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一. 动词填空:

1.I______(be not) a middle school student.

2.She ______(be) in Class Six ,Grade One .We________(be) all Young pioneers.

4.Sam and I________(be) in different classes .

5.There _______(be) a map on the wall. There _______(be) some boats in the river.

7.There__________(be) a pencil-box and some books in the bag .

8.There__________(be) two bikes and a car near the house.

9.I can ___________(see) some flowers on the table.

10. You must__________(find) those things.

11. ______ you ________(have) a new watch?

12. Let me _________(see),please. I __________(not have) a watch .

13. I think he ___________(be)back in a week.

14. It's time ___________(play) games.

15. I want ___________(take) some books to the classroom .

16. Could you ___________(take) it to your room ?

17. It's snowing now. We can go out __________ (play) in the snow.

18. ___________(not jump) too high! Would you like___________(drink) tea ?

19. She __________(like) her new skirt .

20. The men ____________(work) near the house now.

21. Look! The teachers ___________(talk) to the students.

22. The best time _________(visit ) China _______(be) Spring or autumn.

23. Can you __________(look) after her ?

24. Don't ________(talk). Jim _________(do) his homework..

25. ----What _________ you _________(do) ?

----I ___________(close) the windows.

Look! The windows are__________(close) now.

26.They __________(like)the kite very much.

27. Where _________ your brother________ (come) from?

28. Bill ________ (stay) at home every Sunday.

29. I can help you ________ (carry) the things. I'd like something ________ (eat).

30. It's better to play computer games than __________(watch) TV.

31. What _______ you _______ (do)? I'm a farmer.

What _______ you _______ (do) now? I'm ______(put) rice in bags.

32. Mike _______ (read) English in the morning.

He likes _______(read) very much.

33. ______ they ______ (speak) Japanese? Yes, they do.

34. Jim _______ (not have) any apples, she wants _______ (get) some.

35. Would you like _______ (borrow) it? Does he like ________ (sing)?

36. ________(live) in the country ________(be) better than living in the city.

37. We _____ (stay) at home on Sundays. He ______ (go) to classes every week.

38. Stop _________(talk). Let's begin our class.

39. ________ he _______ (have) any sisters? She _______ (say) she's late.

40. Where ______ he _______ (work)?

He _______ (work) in a factory near here.

41.When he met his teacher in the street, he stopped________(say)hello to him.

42. She often _______ (buy) things in the shop.We ________ (not want) dear socks.

43. We have no problems ___________(work) it out.

44. Can you ________ (write) a letter in English?

45. Look! Some boys _______ (have) a football game.

46. Where is your father? He ________ (clean) the car.

47. The students have fun ___________(learn) English now.

48. The shop ________ (sell) school things. I must _______ (go) shopping now.

49. _______ (be) there any water in the glass?

50. You must finish __________ (do) your homework today.

51.What ______ your mother _________ (do)?

She _________ (be) a doctor.

52. Look! The children __________ ( play) football in the park.

53. ______ we _______ (go) to the zoo tomorrow?

54. My mother __________ (get) up early every day.

55. He ________ (be) born in 1982.

56. Where ________ you _________ (go) tomorrow?

I ___________ (see) my uncle.

57. _______ you ________ (have) a good time at the cinema last night?

58. I __________ (show)you the photo tomorrow.

59. Why not__________ (go) to the park with me tomorrow?

60. It's very far. You had better__________ (take) a bus.

61. We_________ (help) the farmers ________(pick) apples last October.

62. There was no time for her_________ (open) the box.

63. There is nothing for him __________ (worry) about.

64. Do you enjoy _________ (eat) bananas? What about _________ (watch)TV?

65. The boy is good at _______ (read) maps.

66. What __________(be) the date yesterday?

67. Please__________ (not climb) the tree. It's dangerous.

68. It's 7:00 now. What _________ your parents __________ (do)?

They __________ (read) books.

69. Where _________(be) your father?He_______(be) in the garden.

What________ he ________(do)? He_________ (clean) his car.

70. I'm afraid I may ________ (be) a little late.

71. I'm sorry _________ (hear) that.

72. I think the rain ___________(stop) later on.

73. Let's ___________ (give) her something different __________ (eat).

74. There_________ (be) a meeting next week.

75. All the food __________ (be) on the table now.

76. My mother asked me ________ (help) her _________ (clean) the room.

77. I _________ (finish) it a moment ago.

78. Listen! Who _________ (sing) in the next room?

79. My father __________( work) in the factory three years ago.

80. I'd like __________(eat) some bread.

81. He _________ (not be) at school yesterday because he _______(be) ill.

82. I like_________(swim). So ________ my brother.

83. It __________ (rain) outside. You'd better _________ (not go) out.

84. I __________(give) the book back to you soon.

85. He with his friends usually ____________ (play) football after school.

86. How _________ Miss Gao _________(come) to school just now?

87. Who ________(teach) you English last term?

88. _______ they _________ (go) skating next week? No, they _______.

89. You need _________ (wear) warm clothes in winter.

90. _______ you _________( like) a cup of tea? Yes, please.

91. The farmers are all busy _________ ( pick) apples on the farm.

92. "Stop _________ (talk), class begins now." The teacher says. All the students stop ________(listen) to the teacher.

93.Don't forget ________ (close) the window when you leave the room.

94. ________ the bad weather ________ (last) long?

No, it _______. It _________ (get ) better soon.

95. The day is _______ (get) colder. You need __________ (wear) more clothes.

96. My father wants me _________ (be) a doctor when I grow up.

97. Thank you very much for_________(help)me ________(cook) supper.

98. The best time ________(grow) trees ________(be) in March.

99. When spring comes, flowers begin__________ (come)out.

100. Do you have anything nice _______ (eat)?

101. When_______ you_________ (learn)_________(skate)?

About half a year ago.

102. What _______ you ________ here? (do)

I _________ (read)a story-book. I __________(buy) it last week.

103. Thank you for _________(ask) me to your party.

104. He _________ (break) his left leg in the accident yesterday. His friends _______(take) him to hospital at once.

105. Jeff ________(get)up at seven, but I didn't.

106. Mother told us ___________(not read) in bed.

107. If it ________(snow) tomorrow, we'll take a bus.

108. The rain ___________(stop) in a few hours.

109. I ___________ (read) a book when my father came home yesterday.

110.While I _________ (watch) TV, my mother ______ (cook) yesterday.

111.The children __________ (plant) trees on the hill at this time last year.

112. When she was a little girl, she _________(live) in a small village.

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