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2014年春新目标人教版七年级英语下册第一单元第一课时课件7B U1p1

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Unit 1
Can you play the guitar?


play the guitar
—Can you play the guitar?
—Yes, I can. /
— No, I can’t .

=can not

chess /t?es/

What can he/she/they do? He/She/They can ……



speak English



play the guitar

tell stories

A: Can you ……?
B: Yes, I can./ No, I can’t.

play basketball play chess speak English sing

Can you……?
A: Yes……/ No…… Can you ……? .................... My partner *** can ……. He/She can………………. But he/she can’t …… He/She can’t………………

play the guitar swim play tennis play volleyball tell stories dance

play computer games

I can speak English. I want to join the English club. What club do you want to join?

English club

basketball _____ club __________ swimming club _________ club music

_____ club chess

____ art club

story __________ telling club

Match the words and the people.

e 1. sing _____ ge 2. swim _____ d 3. dance ____ f

b dc 5. play chess _____
b 4. draw _____
6. speak English a ____


7. play the guitar g f _____

1b. Listen and number the conversations[1-3].


A: Can you swim? B: No, I can’t. A: I want to join the art club. B: Can you draw? A: Yes, I can. B: Oh, can you sing? A: Yes, I can.

1 A: I want to join the music club.

2a. Listen to these two conversations and circle the clubs you hear.

a. English club b. art club

c. music club
d. chess club e. swimming club

2b. Listen again. Complete the sentences. 1. Lisa wants to join the _______ chess club, but she can’t play ______. chess

Englishclub. He likes to 2. Bob wants to join the _______ English speak _______.
3. Mary likes music. She cansing _____ and _______. dance Bob
likes music, too. They want to join the ______ music club.

2b. Listen to conversation 2 again. Answer the questions.

1.What club does Bob want to join at first? He wants to join the English club. 2. Can Mary sing and dance? Yes, she can. 3. Can Bob play chess? No, he can’t. 4. What club does Bob and Mary want to join at last? They want to join the music club.

English club

music club
A: What club does Lisa want to join? B: She wants to join the … A: Can she … ? B: Yes, she can. / No, she can’t.

art club

chess club basketball club swimming club

? (1) 它是辅助动词帮助说明能力、意愿等 的词,并且它不随主语人称的变化而变化 ? 例如: I can sing. He can swim. ? (2) 变否定句直接在can后加“not”. ? 例如: I can not dance. I can’t dance. ? (3)变疑问句直接把can提前 ? 例如: Can you dance ? What can you do ?

1. I want to join the art club. 我想参加美术社团。 1)club表示“俱乐部”或“社团”。在 英、美等国,中小学校会组织各类俱 乐部来提高学生的兴趣及才能,丰富 他们的文化生活。相当于我国中小学 校中的“兴趣小组”。

2) join表示“参加;加入”,此处指加入 社团或组织,成为其中的成员。

如: join the army 参军 join the Young Pioneers 加入少先队 join the NBA 加入美国的全国篮球协会 join a dance company 加入一个舞蹈团

2. You are very good at telling stories. 你很擅长讲故事。 be good at sth/doing sth…表示“擅长 于……;精通……”,后面可接名词或动 词的ing形式。例如: Mr. Gu is good at languages. He can speak eight languages. 顾先生精通多种语言,他会说八种语言。

Are you good with old people? 你善于跟老人打交道吗? 此处的be good with sth/sb表示“善于应 付……的;对……有办法”。如 The teacher is very good with children. 这位老师对孩子很有一套。

Words: guitar chess dance sing paint speak swim join can’t=can not Phrases: play chess play the guitar swimming club speak English

join the music/art/chess/English club Sentences: What club do you want to join? I want to join the music club.
Can you play chess?

Yes, I can. / No, I can’t.

一、连词成句。 1. play, brother, the, your, guitar, can? Can your brother play the guitar? 2. play, you, the, can, guitar? Can you play the guitar? 3. guitar, sing, the, I, play, can, and. I can sing and play the guitar. 4. to, club, music, join, want, do, you, our? Do you want to join our music club?

二、补全句子和对话。 Can you dance? B: Yes, I can. 1. A: ____ 2. What club does she_____ want to join ? join the guitar club. 3. We want to _____ 4. A: What club ___ do you want ___join? to want to join the chess_____. club B: We_____ A: Can you_____ play chess ? B: No , I ______. can’t 5. She can speak English but she can’t ______ speak it very well.

Make an interview What can your father/mother/brother

/sister do? And write a report.

To preview the new words and expressions What can/can’t you do?

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