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五、完形填空。 ago. 便利). You can see the country you are traveling through. Modern trains have comfortable seats and dining cars. They make even the longest journey(旅程wish—where there is something interestingmeal, or at a hotel to spend( ) 1. A. impossible B. possible C. good D. bad

( ) 2. A. fastest B. faster C. slowest D. slower

( ) 3. A. spend B. took C. cost D. worth

( ) 4. A. faster B. fast C. slower D. slow

( ) 5. A. enjoy B. harmful C. enjoyable D. tired

( ) 6. A. prefer to B. prefer C. prefers D. prefers to

( ) 7. A. pleased B. pleasure C. pleasant D. please

( ) 8. A. take B. spend C. cost D. visit

( ) 9. A. jeep B. truck C. car D. bike

( ) 10. A. owns B. own’s C. owns’ D. own

( ) 11. A. to B. from C. as D. with

( ) 12. A. whatever B. wherever C. however D. whichever

( ) 13. A. enjoy B. like C. love D. eat

( ) 14. A. what B. why C. where D. which

( ) 15. A. in B. with C. for D. on

Ⅱ. 完形填空。

Have you ever planted a few trees on Tree Planting Day? Each year, millions of people, both ___1___, plant a lot of trees. But this may not be the best way to make your home a ___2___place.

Last week we visited a park in Hebei. We were ___3___to find most of the trees had been burned. The workers told us that the trees ___4___ soon after they were planted because they weren’t watered well enough. ___5___workers burned them and cleaned the place for ___6___trees to be planted this year. ___7___a card found in one of the dead trees, a student wrote,“ I hope this tree will grow up with me to ___8___the backbone (栋梁) of our country.” The workers said that the survival(存活) of the trees was really more important than ___9___trees were planted.

Some people in Beijing now have a new idea that they can donate (捐赠) some money and let professionals (专业人士) plant and ___10__the trees.

( )1. A.students and teachers B.old and young C.boys and girls D.mother and father

( )2. A. smaller B. colder C. nicer D. larger

( )3. A. pleased B. happy C. interesting D. surprised

( )4. A. died B. grew C. bought D. planted

( )5. A. Though B. When C. Because D. So

( )6. A. few B. old C. new D. dead

( )7. A. Over B. From C. On D. About

( )8. A. need B. hold C. plant D. be

( )9. A. how many B. when C. how soon D. why

( )10. A. take out B. take down C. take up D. take care of

Ⅷ. 从方框中选择正确的词

. Have you ever been to Singapore?

Have you ever ____81____to Singapore? For many Chinese ___82___ , this small island in Southeast Asia is a wonderful place ___83__ a holiday. On the one hand, more than three quarters of population are Chinese, so you can ____84____, speak Putonghua a lot of time. On the other hand, Singapore is _____85___ English-speaking country, so it’s also a good place to practice your English.

Have you ever ____86___ Chinese food outside of China? Maybe you won’t be able to find ___87___to eat in a foreign country. In Singapore, however you will find a lot of food from China. You won’t have any ____88___ finding rice, noodles, or dumplings. However if you are

____89___brave, Singapore is an excellent place to try new food. Whether you like Indian food, western food , ___90____ Japanese food. You will find it all in Singapore.

81._________ 82._________ 83.__________ 84._________ 85._________

86._________ 87._________ 88.__________ 89._________ 90._________

Unit 6

There’s just so much to see and do there. Last night , I went to Chinese music concert . __1__ of my friend like loud music that they can dance to. I __2___quiet ,traditional music, so the concert ___3__ me Just fine. Before the concert we went___4___Italian food. Do You like it ? There were lots of different kinds of food there . I didn’t know what___5__ next . What kind of food do you prefer ? My host family is ___6___ me to an Indian film festival next weekend . I’m not___7___what to expect because I’v never seen an Indian __8___ before . Have you ?Some people say they are___9__, but others say they’er great . Different people have different__10__ .

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