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牛津英语新教材8Aunit 2 Integrated skills词组中英文

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8Aunit 2 Integrated skills P25-26


有两周休假 (3) have two weeks off/have two weeks’ holiday

have a two-week holiday

学生数 the number of the students

暑假长度 the length of the summer holiday 山的高度 the height of the hill / mountain 做早操 do morning exercises

做眼保健操 do eye exercises

花费时间做某事(2种) spend time on sth /spend time doing sth 有较多的老师 have more teachers

暑假放假最长 have the most weeks off for the summer holiday

花费较少的时间做家庭作业 spend less time doing homework 穿校服 wear uniforms

花费2小时做家庭作业(2) spend two hours on homework

spend two hours doing homework

花费最少的时间做家庭作业 spend the least time on homework 有最长的暑假 have the longest summer holiday. 工作最勤奋 work the hardest

有最多的学生 have the most students

有最少的教室 have the fewest classrooms

至多 at most

至少 at least

只有半个小时用于爱好方面 have only half an hour for my hobbies 在我们四人当中 among the four of us

在爱好方面花的时间比我多 spend more time on his hobbies than I 去游泳 go swimming

半个小时玩电脑 half an hour for playing computer games 下棋 play chess

…….的数目 the number of

大量 许多 a number of


1.你的电话号码是多少? What’s your telephone number ?

2.我们班的学生数是50 The number of students is 50 in our class.

3.许多的学生正在植树. A number of students are planting trees.


How much time do you spend on your hobbies every day?


I spent two hours doing/ on my homework yesterday.

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