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期中unit 2

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仁英高中高一(1)(2)班 Monica

Unit 2 Revision

1. ---- Do you know our town at all?

-------No, this ________ the first time I _________ here.

A. was; has come B. is; come C. is; had come D. is; have come

2. ----My sister is very upset today.

-------It’s your fault. You ________ the bad news to her yesterday.

A. should tell B. should have told C. shouldn’t have told D. must tell

3. Mr Green asked Lily ________ she had written to her father _______.

A. whether; the day before B. whether; yesterday

C. that; the day before D. that; yesterday

4. Every minute is made full _______ of _______ our lessons well.

A. to use; study B. use; studying C use; to study D. used; studying

5. Our English teacher requested that the homework _______ tomorrow morning.

A. would be handed in B. be handed in

C. hand in D. must be handed in

6. People ______ at the meeting would have a discussion on pollution.

A. were present B. took part in C. join in D. present.

7.------Does your wife like tea?

--------well, she doesn’t really ______ tea, she likes coffee better.

A. care for B. care C. care about D. care of

8. Mr. Black _______ Shanghai in a few days. Do you know when the earliest plane _______ on Sunday.

A. leaves; takes off B. is leaving; takes off

C. is leaving; is taking off D. leaves; is taking off

9. All the doctors in the hospital insisted that he ______ badly wounded and that he ______ at once.

A. should be; be operated on B. were; must be operated on

C. be; was operated on D. was; be operated on

10. It ____in this new hall ____ was just set up last month ________ we held an important meeting yesterday.

A. is; which; that B. was; which; what C. is; that; which D. was; which; that

11. Atlanta _____ a series of fierce fights between blacks and whites in the 1960.

A. met B. saw C. happened D. made

12. I want to know when he ______ for New York.

A. has left B. will be leaving C. is leaving D. leaves

13. This is quite a difficult problem and none of us could ______ a solution to it.

A. come about B. come out C. come up to D. come up with

14. After Mr Gao stayed in America for two years, he could _____ wait to get home.

A. almost B. hardly C. nearly D. seldom

15. She knew that he did it to make her sad.

A. right away B. as a matter of fact C. in the end D. on purpose

16. ________ so many people communicating in English, we can see that it will be more and more important to have a good knowledge of English.

仁英高中高一(1)(2)班 Monica

A. Besides B. As for C. Because of D. With

A. giving out B. giving off C. giving away D. giving up

18. It’s no use ________ to persuade him to get rid of that habit; he can’t make ________.

A. trying; it B. to try; it C. trying; that D. to try; that

19. — What did she say to you just now?

— She asked me if I knew _______.

A. whose pen is it B. whose pen it was

C. whose pen it is D. whose pen was it

20. The scenery in my hometown is beautiful beyond_____ .

A. communication B. expression C. situation D. organization

21. —I’d like to take a week’s holiday.

—o busy.

A. Don’t worry B. Don’t mention it C. Forget it D. Pardon me

22. —Do you mind if I smoke?

A. Why not? B. Yes, help yourself. C. Go ahead. D. Yes, but you’d better not.

life pace continues to speed up, we are quickly losing the art of enjoyment.

A. With B. When C. As D. While

24. In front of the four witnesses, the thief had to admit the car.

A. to steal B. to have stolen C. stealing D. of stealing

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