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九年级英语专题集训 (一)


1. These _______( teenager )like to go out at night.

2. He thinks this is his ______( success) lifestyle.

to the New City bus station?(get)

4. We would feel more _______( comfort ) and that is good for studying.

5. He goes to help the old man _______( one ) a week.

6. We are very ______( sleep ) in spring.

7. I’m sorry ______ (say) that there’s nothing ______ (eat).

all the subjects well.(learn)

9 They told us that Mr. Wu ______ (see) the film before.

10. It is ten years since I ______ (leave) my hometown.

11. You need something ______ (drink), don’t you?

12. Either he or I ______ (be) right.

13. No ______ (smoke) in the hospital, please.

14. He would take out his money and ______ (pay) for the bill.

15 It’s time for rest; let’s stop ______ (have) our lesson.

16. What color do you decide ______ (buy)?

17. The moon_________(get) its light from the sun.

18.---Where is your monitor?”

---He_________(make) a model plane in the classroom.”

19. What new subjects ______you ______(study) next term?

20 The students of Class Four_______ (listen) to a report on science this time yesterday.

21. The rain_________( not stop) yet. You'd better not go out.

22. Before my father got home, I ________(finish) my homework.

23 Listen! Some of the girls ______ (talk) about Harry Potter.

24. — Where is Mr. Green now? I haven’t seen him for a few days.

—He ___________ (go) to Hong Kong.

25. You’d better ______ (not eat) too much meat. You are already overweight.

26. “Titanic” is a very nice film. I ____________ (see) it twice.

27. There ___________ (be) an English Evening next Monday.

28. I spent half an hour ___________ (finish) doing my homework.

29. The teacher told Xiao Ming ___ ___ (not be) late for school again.

30. Please write to me as soon as you ______ (reach) Shanghai.

31. Mr. Le is out. But he ______ (be) back in ten minutes.

32. When the headmaster came into the hall, all the students ______ (stand) up.

33. I hear he likes __________ (morning) very much.

34. I ________ (real) want to see him soon.

35. His mother had a _____ (quickly) breakfast, and went to work this morning.

36. Does the teacher often help you with your ________( homework)?

37. Last night he went to bed later, so he looks ________ (exhaust) today.

38. Did you go to watch any _____ (video) yesterday?

39. ________ (hundred) of people took part in the party last night.

40. They were waiting for the _____ (school) buses, but they didn’t come.

41. He told us a quarter of the world’s population _________ (use) English.

42. We think English is the _____ (popular) language for science.

43. I have two _______ (dictionary).One is English-Chinese dictionary, and the other is Chinese-English dictionary.

44. A: What’s the result of the race, Mary?

B: Jane is the ________ (one) in the race, Barbara is the ____ (two) and I am the _____ (three).

45. The Yellow River is the second __________ (long) river in China.

46. The boy is old enough to __________ (dress) himself.

47. The weather in Beijing is quite ___________ (difference) from that in Guangzhou.

48. I’m very _________ (interest) in that _________ (interest) story.

49. It’s more _________ (convenience) to take a taxi to the station than take a bus, but too expensive.

50. Be careful! Put the secret letter in a _________ (safety) place.

51. Lucy is ______________ (jealousy) of her friend’s beauty.

52. Liu Xiang and Yang Liwei are _________ (hero) in different fields.

53. My father likes French food, while my mother prefers _________ food. (Italy)

54. Kevin is ________ in stamp collection. (interest)

55. Look at these ________! I took them in Paris. (photo)

56. Are there many ________ students in your university? (India)

57. We will consider your _________ later. (suggest)

58. As is _________ to all, the earth is round. (know)

59. —How often do you write English words and phrases.

— a day. (one)

60. We had a great time with the _________in this village. (fisherman)

61. the year before last .(he)

62. Gu Changwei is one of the top __________ in China. (photograph)

63. The people __________ travel all over the world think China is a beautiful country.

64. I can’t say anything __________ moves us deeply.

65. Paper is made __________ wood.

66. The trees can stop the flood from _________ (wash) the earth away.

67. By the end of last term, we ___________ (study) three thousand words.

68. You must practise _________ (play) the piano every day.

69. Edison was a great American ______ (invent).

70. He hasn’t enough __________(经验)for the job.

71. It’s good to tell ___________ (true).

72. You’d better ___________ (not go) to the supermarket.

73.He has a good 75.Mr Smith , would you please speak ? I can’t catch up with you .(slow)

76. I think in bed is bad for your eyes.( read )

77. There are many 78.The scoop is used for something.(scoop)

79.Han Mei used her mother do housework. when she was young.(help)

’t wait for you ,I have many things to do.(shop) 82.When I heard the funny story , I couldn’t83.My teacher spoke of Hai Long.(high)

84.— How do you study for an English test?

—.I study by lots of phrases and reading the important sentences.(write)

85.The abacus in the sixth century by Chinese people .(invent)

86.— — Yes , I saw it last week.

(leave ) .

out the problem .( work )

back by the end of this year. ( be )

already .(cook)

the classroom at 5:30 yesterday.(clean) .

92.There are many CDs about music on these (shelf)

93. On my way home ,I remembered that I

throw rubbish everywhere .(allow )

for your study .(help)

we are , the fewer mistakes we will make.(careful)

99.Can you a little boy ?( dress )

in the morning .(run )

101.Mr Black gave up last summer.(smoke)

102.The who visited our school yesterday are all scientists.(Germany)

the movie. I t is pretty interesting.(see)

104. I’m afraid of at home alone in the evening.(stay)

105.Look! There are many students trees on the hill.(plant)

about her grandma’s illness.(worry)

up to 11: 30 last night.(stay)

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