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Unit 2
I’ll help clean up the city parks.

Section A

Warming up

A guessing game


Do you often help others?
What other ways we could help people?

I helped to clean the classroom. I helped my parents with the chores.

I _________________________.
I _________________________.

They are hungry and homeless.

help stop hunger

There are many other ways you could help help clean up people. the city

cheer up the old people

give out(分发,派发) food at the food bank

If I had lots of money, I would…

set up a Hope School


help poor kids

volunteer in an after-school study

I’d like to work outside.
You could help clean up the city parks

n. 饥饿

Listen and complete the sentences.

1. I hopt to _____ work outside. You could help to clean up the city parks. _____

2. I’d like to help _____ homeless people. You could give out food at the food bank to help feed them. _____
up sick kids. You could ask 3. I want to cheer _____ visit the kids. hospitals to let you _____ with their schoolwork. You 4. I’d like to help kids _____ couldvolunteer _______ in an after-school study program to teach kids.

Practice the conversation in the picture above. Then have similar conversations using the information in 1b.

A: I’d like to work outside. B: You could help clean up the city parks.

What other ways we could help people?

Just think and fill in the blanks.

Other ways we could help people
You could help the passengers with their luggage. _______________________________________________ ( 行李) _______________________________________________ You could help plant trees and grass to beautify your hometown. _______________________________________________ You could help the old people cross the street. _______________________________________________
_______________________________________________ You could help the police catch the thieves. _______________________________________________ You could help the old people clean up their houses. You could give the money to the charity and help the _______________________________________________

poor people.

2a Listen and check (√) the things
the students are going to do.
b c a

d e

2b listen again. Fill in the blanks.
1. We need to ______ _______ come _______ up with a plan to tell people about the city park clean-up.

put 2. Clean-Up Day is only two weeks from now.We can’t _______ off _______ making a plan.
3. We could _______ put _______ up signs.

hand them _______ out 4. Let’s make some notices, too. Then I’ll _______ after school.
5. We could each _______ ten people and ask them to call _______ up come.

We need to come up with a plan. 我们必须想出一个计划。 (1)need实义动词, “必要”、“必 需” ,有人称、数和时态的变化, 可接名词、代词、动名词或带 to 的动词不定式作宾语,构成疑 问句和否定句时要借助于助动词。

The man needs an Engli

sh dictionary
when he works. 这个人在工作时需要一本英语词典。 Do you need to see him yourself? 你必需亲自见他吗?

(2) need情态动词, “必须”、“必 要”,没有人称、数的变化,后接不 带to 的动词不定式。 通常用于疑问 句和否定句中,构成疑问句和否定句 时,不需要使用助动词。 Need you go to the park with your classmate? 你必需和你的同学去公园吗?

【注意】 由need引出的疑问句,答语 表肯定时用must或have to;表示否定 时用needn’t或don’t have to。 A: Need I come to work tomorrow? 明天我需要来上班吗? B: Yes, you must / have to. 是的, 你必须来。

Phrasal verb cheer up


set up

come up with

Meaning of phrasal verb He looks sad. make someone Let’s cheer him happier up. We’re going to establish , start set up a food bank to help hungry people. We need to think up come up with some ideas.


Lei Feng Day is two weeks from now. We need to come up with a plan. What would you like to do? Talk with your partner and come up with a plan.

A: We need to come up with a plan for the City Park Clean-Up Day. B: Let’s have lunch first. A: No’ we need to start now.Clean-Up Day is only two weeks from now. B: ….

(2)help oneself to sth.随便吃食物等。 Help yourselves to apples, boys. (3)with the help of =with one’s help 在……的帮助下。 With the help of the teachers, I get good grades in all subjects.

1 help sb. out “帮助某人解决难题”。 I can’t work out this math problem. Please help me out.
(1)help sb. with sth. =help sb. do/to do sth 在某事上帮助某人。 I help him with his English every day.

2 They told me stories about the past and how things used to be. 他们给我讲过去的生活经历,讲过去是什 么样子的。 used to be/do 曾经。。。 She used to live in that city before. used to be /do 过去常做某事,现在不那 样了 Did you use to sing when you do housework?


3 I get such a strong feeling of satisfaction when I see the animals get better and the look of joy on their owners’ faces. 当我看到动物们(病情)渐好,看到主人 脸上的喜悦表情时,我产生出那么一种 极强的满足感来. How did you get such an idea? 产生 He got angry with me after that. 变得

4 She could read by herself at the age of four. I could cook by独自地 myself (when I was ten) at the age of ten 在。。。岁 在时候.

5 Volunteering here is a dream come true for me. 在这里当志愿者对我来说是梦想成真。 I got the latest CD player as a birthday present yesterday. It was just a dream come true! 昨天我收到了最新的CD播放器作为一份生 日礼物,真是梦想成真了。

to be to learn to care

to look
to help

to do

put off call up

come up with

cheer up

put up
hand out

give out

to make

to do
to help

to spend

to visit

to move

Section B


Match the sentences

with similar meanings.

c a d

1. 2. 3. 4. a. b. c. d.

I’ve run out of it. I take after my mother. I fixed it up. I gave it away. I repaired it. I don’t have any more of it. I am similar to her. I didn’t sell it.


I have run out of my money.

He takes after his father.
Let’s fix up my bike together.

He gave away his old clothes to the poor.


Listen and number the pictures [1-4] in the correct order.





1d Listen again. Circle “T” (for true) or “F”
(for false).
1.Jimmy fixes up bicycles. T F

2.Jimmy sells bikes.


3.Jimmy takes after his mother. T F

4.Jimmy has run out of money. T F

Explanation for Section B
1.run out of = use up “用完”、“卖光”。 句子的主语是人或使用的物。注意不能用 于被动语态。 I am running out of my money.= My money is running out of. We are running out of the gas. = Our car is running out of the gas.

2. I take after my mother. take after ≈look like ,be similar to 3. I fixed it up. fix up = repair(修理);fasten(安装) 4. give away 赠送 5. call up = ring up;give sb. a ring.;phone sb. 6. hand out(散发); hand in(上缴); hand around/round(传递) hand on (依次传递)

7 .work out (结果、结果是) The idea works out well. 那个注意的实施结果很好。 另外还有“解答出、计算出”的意思。 Can you work out the answer to this question? See if you can work out this bill.


A:What do you do, Jimmy? B:I fix up bikes and give them away.


1 set up 建立,成立
They set up an organization to help disabled people.

2 make it possible for sb. to do sth. “使得某人有可能……” Your help makes it possible for him to succeed.
(1)make+宾语+名词, “使……”。 We made him monitor. (2)make+宾语+形容词, “使……” His words made me happy. (3)make+宾语+动词原形,“让……做……” He made me work ten hours a day.

3 make a difference to 起重要作用
What you did make a difference to my life.

4 be excited about 对。。。感到兴奋
He seemed to be excited about something

The group of kids are playing happily.

We should help disabled people .
There are some differences between us.

Imagine you are a bird, what will you do?

Though there are difficulties ,we still work har It is normal to feel like this. He needs much training to be a good player. Thanks for your kindness.

SUBJECT Miss Li VERB can get trains sent is OBJECT unable to move well. money to “Animal Helpers”. animals like Lucky. things for disabled people

Ben Smith
Lucky “Animal Helpers”

Phrasal verb


1.定义: 动词之后加介词或副词构成 短语,表达一种特定的含义;如果被 拆开则不能表达这种特定的含义. 2.分类: 及物的短语动词必须接宾语, 不及物的短语动词则不需接宾语.

3. 及物短语动词所带宾语的位置:

词”的短 语、名词既可以放在短语动词之后,也 可以放在短语动词中间. 对于”动词 + 介词” 的短语, 名词放在介词之后.

(2) 代词作宾语时,对于”动词+副词” 的短语, 代词放在短语动词的中间,对于”动词+ 介词” 的短语,代词放在介词之后.

clean up set up give out cheer up put off

call up


建立,建成 发放,派发
高兴,振作 提出 推迟,延后 闲荡

run out of 用尽 take after 长得象 fix up

come up with

give…away 赠送

hang out

put up


Nouns: money, animal, helpers, people lucky, organization… Pronouns: I ,you, it, my, who, that… Verbs: like, thank, send, set (up), fill… Adjectives: disabled, blind, deaf, normal… Adverbs: easily, well, last year, at once… Prepositions: for, with, of… Conjunctions: but, and, because, or… Exclamations: You see, Lucky!

2e Discuss the questions with a partner.

1.In what other ways do you think dogs are able to help people?(guide dog;watchdog) 2.What other animals can we train to help people?(elephants;dolphins)

?Working in an old people's home ?Helping kids in an after-school program ?Being a guide at a museum

Look at these kinds of volunteer work.Can 3a you add more?What would you like to do? Discuss it with a partner.

3b Write a letter or e-mail to the place you want to volunteer at.
Dear Sir of Madam, ___________________________________ ___________________________________ ___________________________________ ___________________________________ ___________________________________
Yours truly, _____________

Self Check


wake, put,

look, take

take, put

look, take

put, take

run, go


ran out to cheer called up to tell

to buy put up

handed out

set up

came up

to fix

gave away

12. He put up some signs asking for old bikes and called up all his friends and told them about the problem.
ask for (1)要求 She asked for some water.她要了些水。 (2)向……请求…… If you are in trouble,you can ask the policeman for help.如果你有困难,你可以向警察求助。

call up 意为“打电话,打电话给……”。如: He called up his friends and told the story.他 给朋友打电话,并告之整个事情。 【拓展】
有关“打电话”的说法: (1)make a telephone call打电话 He’s making a telephone call.他正在打电话。 (2)give sb. a call 给某人打电话 When you get there,please give me a call.你到那时, 请给我打个电话。 (3)ring sb.给某人打电话 I rang you ,but you were out.我给你打电话,但你出 去了。

1.He helps ____ C the classroom.

A.cleans up B. cleaning up C. clean up
2. I took her to the concert to ____. B

A. cheer up her B. cheer her up
C. cheer she up

3.The boss put off ___ C the workers’ wages.
A. to give out B. give up C. giving out

1.The man established a factory in our village last year.

set ____ up a factory in our = The man ____ village last year. 2. We need to think up some ideas .

= We need to _____ come ____ up ____ with some ideas
3.He phoned me and asked me to go there. called/ = He _____ me ___ up and asked me to go rang ____ there

4. 他们想明年开一家商店. to set up a shop next year. They want _______________ 5. 人们不应该在路上分发广告.
People _________________________ aren’t supposed to hand out advertisement on the road .

1. 我准备领他去看电影, 以便他会高兴起来。 I am going to _____ cinema take him _____the to _____ _____ _____ to cheer him _____. up 2. 这些词都很重要,请把它们记下来。 These words are all very important. ______ Write ______ them ______, down please! 3. 你知道谁在校门口分发广告了吗? handed _____ out Do you know who _______ advertisements the school gate? ______________at

4.他们的老师不但会讲英语,而且还会讲日语。 not only Their teacher can speak ______ ______ but ______Japanese. also English ______ 5.没人想买这些大衣,甚至白送也不要。 No one wants to buy these coats. You can’t give them away even ______ _____ _______. 6.他想尽力通过这次考试,因此他学习更加努力。 He ______ _____, so he tries ___ to ______ pass _____ the exam works harder.

Hands up !/ Put up your hand. 7.请举手!__________________________ 8.今日事,今日毕。 Never ___________________ put off till tomorrow what you

can do today.

1.Uncle Rick spent the whole afternoon f_____ our broken bike.
答案:fixing 解析:“里克叔叔花了整个下午来修理我损坏的自行 车”。结合句意及spend的用法,所以填fixing

2.Liu Xiang’s success _____all the Chinese people.We believe that he can do better in 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. A.cheers up B.wakes up C.calls up
答案:A 解析:cheer up使振奋,使高兴起来;wake up醒来, 叫醒;call up打电话。结合句意,故选A

3.Our sports meeting has been _____till next Monday because of the bad weather. A.put on B.put up C.put off D.put down
答案:C 解析:题考察四个动词短语的用法。put on 意为“穿上”;put up意为“举起”;put off意为“推迟”;put down意为“放下”。

4. China’s sport stars Yao Ming and Liu Xiang_____Good will Ambassadors(亲善大 使)for Shanghai. A.has been named B.have been named C.has named D.have named
答案: B 解析:主语是两个人故助动词用have,不用has, 排除A、C;由句意“中国体育明星姚明和刘翔被命 名为上海亲善大使。”可知应用现在完成时的被动 语态,故选B.

5. We have to ____our sports meeting till next week because of the heavy rain. A.put off B.put on C.put up D.put down

答案:A 解析:题考查put短语辨析。put off推迟; put on穿上;put up搭起,建起;put down写 下,根据句意应选A

Do you kn

ow the phrases with ups?
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. clean up cheer up call up put up set up fix up think up end up use up
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 打扫干净 高兴起来 打电话 张贴 建立 修理 想出 结束 用光

10. look up 11. make up 12. turn up 13. mix up 14. give up 15. get up 16. cut up 17. eat up 18. come up with

10. 查字典 11. 和解,化装 12. 把声音开大 13. 混合 14. 放弃 15. 起床 16. 切断 17. 吃光 18. 想出

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