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have a cold.

take one’s temperature.

to one’s surprise.

agree to do something.

be used to. run out. run of.

give up.


too much.

see a dentist.

have a fever. all weekend.

without thinking twice.

get off.

wait for.

thanks to. get to.

get into trouble.

fall down.

put….on something. come in.

be interested in.

take risks. take a risk.

because of.

cut off. make a decision. make decisions. lie down.

get an X-ray.

put some medicine on… play computer games.

take breaks. take a break.

go to a doctor. take somebodyb to the hospital. to one’s surprise.

in time.

have a heat problem.

right away. do the right thing.

play soccer.

a few.

get hit. get sunburned. be used to.

lose one’s life.

run out. run of.

get out of.

be in control of. go mountain climbing.

need to do something.

ask somebody something. agree to do something.

want to do something.

have prblems (in) doing something.

use something to do something. keep on doing something.

see somebody doing something.

expect somebody to do something.

help somebody to do something. help somebody do something. tell somebody to do something. be used to doing something. get used to doing something. seem to do something.

mind doing something.

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