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21.---Would you mind my sitting here ?

--No, ______you aren’t noisy.

A. When B. if C. unless D. even if

22. ----I wonder if your sister will go to party?

--If your sister _______.

A. does, so does mine B. does, so will mine C. does, so mine does D. does, so mine will

23.--_________have you been dancing?

--Since five years ago.

A. when B. How soon C. How long D. How often

24. –Do you mind ______the radio a little bit?

-sorry ,I am doing my homework

A. turning off B. to turn down C. turning down D. turning up

25. Alice has to finish her homework now,______?

A. has she B. does she C. doesn’t she D. hasn’t she

26. –Shall we go hiking tomorrow?

-- _______.The radio says it will rain.

A. Sure B. That’s a good idea C. I’m afraid we can’t D. All right

27 I would _______stay at home than _____to see bad films.

A. like, going B. rather, go C. like to, go D. rather, going

28. He found ________easy to do it.

A. it’s B. it C. it is D. was

29. Mike studies in ______university, he has _________unusual professor(教授).

A. a, an B. a, the C. an, a D. the a

30. The story is not _______, he isn’t _____in it.

A. enough interesting, interested B. interested enough, interesting

C. interesting enough, interested D. interesting enough, interesting


Things are different in different countries. If you go to Britain, it is a good i _________ to ask people there about good manners (举止). First of all, you should never talk about t __________ things: money and age .You should never ask how much he is paid for his job, One safe subject to talk about is the w__________ : People in Britain are quite p___________ to talk about the weather. And some people like to hear good words about t__________ dogs or cats.

When a man is walking with a woman, he should always hold a door open for her , and let her go f__________. When a man is walking along a road with a lady (女士),he should always walk near the t_________. And, of course, you should, again, never ask a w__________ age. As Oscar Wilde, the famous writer o_______ said,” A woman who tells you her age will tell you a__________”.

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