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拓展 初中预备及unit 7 测试 2

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北京市育英学校初中预备级英语单元练习 unit 7

Unit 7 拓展课程练习 班级: 姓名: 分数:

一、 单项填空:(10分)

( ) 1. This is ______ sweater. That is _____.

A. hers, my B. my, her C. my, hers

( ) 2. Mary ______ a pair of shorts and a T-shirt.

A. have B. has C. are

( ) 3. I have a pair of new shoes. ______ fifty dollars.

A. They’re B. It’s C. These are

( ) 4. Sarah is ______. She takes a hat and a scarf.

A. shop B. shopping C. looking

( ) 5. We have sweaters _____ all colors ____ $ 50 each.

A. at, in B. for, at C. in, for

( ) 6 Can I help you ? Yes, ______.

A. I have a red hat. B. I want a red hat. C. I like a red hat.

( ) 7. My little brother likes chess. He joins chess club.

A. plays

B. play

C. playing D. to play

( ) 8. My brother likes to _______ black shirts.

A. in B. put on C. put D. wear

( ) 9. The old woman is over sixty, but she ________.

A. looks like young B. looks young C. looks to be young D. looks being young

( ) 10. They can now ________ a lot of Chinese.

A. say B. talk C. tell D. speak

二. 用所给动词的适当形式填空。(18分)

1. How much ______ (be) the socks? 2. Peter ______ (not like ) that green coat. 3. What can I _____ (do) for you ? 4. The blouse _______(be) 80 yuan. 5. Let’s ______ (look) at that skirt. 6. Do you ______(need ) bags for sports ? 7. You can ______( buy) socks for only $ 5 each!

8. Come and ______( see) for yourself at Huaxing Clothes Store! 9. I want ______(buy) a T-shirt.

三. 句型转换(10分)

1. Tom likes yellow jacket..(改为否定句) _________________________________________. 2. (对划线部分提问) _________________________________________

3. 对划线部分提问) ________________________________________ 4. He has a baseball.(改为一般疑问句) _______________________________________ 5. 对划线部分提问)


四. 补全对话 (8分)

Clerk: ______ I ______ you? Mary: Yes, please. I _____ a sweater. Clerk: What _______do you want? Mary: Blue. Clerk: Here you are.

Mary: ______ ______ is it? Clerk: 20 dollars.

Mary: I’ll _______ it. Thank you. Clerk: You’re _______..

五. 完形填空(14分)

Mrs. Read lives in the countryside. She is very happy. Sometimes she is not happy. There 1____ many things to buy in the countryside. She needs to go to the city.

One day she goes to the city. First she 2____ some fruit and vegetables for herself and for her friend. Then she 3____ into a shop. She wants to buy a pair of glasses. She 4____ one pair, and then another, and another, but 5____ of them seems to feel right.


北京市育英学校初中预备级英语单元练习 unit 7

The shopkeeper is a nice man. After some time he 6____ to Mrs. Read, “Don’t worry, madam. Everything will be all right in the end. It isn’t easy to find the right glasses.”

“No, it isn’t,” answers Mrs. Read. “And is it even more 7____ when you are shopping for a friend”

( ) 1. A. are B. is C. aren’t D. isn’t ( ) 2. A. goes B. buys C. finds D. wants ( ) 3. A. went B. walk C. goes D.ran ( ) 4. A. has B. watches C. tries D. buys ( ) 5. A. no B. none C. no one D. neither ( ) 6. A. says B. tells C. speak D. look ( ) 7. A. easy B. difficult C. exciting D. good

六. 阅读理解(10分)

Two men were sitting together in an airplane. They were on a long journey. One of the men was a teacher. The other was a farmer. They sat without talking for a while, then the farmer said, ”Let’s do something to pass the time.” “What do you want to do ?” the teacher asked.. ”We can ask each other riddles,” the farmer said. “You start.” “Let’s make the rules first,” the teacher said.” And let’s make the game more interesting. Let’s play it for money. If we don’t know the answer to a riddle, we have to pay a dollar.” The farmer thought about this for a while, then he said, “That’s not fair. You are teacher, an educated man. You know more things than I do. I am just a farmer.” “That’s true,” the teacher said. “What do you think we should do ?” ”If you don’t know the answer to a riddle you pay me $100.If I don’t know the answer to a riddle, I’ll pay you $50.”The teacher thought about this, then he said, “O.K. That’s fair. Who’ll go first?” ”I will, ”the farmer said. ”Here is my riddle. What has three legs when it walks, but only two legs when it flies?” The teacher repeated the riddle, “What has three legs when it walks, but only two legs when it flies? Mm, that’s a good one. I’m afraid I don’t know the answer.” He gave the farmer $100, then said, “Tell me the answer. What has three legs when it walks but only two legs when it flies? ” “I don’t know,” the farmer said , and gave him $50.

( ) 1. One man in the airplane was a farmer. The other was_____

A. a teacher B. a doctor C. a baker. D. a truck driver

( ) 2. They decided to pass the time by_____

A. reading the news paper. B. asking each other riddles C. doing crossword puzzles. D. talking

( ) 3. If the farmer didn’t know the answer to a riddle, he had to pay the teacher _______ A. $50 B. $100 C. $200 D. $1 ( ) 4. Did the farmer know the answer to the riddle?

A. Yes, he did. C. No, he did.

B. No, he didn’t D. The passage didn’t tell us

( ) 5. In the end, the teacher paid the farmer____

A .$50 B. $100 C. nothing D. $200

七. 阅读回答问题:(10分)

Look at this lovely animal! It has round ( 圆的)eyes, a round head, round ears and a round body. It looks like a bear. What is it? It is a koala. Its little fat body is covered with soft gray fur.(皮毛) Its eyes look like buttons(扣子). It has small feet and big ears. And its nose shines ( 闪亮 )like your new black shoes.

Where do koalas live? In Australia. The people there take care of them. They are safe. The people of Australia love them.

When a koala is born, it has no fur. And at that time it is no bigger than your little toe(脚趾). The mother koala has a pocket in front of her body? The baby lives in this warm pocket. There it stays for six months.

When it leaves the pocket, it has lots of fur. And it is about as big as your shoes. It climbs to its mother’s back. It rides there while its mother teaches him to find food.

The koalas lives in a special tree---- the eucalyptus( 桉树). The tree gives the koala both its home and food. It likes only the bark( 树皮) and the leaves of eucalyptus. It eats nothing else. Here are many kinds of eucalyptus in Australia. The koala looks for food at night and it sleeps for most of the days.

1. Where do koalas live? 2. What do they like to eat? 3. Does a koala have fur when it is born? 4.Are they active(活跃)at night ? 5. What do you think of koalas?

八. 书面表达:如果你是老板请为你的商店写一则广告,不少于60字.((20分) 提示: (1)fruit store (2)ball store (3)stationary store(文具店) 。。。



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