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单项选择真题演练 (1)

( ) (1) Mike Jordan is a basketball star. I like______ very much.

A. he B. his C. him D. himself

( ) (2) There are ______ days in a week.

A. the seven B. seventh C. the seventh D. seven

( ) (3) "What's the _________ today?" "It's June 26."

A. day B. date C. time D. hour

( ) (4) "Does Wang Li__________ English well?"

"Sure. She studied it for two years in America."

A. speak B. talk C. say D. tell

( ) (5) Jenny and her parents _____ going to visit the Palace Museum tomorrow.

A. is B. am C. are D. be

( ) (6) Beijing has ___ __many buses that there is often a traffic jam in rush hours. A. so B. very C. too D. much

( ) (7) Look! The boys _______ happily in the river.

A. swim B. swam C. will swim D. are swimming

( ) (8) Linda often helps her mother ________ the housework on weekends.

A. with B. to C. of D. for

( ) (9) E-mailing is much ________ than long distance calling.

A. cheap B. cheaper C. cheapest D. the cheapest

( ) (10) I will let you know about it as soon as I _______ the news.

A. will get B. gets C. got D. get

( ) (11) China_________ the WTO and became a new member of it last year.

A. joined B. join C. will join D. has joined

( ) (12) ______you pass me a pen? I'd like to write down the telephone number.

A. Need B. Could C. Must D. Should

( ) (13) "Why didn't Nick come to school yesterday?" "____________ he was ill."

A. After B. Where C. When D. Because

( ) (14) ________ the evening of May 31, the 2002 FIFA World Cup started in South Korea. A. On B. At C. Of D. In

( ) (15) "Do you know____ ? I'm going to see him." "Sorry, I don't know."

A. where does Mr Li live B. where did Mr Li live

C. where Mr Li lives D. where Mr Li lived

( ) (16) The text is very easy for you. There are _________ new words in it.

A. a few B. a little C. few D. little

( ) (17) This shirt is so nice, but it ________too much.

A. pays B. costs C. takes D. spends

( ) (18) If you finish reading my book, please _________ to me.

A. give it again B. give again it C. give back it D. give it back

( ) (19) John likes walking in the open air. _________.

A. So does Tom B. Also does Tom C. Tom likes also D. So Tom does

( ) (20) You haven't changed your mind,_________.

A. do you B. are you C. have you D. did you

完形填空 :It is a fine Sunday morning. Ann and her mother are on a big bus. There are people on it. Some from America. and some England and Canada. They are all friends. They are going to the Great Wall (万里长城).

5 are two Chinese on the bus. 6 is a woman. She is 7 the bus. The other is a young man. He good English. He is now talking

the Great Wall. The other people are all listening to him. They like the Great Wall. They want to see it 1. A. much B. any C. a little D. many

2. A. is B. are C. has D. have

3. A. with B. of C. from D. about

4. A. her B. his C. our D. their

5. A. They B. Their C. There D. There're

6. A. That B. This C. The one D. One

7. A. riding B. taking C. driving D. carrying

8. A. speaks B. says C. talks D. listens

9. A. with B. on C. about D. at

10. A. a lot B. lot of C. very D. much


Mr. Smith is our Chinese teacher. He always asks the same student to answer his questions because he doesn't look at the students at all. Yesterday he questioned Dick three times. Dick was very angry. After class Dick asked me, "What shall I do?" I told him a good idea. Now we are having a Chinese class. Mr Smith wants one of us to read the text. "Dick, please read the text." "Dick isn't here today." Dick stands up and says. "Oh, I see. you read it, please."

1. Mr. Smith teaches us ___.

A. English B. Maths C. Physics D. Chinese

2. He always asks the same student to ___.

A. translate the text B. read the text C. tell a story D. answer his questions

3. Yesterday he questioned Dick ___.

A. once B. twice C. three times D. four times

4. ___ told Dick a good idea.

A. Tim B. Mr. Smith C. The writer D. "I"

5. Is the idea really good?___.

A. yes, it is B. No, it isn't C. Yes, it does D. No, it doesn't


Dick lived in England. One day in January he said to his wife, "I'm going to fly to New York next week because I've got some work there." "Where are you going to stay there?" his wife asked. "I don't know yet." Dick answered. "Please send me your address from there in a telegram (电报)," his wife said. "All right," Dick answered.

He flew to New York on January 31st and found a nice hotel in the center of the city. He put his things in his room and then he sent his wife a telegram. He put the address of his hotel in it.

In the evening he didn't have any work, so he went to a cinema. He came out at nine o'clock and said, "Now I'm going back to my hotel and have a nice dinner."

He found a taxi (出租车) and the driver said, "Where do you want to go?" But Dick didn't remember the name and address of his hotel.

"Which hotel are my things in?" he said, "And what am I going to do tonight?" But the driver of the taxi did not know. So Dick got out and went into a post office.

There he sent his wife another telegram, and in it he wrote, "Please send me my address at this post office."

1. Dick flew to New York because ___.

A. he went there for a holiday

B. he had work there

C. he went there for sightseeing (观光)

D. his home was there

2. Why did his wife want a telegram from him?

A. Because she didn't know his address yet

B. Because she wanted to go to New York, too

C. Because she might send him another telegram

D. Because she couldn't leave her husband by himself in New York

3. Where did Dick stay in New York?

A. In the center of the city.

B. In a hotel.

C. In a restaurant.

D. At his friend's house.

4. Who would send him the name and address of his hotel?

A. The manager (经理) of his hotel.

B. The police office.

C. The taxi driver.

D. His wife.

5. Which of the following is not true?

A. Dick stayed at a nice hotel in the center of the city.

B. Dick didn't work on the first night of his arrival.

C. Dick forgot to send his wife a telegram.

D. Dick wanted to go back to his hotel in a taxi.

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