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2014年春人教版新目标七年级下册Unit1第三课时课件B U1p3

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Unit 1
Can you play the guitar?

1)What can you do ?

I can swim…

2) What club do you want to join ? I want to join…

Mr. Robbie’s Music Club
instrument 乐器






play the guitar


play the piano


play the violin


play the drums

1a Draw lines to match the words with the


drums ____ 2

3 piano ___
1 guitar ____

4 violin ____
Listen and number the words 1-4 in the order of the sounds you hear in 1a.

Look and say

The teacher wants some students for the school concert(音乐会). What can students do for the concert?

1d Listen and circle the words you hear.
play the violin play the guitar play the drums sing dance draw

play the piano

tell stories

1e Listen and fill in the chart with the

words in the box.
can Bill
play the guitar

can’t sing play the piano sing or dance


sing and play the drums play the piano

***can ______, but he / she can’t _______.


Write questions and answers with the words and phrases.

1.Wu Jun/ speak English/ speak Chinese. Can Wu Jun speak English? No, he can’t, but he can speak Chinese. 2. Mike/ play basketball/ play tennis Can Mike play basketball? No, he can’t, but he can play tennis. 3. Jane and Jill/ dance/ sing Can Jane and Jill dance? No, they can’t, but they can sing. 4. Grace/ play soccer/ play volleyball Can Grace play soccer? No, she can’t, but she can play volleyball. 5.Bill/ write stories/ tell stories Can Bill write stories? No, he can’t, but he can tell stories.

Self check 1 Add more words and phrases in each box.

Music and arts



Other abilities

play the violin sing draw dance play the…

speak English speak Chinese speak Japanese …

swim run play … …

tell stories play games do kung fu write stories do Taiji …

1)What can you do ?

I can swim\ run\sing\paint\dance\speak English\....
art club English club chess club sports club

kinds of clubs

swimming club

music club

2) What club do you want to join ? I want to join art club\.......

二、单项选择 1)She can play ___piano,but she can’t play ____ A
basketball. A. the,\ B. the , the C. \, the D. \, \

B dance . 2)Victor can’t sing _____
A.and A.Can B. or C. but D. so D. don’t

B 3)I can play the trumpet , but he _____.
B. can’t C. doesn’t

4)Jenny can ______, A and she wants to join the music club . A. sing B. swimming C. paints D. play chess

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