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Unit 3 How do you get to school?


1. get to school 到达学校 2. take the subway 乘地铁

3. ride a bike 骑自行车 4. how far 多远

5. from home to school 从家到学校 6. every day 每天

7. take the bus 乘公共汽车 8. by bike 骑自行车

9. bus stop 公共汽车站 10. think of 认为

11. between … and … 在…和…之间 12. one 11-year-old boy 一个11岁的男孩 13. play with … 和…玩

14. come true 实现 15. have to 不得不 ●词法

1. take… to …= go to … by… 乘…去…

2. How do / does (sb)get to …? …是怎样到…的?

3. How far is it from … to …? 从…到…有多远?

4. It takes sb. some time to do sth. 做某事花费某人多长时间。

5. How long does it take to do sth.? …花费多长时间?

6. It is + adj. + to do sth. 做某事是….

7. Thanks for + n. / Ving 感谢你(做)某事。 ●重点句型

1. How do you get to school? I ride my bike.


2. How far is it from your home to school?

3. How long does it take you to get to school?

4. For many students, it is easy to get to school.

5. There is a very big river between their school and the village. ●同步作文

主题:上学的交通方式 写作思路:开篇点题:点出自己的出行方式;具体内容:自己选择这种交通方式的原因;结束语: 表明自己的观点。

The Best Way for Me to Go to School

Different students go to school in different ways in our school, but I llike to go to school on foot.

First, I live near the school, so my home is not far from my school. And it takes me a few minutes to get there. Second, there is a crossing on my way to school, and sometimes the traffic is very busy. I think it is safer to go to school on foot. Third, I think walking is good for my health. It’s a kind of sport and it makes me study better.

So in my opinion, the best way to go to school is on foot. What about you?

Unit 4 Don’t eat in class.


1. on time 准时,按时 2. listen to … 听……

3. in class 在课上 4. be late for 做……迟到 2

5. have to 不得不 6. be quiet 安静

7. go out 外出 8. do the dishes 清洗餐具

9. make breakfast 做早饭 10. make (one’s) bed 铺床

11. be noisy 吵闹 12. keep one’s hair short 留短发

13. play with sb. 和某人一起玩 14. play the piano 弹钢琴

15. have fun 玩得高兴 16. make rules 制订规则 ●词法

1. Don’t + 动词原形+其他, 不要做某事。

2. help sb. (to) do sth. 帮助某人做某事

3. too many + 可数名词复数 太多的……

4. practice doing sth.

5. be strict with sb.

6. be strict in sth.

7. leave sth sp. 练习做某事 对某人要求严格 对某事要要求严格 把某物忘在某地

使……保持某种状态 8. keep + 宾语+形容词

9. learn to do sth.

10. have to do sth.

●重点句型 学会做某事 不得不做某事

1. Don’t arrive late for class. 上课不要迟到。

2. Can we bring music players to school? 我们可以带音乐播放器到学校吗?

3. And we always have to wear the school uniform. 并且我们总是 3


4. There are too many rules! 有太多的规则!

5. Don’t leave the dirty dishes in the kitchen! 不要把脏盘子留在厨房里!

6. I have to keep my hair short. 我不得不留短发。


Dear Tom,

Thanks for your last letter. You want to know the rules in our school. Now let me tell you about them.

We can’t arrive late for class. We can’t talk loudly in class. We should keep quiet. When we meet our teachers on our way, we should say hello to them. We can’t eat or drink in class, and we can’t listen to music or play games in class.

I think we have too many rules. What about yours? Please write and tell me.


Li Ming


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