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Unit 5


Period 2 Reading ( 1 )

Where does Eddie think he should be?

Do you know anything about Hollywood?

Angelina Julie ------a famous actress

Tom Cruise ----- a famous actor

Steven Spielberg ----- a famous director

Oscar prize

Audrey Hepburn ------- Hollywood’s all-time favourite

Made in 1953 She won Oscar for her role.

Made in 1957

Made in 1961

Made in 1989

her final appearance

成名作品:《罗马假日》 生前作品:(好莱坞部分) 1953《罗马假日》(Roman Holiday ) 1954《龙凤配》(Sabrina) 1956《战争与和平》(War and Peace) 1957《甜妞儿》(Funny Face) 《黄昏之恋》(Love in the Afternoon) 《绿厦》(Green Mansions) 1959《修女传》(The Nun’s Story) 1960《恩怨情天》(The Unforgiven) 1961《第凡内早餐》(Breakfast at Tiffany’s) 1962《孩子们的时刻》(The Children’s Hour) 1963《谜中谜》(Charade) 1964《巴黎假期》(Paris When It Siaales) 《窈窕淑女》(My Fair Lady) 1966《偷龙转凤》(How to Steal a Million) 1967《丽人行》(Two for the Road) 《等到天黑》(Wait Until Dark) 1976《罗宾与玛丽安》(Robin and Marian) 1979《血统》(Bloodine) 1981《哄堂大笑》(They All Laughed) 1989《直到永远》(Always)

I. Listen to the tape, fill in the blanks as quickly as you can article
? ?

Name: Birth date:

? ?

Birth place:
Nationality: Death date: Death cause: Star sign:



Name: Audrey Hepburn 奥黛丽-赫本 4th, May, 1929 Birth date:


Birth place: Belgium ?Nationality: British
? ?Death

date: 20th, Jan, 1993 ?Death cause: Cancer



Ⅱ.Read the passage quickly and answer the following question. Q: What does the passage mainly tell us?
A: This passage is mainly about the beautiful and meaningful life of a famous and great actress — Audrey Hepburn.

Q: What is the highest award that Audrey earned in all her life?
A: The Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Ⅲ. Read the first paragraph and fill in the blanks. ?The first paragraph is about some i___________ nformation of a famous a__________. ctress
?Many people thought Audrey Hepburn was:

a great beauty, ________________ a great actress, ________________ a great humanitarian ________________

Ⅳ. Read the following paragraphs and fill in the table about the life of Audrey Hepburn.
Time At a very young age In 1951 Shortly after Later In 1989 Her other films The TV series In 1992 What did she do Achievements

Time At a very young age In 1951 Shortly after Later In 1989 Her other films The TV series In 1992

What did she do Learned ballet Worked as a model Acted in Monte Carlo Baby Played the lead role in Gigi The lead role of Roman Holiday The play Ondine The final film Always Funny Face, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, My Fair Lady, etc. Gardens of the World with Audrey Hepburn


Won an Oscar fo

r Best Actress Won Tony Awards

Four more Oscar nominations.

Reminded us of protecting the environment

Devoted her time to charity, The Presidential worked with UNICEF to help Medal of Freedom the needy people

True or False
1.Audrey Hepburn had been a writer before she became an actress. F 2.Audrey met Colette when she was filming My Fair Lady. F 3.Audrey Hepburn won the Best Actress Oscar once. F 4.Audrey won the Tony Awards for the play Gigi. F

5.Funny Face was Audrey Hepburn’s F last Hollywood film. 6.Audrey Hepburn’s achievements were no more than films .

7.Audrey Hepburn acted in a TV series called Gardens of the World with Audrey Hepburn . T 8. Audrey is well known only for her beauty.


From the life of Audrey Hepburn, What do you think makes a person famous?

1.Knowledge is always important.

2.Always work hard

3.Always ready to catch the chance

4.Understand the meaning of difficulty.

5.Always use your head.

6.Always have some helpful friends.

7.Try to be different.

8.Try to stand at a higher situation (位置).

Is Audrey Hepburn only famous?
Audrey Hepburn

She is really a great humanitarian.

She devoted the last few years of her lifetime to charity.
From the life of Audrey Hepburn, What do you think makes a person great?

Audrey Hepburn

?You should know what kind of a person you are and always try to be better and famous. ?You should always be able to and want to help the people in need. ?Worry before the people and enjoy after the people.



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