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一、 选择题

1、 He says he’s a little ----- when he’s ------ at home .

A. lonely ,alone B. alone,alone C. lonely, lonely D.alone, lonely

2. It is snowing outside .Please ----- more clothes when you go out .

A .put on B .take off C .wear D. dress

3. I have never seen ----- dress before .

A. so a beautiful B. such a beautiful C. so beautiful D. such beautiful

4. Doing eye exercises ------ good for our eyes .

A. are B. is C. will D. be

5. Here is a ticket ----- you ------ the basketball match .

A. for ,forB. for ,to C. to ,for D. to ,to

6 . It’s important ------ more English books .

A .to us to read B. for us to read C. of us to read

7. He followed the boy ------ what he wanted -------in the room .

A. to see , to do B. to see , do C. see , do D. see , to do

8. Don’t argue with her , or she will be -----you .

A. angry at B. mad at C. strict with D. worried about

9. Most parents try to make money to let their children ------ an education .

A. to get B. get C. got D. will get

10. I don’t know if it ----- tomorrow .If it ----- , I will stay at home .

A. will rain ,rainsB. rains ,will rain C. will rain ,will rain D. rains ,rains

11. When I went in ,I found him ------ cards with some friends .

A. to play B. played C. play D. playing

12. --------- it is ! Let’s go to the park .

A. What fine weather B. How fine weather C. What a fine weather D. How fine a weather

13. The food ----- my country is different ------ that .

A .in ,like B. to ,from C. from ,to D. in ,from

14 . We can find ------books in the bookstore .

A. many thousands B. many thousands of C. many thousand of D. many thousand

15. ----Would dou mind my reading English aloud in your room ?



A. Yes ,please B.No ,go ahead C. No ,please don’t D. Yes ,you can

16. The Tv is so noisy .Will you please -----a little ?

A. turn it up B. turn it off C . turn it down D. turn down it

17. I don’t mind if he -----. But if he -------- ,please tell me .

A. comes, comes B. will come ,will come C. will come ,comes D. comes,will come

18. I ------- a flight attendant for two years now .

A. have become B. have been C. became D. was

19 . The population of Shanghai is ------- than -------- .

A. larger ,that of Chendu B. more , that of Chendu

C .larger ,Chendu D. more ,Chendu

20. That’s -----a story for you to read it .

A. so good B. how good C. very good D. too good

21. ----- Have you ---------to Shanghai ?

----Yes ,I have -------there twice .

A. gone ,gone B. been ,been C. been ,gone D. gone ,been

22. The teacher told her students ------ in public .

A .not to shout B . didn’t shout C. not shout D. to not shout

23. You should do your homework ----- you can .

A. as careful as B .as carefully as C.as more careful as D.careful as

24. When I got back home ,I found the door was -----,I forgot -----the door.

A. closing ,to close B. open ,closing C. open ,to close D.closed ,closing

25. Tom isn’t -------the apple on the tree.

A. enough tall getting B. tall enough to get C .enough tall to get D. tall enough getting

26. He has to clean the room ,------- he ?

A. hasn’t B. doesn’t C. don’t D. isn’t

27. Tom will not arrive at the airport on time ------she hurries up .

A. once B. if C. when D. unless

28. I know the name of the girl ,but I’m not sure -------- .

A. how old is she B. where she lives

C. where does she come from D. how tall is she

29. They felt ------- after listening to the -------- music .

A. relaxed , relaxed B. relaxing ,relaxed C. relaxed ,relaxing

30 . Many people are waiting -------- .

A. at doctor’s B.at the doctor’s C. for the doctor’s D. at the doctor 31 .----Would you mind turning down the music ?


---------------------------- .

A. Yes ,I would B. No ,of course C. No ,not at all D. Yes ,I will . 32 .When I was a child ,my parents were strict ------ my study .

A. With B, in C. of D. at

33. He’s gone to Beijing ,----------------- .

A. So is his wife B. So his wife was C. His wife does so D. So has his wife .

34. To -------, I won the first prize .

A. my surprise B. my surprised C. me surprised D. my surprising

35. I tried ---- you last night ,but your mother said you were out .

A. call B. to call C. calling D. to calling

36. He is ------ the school basketball team

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