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( you ever English with a foreigner?

A.Did,speak B.Have,speak C.Have,spoken

( )5. Many students in our class are of the dark ,but I am in it . A. terrified ; interested B. interested; terrified C. terrifying ;interesting ( )6 .I don't 1ike to go to sleep the 1ight on. A. in B. to C with ( )7.We dead with our problems learning to forget. A.by B.of C.to ( )8. She is girl.

A. an 18—years—old B. an 18—year—old C. a 18 years old ( )9----Don’t you usually walk to school?

---- I sometimes ride to school.

A. Yes , I do. B. No, I don’t C. Yes , I don’t

( )10 .The boys don’t know .

A. how do they swim B. how swim C. how to swim ( )11. ----What do you think of your Chinese teacher ? ----he is always with us .

A. excited B. patient C. kind

( )12. you have passed your exam ,you should study hard . A. Even though B. Because C. When

( )13. My brother works in that factory .he has become a bus driver. A.not longer B. not any longer C .no longer ( )14. 14. I spent half an hour my homework.

A. finish doing B. finishing doing C. to finish doing

( )15. His brother is good at football,and he is his schoo1 team. A. at B. in C. on ( )16. He has time for concerts, does he?

A. hard B. hardly C. already ( )17. My life a lot in the last few years.

A. change B. have changed C. has changed ( )18.Most students study English by the textbook.

A. to read B. read C. reading

( A. Memorize B. Memorizing C. Memorizes

( )20.for its . A. died, death B. died, died C. death, died ( )21.It’s hard A. so, that B. too, to C. enough, to ( )22.I don’t know how commas.

A. to use B. use C. using ( )23.----Your spoken English is pretty good.

A. No, just so so B. Thank you C. You’re welcome ( )24.Why don’t you join a sports club to practice A. swimming B. swim C. to swim

( A. for B. in C. as

( )26.If you don’t know the words ,you can A. look them up B. look up them C. look up it ( A. that B. this C. it ( )28.He doesn’t have a partner to practice English A. to B. with C. for

( do you study for a test?

----I usually go over my notes and do more exercise.

A. What B. Why C. How

( )30.---- My written English is poor. I couldn’t make complete sentences. ----Me, A. too B. either C. also 三、完形填空(每小题1分,共10分)

that life “Families aren’t the same as 3 used to be. Lots of people have divorced(离

婚). 4 a husband and a wife are having problems with their marriage(婚姻), they won’t

their children, but no more now. Everyone’s working, so they don’t havefor children.

anymore, everybody drives. But people used to walk to school every day, even in winter.

And people don’t talk toanymore. They are too busy to talk, too busy to eat, too busy to think ……

it isn’t anymore.”

( )1.A.complains about B.is angry with C.tries his best ( )2.A.is used to B.used to C.was use to ( )3.A.they B.that C.this

( )4.A.Because B.Since C.anything

( )6.A.pay attention to B.look after C.are interested in ( )7.A.time B.money C.school ( )8.A.takes a bus B.walks C.on foot

( )9.A.their parents B.each other C.their sons ( )10.A.and B.or C.but 四、阅读理解 (每小题2分,共30分) A

Once there lived a man in a small town. He often said, “If I have lots of gold, I will be the happiest man in the world.”

One day he was traveling in North Africa. He lost his way and he was so hungry and thirsty that he couldn’t walk any more. There were only stones and sand(沙子) around. Just then he saw a bag on the sand. He took it up. But when he opened it, he saw it was full of gold.He left the bag on the sand and cried, “ What is the use of gold to a hungry man?”

( )1. What did the traveler love best?

A. Food B. Drinks C. Gold

( )2.When he lost his way in the desert(沙漠) of North Africa, ______.

A. he had nothing to eat or to drink B. he saw stones and sand around him C. he was happy to find a bag of gold ( )3. “He lost his way” means_____.

A. “he didn’t know where he came from” B. “he didn’t know how to return home”

C. “he didn’t know where he was and where to go” ( )4. When he found a bag full of gold he felt_______. A. happy B. hungry C. sad

( )5. What’s the most useful to a hungry man?______. A. Food B. Gold C. Bread


Long ago, people in Rome(罗马)talked each other in Latin(拉丁文). Pupils in school learned to read and write in Latin. Books are in Latin.

Some Romans(罗马人) went to other parts of the world. They took their language with them. Soon Latin was used in many countries. It became a world language. People in other countries did not talk in Latin the same way. In each land, they changed the language a little. As time went by, they made more changes. At last they did not talk in Latin any more. New languages had come from the old one.

People do not talk to each other in Latin today, but they still use many Latin words. You do, too. Street, wall, city, and salt are some of the Latin words we use. You are a pupil in school. Pupil is a Latin word. It means “little doll”.

( )6.Latin was used by people in long ago.

A.Rome B.the United States C.Greece(希腊)

( )7. A.language B.Chinese C.English ( )8.Which of the following does this passage lead(引导) you to believe? A.It is not good to change a language.

B.Most of people could read Latin many years ago. C.Many people can read Latin today.

( )9.What happened to Latin when it was taken to other countries at the beginning? A.In each land, they changed the language a lot. B.In each land, they changed the language a little.

C.In each land, the children had to speak some Latin. ( )10. A.Romans did not like to stay at home

B.people in old Rome talked a lot to each other C.Latin changed as it moved from land to land


Two farmers were on their way home one evening after a hard day's work. Both were tired. They happened to look up at the sky and saw a black cloud overhead( 在头顶上). "Ah!" said one farmer, "tomorrow we shall have rain and the rice will grow well." The second answered, "Nonsense (胡说), the rain will only kill the crops (庄稼)." So they began to quarrel (争吵). Just then a third farmer came along and asked them why they were quarreling. Both farmers explained about the black cloud. "What cloud?" asked the third farmer. They all looked at the sky. The cloud was no longer there. ( )11. The two farmers were _____.

A. going home B. going to the field C. going to work ( )12. The two farmers _____ on that day.

A.八、书面表达(10分) 在每个人的成长过程中,谁都或多或少有一些变化,请以“How I’ve changed!”为题写一篇短文,介绍一下你的过去与现在的不同。80词左右。

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