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Unit1 What’s the matter

2c:Make conversations using the informantion in 2a and 2b.



2d: …… Role-play the conversation.

Mandy:Lisa,are you OK?

Lisa :I have a headache and I can not move my neck.

What should I do? Should I take my temperature?

Mandy:No,it doesn't sound like you have a fever.

What did you do on the weekend?

Lisa: I played computer games all weekend.

Mandy: That’s probably

from the computer. Mandy:、

Lisa:OK.Thanks, Mandy. 3a Read the passage. Do you think it comes from a newspaper or a book? How do you know?

Bus Driver and Passengers Save an Old Man The bus driver,24-year-old Wang Ping,stopped the bus without thinking twice. He got off and asked the woman what happened. She said that the man had a heart problem and should go to the hospital Mr. Wang knew he had to act quickly. He told the passengers that he must take the man to bus.


people don’t want to help others because they don’t want any ”says one passenger. “But the driver didn’t think about himself. saving a life. ”


1、What’s ______ matter with Tom ?

A. / B. a C. an D. the

2、—— You should drink some hot tea.

—— Yes, I think ______.

A. drink B. do C. so D. should

3、I’m sorry I have no money _______ me today.

A. of B. with C. for D. at

4、He doesn’t feel _______. He has a headache.

A. good B. well C. better D. bestt

5、Do you have lots of problems _______ English ?

A. learn B. to learn C. learnt D. learning

6、We won’t start the meeting ______ our teacher arrives.

A. though B. until C. while D. or

7、It’s very cold. There is _______ snow on the land.

A. much too B. too much C. too many D. a lot

8、Jim is ill, and he doesn’t want ________.

A. to eat something B. to eat anything

C. eating anything D. eating something


1、I finished my homework. And then I went to bed.(合并为一句)

I _______ go to bed _______ I finish my homework.


________ the ________ _________ her mother ?

3、You shouldn’t eat anything for 24 hours. (改为同义句)

You ________ ________ __________ for 24 hours.

4、My father had a backache yesterday. (改为同义句)

My father had _______ ________ ________ yesterday.

5、I believe you can do it well. (改为否定句)

I ______ ______ you ______ do it well.



1、I brush my _______(tooth) before I go to bed every day.

2、I’m _______(stress) out because my English isn’t good.

3、It is easy to stay _______(health).

4、I believe ________ (tradition) Chinese doctors.

5、You should _______ (eat) more vegetable like tomatoes.

6、Chinese food is very popular in ________(west) countries.


Tina: Mum, I _______ feel very well.

Mum: What’s the _______ ?

Tina: I don’t know. I ________ a headache and cough.

Mum: Let me _________ your _________. It’s ________ cold, _________ serious.

Tina: ________ ? But I don’t fell any better now.

Mum: You’d better ________ some ________. Have a good _______ and drink _______ water.You’ll be OK soon.

Tina: OK, I hope so.




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