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.. 根据语境,用恰当的句子完成对话,使对话意思完整、通顺。


A: _____________________________________( 1 ) in your free time?

B: I usually play basketball.

A: _____________________________________( 2 )

B: Three times a week.

A: ______________________________________( 3 )

B: With my classmates.

A: ______________________________________( 4 )

B: Yes. I often do some reading in the library.

A: What about surfing the Internet?

B: ____________________________( 5 ) I don’t like it.

A: ______________________________________

B: Because I think it’s a waste of time . I just like doing sports and reading.

A: Nice talking to you. Thank you.

B A: Who do you think is the best English student ?

B: Li Ming .

A: _____________________________________( 1 )

B: Because his English is the best.

A: What does he usually do ?

B: ______________________________________ ( 2 )

A: ______________________________________( 3 )

B: Four times a week.

A: Does he speak English with others?

B: ______________________( 4 ). He joins in an English Corner in Wuhan University on Friday. A: Really! He is pretty great.


A: Excuse me. May I ask you some questions?

B: Certainly.

A: _______________________________(1 ) B: I eat fruit and vegetables every day.

A: Do you like them?

B: ____________________________(2 ) . But my parents say they’re good for my health. A: Do you like junk food?

B: ___________________________( 3 ) But I try to eat it once a week.

A: ___________________________( 4 )

B: Because my parents tell me it’s bad for my health.

A: _______________________________________( 5 )

B: About nine hours.

A: Oh, I think you must be in good health.


A: _________________________ (1) ?

B: I’m going hiking.

A: Really? ________________________________ (2 ) .

B: We are going to the forest.

A: Cool! _______________________________ (3 )?

B: My parents and my brother.

A: _________________________________ (4 )?

B: We are going to start on Saturday morning, at about half past six. Do you want to join us? A: _________________________________( 5 ). Thanks. Have a good time.


Robert: What are you doing for vacation, Linda?

Linda: I’m planning to travel with my parents in Italy.

Robert: Oh, a great country. ______________________________(1) Linda: It’s always sunny and warm. Robert: Really? _________________________________(2)

Linda: We’re leaving on July 17th.

Robert: __________________________________(3)

Linda: No, a week is too long. We’re staying there for four days.

Robert: What are you doing there?

Linda: We’re going to many restaurants. We want to taste different kinds of Italian food. Robert: ___________________________________(4)

Linda: And we’re going sightseeing and shopping.

Robert: Well, that sounds wonderful. _______________________________(5)

Linda: Thank you.


A: ________________________(1 ).

B: Yes, please. I need to see a friend of mine. He is ill in hospital. _______________________(2) A: OK. First walk to the bus stop. Then take a bus. You can get off the bus at the bus stop on Fifth Street. The People’s Hospital is there.

B: It’s a long way. _________________________(3)

A: It’s about ten miles.

B: _____________________________(4)

A: Maybe about one hour.

B: OK, thank you very much. A: ____________________________(5)


A: Hi. May I ask you some questions?

B: Yes, of course.

A: ______________________________ (1)

B: I was born on May 5th, 1987.

A: And _________________________________ (2)

B: I was born in a small town near Wuhan.

A: _____________________________________ ( 3)

B: I lived there for about ten years. Then I moved to Wuhan.

A: _____________________________________(4)

B: Because I went to a sports school in Wuhan. I’m a player.

A: Oh, really? ____________________________(5) B: I play basketball at school. A: I hope you will be a famous player like Yao Ming.

B: I hope so. _________________________(6)


Two students are talking about the coming school trip

A: I hear that there will be a school trip. Is that true?

B: _________________ (1). Mr Wu told me this morning.

A: ______________________________________ (2)

B: We are going the Sea World in the East Lake.

A: ______________________________________ (3)

B: We are going to watch a dolphin show and many other beautiful sea fishes.

A: That sounds interesting. Oh, by the way, _____________________________(4) B: Next Friday.

A: Next Friday? It means we don’t need to have any classes.

B: Of course. I believe we are going to have fun. I can’t wait.

A: ___________________________________ (5) Do you know?

B: We are going on the bus.


Two high school students are talking about their dreams.

A: What are you going to be when you leave school?

B: ________________________________________(1)

A: Are you going to sing country songs?

B: _______________________ (2) I’m going to sing pop songs. A: ________________________________________(3)

B: I’m going to take singing lessons

A: ________________________________________(4)

B: I’m not sure. Maybe next week.

A: ________________________________________ 5) B:I want to study in New York.

A: I hope your dream will come true.

B: Thank you.

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