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film telling beautiful love story

film using pictures or models instead of real people

cartoon film

action film
film about exciting or dangerous events, usually with fights

horror film

film that makes people feel scared

film based on imaginative story about the future

film about life in the western USA, usually with cowboys


a film giving facts about something

a film that is planned to be funny, usually with a happy ending


war film

Types of films
Match the types of films on the left with the descriptions on the right. cartoon action film
horror film ? story about exciting or dangerous events usually with fights ? story that makes people feel scared ? film using pictures or models that appear to move

romantic film science fiction film western

? story about cowboys in America ? beautiful love story ? imaginative story about

the past or the further

Please write down the types of the films under the following VCDs.

action film

science fiction film


romantic film



horror film

选词填空: romantic action horror cartoon science fiction western 1. Kongfu is an _________ action film directed by Zhou Xingchi. 2. Japan is famous for _________ horror films. 3. Cinderella (灰姑娘)is a __________ romantic story. 4. Children usually like _________. cartoons 5. The New King Of West is a well-known ________ western

6. Did you see the ______________film called 4098 science fiction BC.

根据表述指出为何种类型的电影 1. Allen and Sally were classmates at university. After ten years, they see each other again. Do you think they can become lovers? Romantic films 2. The cowboy has just come back from the bar. The man there wants to have a fight with him. Who will be Western films the winner? 3. It is twelve o'clock. Here I am, in front of a dark house. It looks empty. Should I go in? Or should I go back?
Horror films

4.In 2150, Mary travels in a time machine and goes back to 2125. she finds her mother, looking just the same as she is. Can she go back to her world? Science fiction films 5.Alice has invited her friends to her house. Miss Rabbit, Mr Cow and Baby Mouse are there. Of course, there is Grandma Turtle, who is always late. Cartoons 6.Detective Joe is on the plane. When he comes out from the toilet, he finds three men holding a gun. He quietly walks to Action the back of the plane. Can he save the films

? A: What do you think about horror films? ? B: I think they’re awful. They make me feel very scared. They have a bad effect on people, especially children. ? A: What’s your favorite kind of films? ? B: I like comedy films because they are very funny. What about you? ? A: I love action films. There’re lots of interesting characters and a clever plot, and they are really exciting.

Offer some useful expressions: ? Action films: fights in them are terrible. They have a bad effect on people./ exciting ? Car

ton films: very interesting ? Romantic films: tell beautiful love stories ? Horror films: make us feel scared ? Science fiction films: based on imaginative story about the future. ? Documentary films: learn a lot about nature and real-life events.

Discuss how to achieve a balance between films and study.

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