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Be 动词一般现在时

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Be 动词一般现在时用法
? Be






Be 动词用法口诀:
? 我I

用 am ? 你You用 are ? is 连着他, 她, 它( he is, she is, it is) ? 单数名词用is ? 复数形式都用 are ? 变否定真容易,be后not要牢记。 ? 变问句也不难,be要提到主语前

I am student. We (我们)are friends. He is a good boy. She is my sister. They (他们) are playing football. You are my friend.


I'm=I am you're=you are he's=he is she's=she is it's=it is we're=we are you're=you are they're=they are ... ...


am an English teacher. ? She is your sister. ? He is my brother. ? They are my friends. ? It is an orange. ? We are students. ? Tom is a good boy.


am not an English teacher.(am not无缩写 ? She is not your sister. (is not=isn’t) ? He is not my brother. (is not=isn’t) ? They are not my friends. (are not=isn’t) ? It is not an orange. (is not=isn’t) ? We are not students. (are not=aren’t) ? Tom is not a good boy. (is not=isn’t)

? Are

you an English teacher? ? 肯定回答 Yes ,I am. ? 否定回答 No, I am not.
? Is

she your sister? ? 肯定回答Yes,she is. ? 否定回答 No, she isn't.

? Is

it an orange? ? 肯定回答Yes ,it is. ? 否定回答No,it isn't.

? IsTom

a good boy? ? 肯定回答Yes, he is. ? 否定回答No,he isn't.

Am I a Chinese? Yes, you are. No, you aren’t. Is the cat fat? Yes, it is. No, it isn’t. Are they American? Yes, they are. No, they aren’t.


It’s They’re She’s He’s We’re I’m

She is We are I am They are He is It is

1.主语是一个事物, 如 my name, the bird时,它相当于it(它), Be动词用is,如: My name is Wang Li. Where is the bird? 主语是两个或两个以上事物, 如 the bird and the cat时,它相当于they(它们), Be动词用are,如: The bird and the cat are in the tree.

2.主语是指一个人, 如男名David时,它相当于he(他); 如女名LiuYing时,它相当于she(她), Be动词用is,如: David is a boy. What row Liu Ying in? 主语指两个或两个以上的人, 如David and Liu Ying时,这相当于they(他 们),Be动词用are,如: David and Liu Ying friends?

3.主语是this(这个)或that(那个)时,相 当于it(它),Be动词用is,如: This is a cat . Who is that? 主语是these(这些)或those(那些)时,相 当于they(他们、她们、它们), Be动词用are,如: These men are workers. What are those over there?

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