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Unit 5 Reading 2



Date of birth Place of birth
Used to be Date of death
Cause of death

4th May 1929
Belgium Ballet dancer Model

20th January 1993

Hepburn’s acting career
Monte Carlo Baby won the Tony Award won an Oscar for Best Actress earned Oscar nominations only one TV series

Roman Holiday Ondine Funny face Breakfast at Tiffany’s My fair Lady Always Gardens of the world with Audrey Hepburn

marked the beginning of her successful career
Made her last appearance in films met a famous writer Colette

Read Para7-8 and answer the questions:
? 1.Why do people also remember Audrey Hepburn as a great humanitarian?
Because she devoted much of her time to Charity

? 2.What awards did she receive for her charity work?
She was honoured with a number of awards, including the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

? 3.How did she die? And how old was she when she died?
She passed away peacefully in her sleep at the age of 63.

feel sad because someone has died has an attractive quality says firmly that something is true the main character at once

has a chance to win an Oscar

Sheonly… is famous not only意为“不但 in the USA, but not but also… …… 而 in other parts of the world. 且also ……” 、“既 …… 又……”, 用作并列连词, 连接 两个相同的成分。
① He is not only an actor but also a singer . not only Chinese but also English ②We can speak______________________________. (不仅会说汉语还会说英语)
③Not only Mrs. Han but also Mr. Shuang are is

friendly to us. He is not only an actor but also a singer .

⑴She sings well. ⑵She also dances beautifully. She not only sings well but also dances beautifully.

People remembered her not just as a great actress, but also as a great humanitarian because she devoted much of her time to charity.

①remember... as...

He devoted lots of time to film industry. People remember him as a comedy actor . She___________________ has devoted herself to It is selfless of the doctor to devote all teaching since she came to the time he had ________ for the patients. this school . ② devote(time,life,oneself) to sth A. care B. to care C. caring D. to caring ③devote(time,life,oneself) to doing

When Hepburn died in 1993,the world mourned the loss of a great beauty.




lose 1.The more you want, the more you _______. lost . 2.You can call 110 when you get ____ loss 3. Qian Xuesen’s death is a great ______to Chinese space science and technology.

As a Grade 9 student, we should ____________ put our effort __________. into study

She had put all her effort into ballet training before she entered the film industry.

training Liu Xiang always puts all his effort into________.

put one’s effort into doing

She had put most of her effort into ballet training before she entered the film industry.

3. 过去完成时: had +过去分词 在搬到这里之前我的叔叔已经在南京住了5



My uncle had lived in Nanjing for five years before he moved here.
她说她已经看过这部电影2次了。 She said she had seen the film twice.

She wanted to remind us that we should protect the environment by showing us the beauty of nature.

It wants to remind us that we mustn’t drive after drinking. remind sb. that What does this picture want to remind remind sb. to do us?
It wants to remind us not to drive after drinking.

She was honoured with a number of awards because of her efforts in this area. Vt. 给予表扬(或奖励) Vt. (=present)
honour/present sb. with

be honoured/presented with

n. 荣誉,奖励

Translate the following phrases:
go beyond 2.把她当作一个人道主义者来记住她 remember her as a humanitarian 3.把她许多的时间都致力于慈善事业 devote much of her time to charity 4.被授予… 5.不久过后 be honoured with… shortly after

Translate the following phrases:
7.吸引某人的注意 8.在很小的时候 during her lifetime

attract one’s attention
at a very young age

10.安详地去世 11.演主角

enter the film industry
pass away peacefully play the lead role

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 1.not only…but also 2. mourn the loss of sb 3. enter the film industry 4. a ballet dancer 5. during her lifetime 6. write a film called… 7. pass away peacefully 8. the beginning of… 9. a number of awards 10. in different parts of the world 11. 把她所有的精力放入 12. 立刻出名 13. 贯穿她的整个演艺时间 14.获得一次奥斯卡提名 15. 扮演…角色 16. 在…岁时 17. 最后一次露面 18. 因为某人的努力 19. 最后一次散步 20. 把她的时间奉献给慈善

? 课课练 ? 熟读课文 ? 整理笔记

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