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外研版九年级M10 U3

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Module 10 Fitness

Unit 3

Language in use

Examples in this module

1. The girl whose mother is a teacher studies very hard. 2. He’s the person whose camera I nearly lost. 3. Are there any rooms whose windows face 由关系词 whose 引导的定语从句。 the sea? 4. The house whose door is painted red belongs to the Browns. whose 是一个常用的引导定语从句的关系 词,它引导的定语从句既可以修饰人也可 以修饰物。 仔细观察 由whose , 以上句子的标红部分是什么成分 引导的定语从句有什么规律? ?

本模块我们学习用whose引导的定语从句: 先试着翻译下面的句子:

他是我们班唯一一个父亲是警察的学生。 He is the only student in our class whose father is a policeman.
引导词 Attributive clause

先行词为无生命的物体时也可以用 whose引导定语从句。如: The book whose cover is green is mine. 那个绿皮书是我的。 No one now lives in the room whose windows are broken. 窗子坏了的那个房间现在没人住。

Complete the instructions for the game, using who or whose. Find someone in the class ... whose 1 ______favourite hobby is watching TV. whose 2 ______favourite exercise is running. 3 ______never eats junk food. who 4 ______wants to go to a sports school. who 5 ______father is a good cook. whose

Join the sentences with whose.

1 Linda goes to a table tennis club with the girl. Her mother is the teacher. Linda goes to a table tennis club with the girl whose mother is a teacher. 2 They went back to help the man. The man’s car broke down. They went back to help the man whose car broke down.

3 Susan was the teacher. Her work had amazing results. Susan was a teacher whose work had amazing results. 4 Daming’s father trains with a man. The man’s son is in Daming’s class. Daming’s father trains with a man whose son is in Daming’s class. 5 Daming knows a boy. The boy’s brother is training for the basketball team. Daming knows a boy whose brother is training for the basketball for the basketball team.

Rewrite the underlined words in the sentences, using the words in the box.
banned improve persuaded tasty train unhealthy 1 Jamie Oliver is a cook whose ideas encouraged persuaded teenagers to eat more healthy food. 2 I think unhealthy junk food should not be banned allowed in schools.

3 If you study harder, your English will improve get better. 4 If you want to join in the football team, train every day. you have to come to practise 5 Jamie Oliver showed teenagers that tasty healthy food can be nice to eat, too.

Complete Linda’s diary with the correct form of the phrases in the box. body give up think about exercise had better unhealthy

Monday I’ve put on so much weight after the exercise summer holidays! I should (1)________ more, instead of watching so much TV unhealthy food … I don’t and eating (2)__________ want to get fat and have health problems. had better So I (3) ___________start a fit

ness thinking about joining programme. I’m (4)_____________ the gym at the sports centre. But I’m really not looking forward to it!

Thursday Guess what? I’ve started enjoying going to the gym! At first, my first whole (5)_______ body hurt, and I felt so tired after gave up my first class, I nearly (6)________! But I knew I would go on.

用适当的关系词完成下面的句子。 1. The house ______ whose windows are broken is empty. 2. The man who/that/whom _____________ Mr Wang shook hands with just now is one of his old friends. 3. The plane _________ which/that goes for Beijing will leave in ten minutes.

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