. couldn?t she B. can?t she C. could she D. can she

3. Come a little earlier next time, ____ you will miss the bus.

A. and B. but C. or D. till

4. English teachers often encourage the students _______ English aloud.

A. read B. reading C. to read D. readed

5. I will spend ten yuan _____ the book.

A.buy B. buying C. to buy D. bought

6. Excuse me. Could you tell me ______ go to the post office?

Certainly. Go straight here.

A. how we can B. when we can C. how can we D. when can we

7. Where is Miss Gao? I hear her ______ in the next room.

A. sing B. singing C. sang D. to sing

8. The man ______ France will give us a talk _____ his country.

A. from, on B. of, in C. of , about D. from, of

9. I?d like to know ______ Chinese.

A.when he began to learn B. when did you happen

C. when did he begin learning D. for how long he began to learn

10. Someone is knocking at the door. It _____ my mother.

It?s time for her to be back.

A. can be B. may not be C. must be D. mustn?t be

11. __________? I had an accident. Luckily, I wasn?t badly hurt.

A. What were you happened B. What did you happen

C. What happened to you D. What happened with you

12. Is Mr. Wu from Beijing? I don?t know ___________.

A.where does he come from B. from where does he come

C. which city he comes from D. what city he comes from

13. Can you tell us ______________?

A. that Mary will come here today B. when will Mary come here today

C. will Mary come here today D. whether Mary will come here today

14. Do you know __________?

A. where is her address B. in which place is her address

C. what her address is D. the place her address is

15. John asked me ______ to visit his uncle?s farm with him.

A. how would I like B. if or not would I like

C. whether I would like D. which I would like

C. 把下列直接引语变成间接引语。(每题3分,共30分)

B. He said to me, “ I like my book.”

He________ me that ________ __________ ________ book.

C. Paul said to Bob, “ I?m trying to get a present.”

Paul said________ ________ trying to get a present.

D. “I eat fish every day.” He said to Kate.

He said to Kate he _________ fish every day.

E. “I can?t find my schoolbag.” He said.

He said ______ ______ find his schoolbag.

F. She said, “I?ll drive the car myself.”

She said she ________ drive the car __________.

G. Wu said, “We will arrive tonight.”

We said _______ _______ arrive _______ __________.

H. “Frank, I will return your book tomorrow.” Henry said.

Henry said to me he __________return _______ book ______ _______ ________. I. She said to me, “Your hair is longer than mine.”

She said to me that __________ hair is better than ____________.

J. He said, “ I have been to the Great Wall.”

He said to us that _______ _______ been to the Great Wall.

K. He said, “Do you have any problems in maths?”

He ________ me ________ _________ _______ any problems in maths.

D. 把下列间接引语变成直接引语。 (每题2分,共10分)

1. Jim said that he would remember me forever.


2. They told me that they were glad to visit our country.


3. My mother asked if I had called her.


4. Mr. Brown asked me how he could get that book.


5. My teacher told us that the earth goes around the sun.



Mike: Jane, you?re back. Welcome back to school. I missed you.

Jane: I missed you ,too.

Mike: How was your trip to Beijing?

Jane: Mike: Jane: Well, the first I went to the Great wall.

Mike: Jane: No, I had no time to buy anything. But the next day the weather was so bad that I went shopping and bought some Chinese paintings.

Mike: Was the weather better the third day? Mike: Did you go anywhere else?


1. ?Please take good care of your little sister.? Mum said to Kate.

Mum Kate .

2. “I have finished my homework.” he told me.

He told me________________________________________.

3. “Don?t be late for school,” the teacher said to us.

The teacher _________________________________________.

4.“I visited the museum last week.” He told me.

He told me_____________________________________.

5. “Man will die if there is no water or air,” he said.

He said__________________________________________.


(A) 阅读下面George 给市长的信,根据所提供的信息,完成信息卡.(5分)

Dear Mayor,

I am sick and tired of the traffic in the city! It is so bad that I can never get anywhere in time. There are too many cars on the road, and most have only one person in them.

Another problem is the buses. They are so old and slow that nobody wants to take them. They are noisy and very dirty. You can’t even see out the windows!

Also, the taxi drivers are not polite. They never know where they are going, and they take a long time to get somewhere. Taxis are expensive, too. And the subway is just too crowed and dangerous. What are we going to do?

Yours sincerely, George Grade

Information Card

(B) 作文。(15分)


参考词汇:encourage sb. to do sth. 鼓励某人做某事




一. 1----5 BCDCB 6---10. ADBCA 11---15. DABDC 16----20 CDBDA 21---25 CABDD 26---30 CBCCA 31--35 BABCD 36---40. CBDCD

二.1---5 AABDC 6----10. CBBDD

三.1---5 CDADB 6----10.DCCBB 11-15 B C D B D 16-20 B B D C A 四.1. Because there were many rocks on the road.

2. He stopped to take some rocks off the road.

3. The king.

4. Because the old man made the road better for others. 5. B

五.1----5. DG AFC

六.句型转换1. asked , to take good care of her little sister

2. he had finished his homework

3. told (ordered) us not to be late for school

4. he visited the museum last week

5. that man will die if there is no water or air

七、A. 1.the traffic in the city

2.noisy and very dirty.

3.old and slow.

4.not polite,

5.too crowed and dangerous.

B.Nowadays,it's important for us to live the low-carbon life.The first thing we can do is to ride the bikes.Because first,bikes are cheaper than cars.Second,it's easy to find the place to park bikes.Third,the oil is not necessary for bikes,so bikes won't produce the dirty air.Finally,we can ride bikes to take exercise and keep healthy .Let's ride the bikes instead of cars to protect the environment!

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