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2012届安徽省淮北市九年级上学期五校联考英语试卷(带解析) 单项选择

1.There is ______ “u” and ______ “s” in the word “bus”.

A.a, a B.a, an C.an, an D.an, a

2.When we practice speaking English, we often end up _______ in Chinese.

A.to speak B.speak C.spoken D.speaking

3.He thinks watching movies ________.

A.frustrated B.frustrating C.frustrate D.to frustrate

4.In winter, we must pay attention to _________.

A.keep warm B.keep warmly C.keeping warm D.keeping warmly

5.The art club is for members only. You can’t go in _______ you are a member.

A.unless B.because C.if D.though

6.The MP3 ______ too much. He ______ 200 yuan _______ it .

A.spent, spent, on B.cost, spent, on

C.paid, paid, for D.paid, cost, in

7.I don’t know _________.

A.what to do it B.how to do C.what to do D.to do what

8.Don’t put off today’s work for tomorrow. I mean, today’s work ______ today.

A.may do B.must do C.may be done D.must be done

9.He is a person who is easy _________.

D.to get along A.get along B.to get along C.get along with with

10.We think _______ more vegetables _______ good for our health.

A.eating, are B.eating, is C.eating, are D.eatting, is

11.Don’t worry. Think carefully and then you will _________ a good idea.

D.pay attention A.come out B.come up with C.pay for to 12.Children often make mistakes spelling.

A.in B.for C.on D.at

13.The best way ________ English is doing more practice.

A.learn B.learning C.to learn D.learns

14.The wallet must ________ LiLei’s. Look! It has his ID card in it.

A.be B.belong C.is D.belong to

15.-- If someone said ________ about you, would you be angry? --No, I wouldn’t.

A.something bad B.bad something C.bad anything D.anything bad

16.He has ________ all of the money and no one would like to help him.

A.used to B.used as C.used up D.used for

17.The boy pretended _______ when the teacher came in.

A.sleeping B.asleep C.sleepy D.to be asleep

18.I like music_______ I can dance ______.

A.who, to B.that, to C.how, with D.when, with

19.-- Excuse me, you are ________ of my passing through.

-- I’m sorry, here you go.

A.on the way B.off the way C.out the way D.in the way 句型转换

1.She likes doing her homework _______ the radio _______.

A.to, with B.on, with C.with, on D.with, open 完型填空

1.The time in a bookshop can be enjoyable. If you go to a 1_ bookshop, no assistant will come near to you and say, “Can I help you?” You 2 buy anything you don’t want. You may try to find out 3 the book you want is. But if you can’t find it, the assistant will lead(带领) you there and then he will go away. It seems that he is 4_ selling books at all. A story tells us about a good bookshop. A young student _5 a very useful book in the bookshop. _6 it was too expensive for him. He couldn’t get it from the library, either. So every afternoon, he went there to _ 7 a little at a time. One day, however, he couldn’t find _8 from its usual place and was leaving when he saw an assistant signing(示意) to him. To his surprise, the assistant pointed to the book in the desk , “I put it there _9 I don’t want other people to buy it,” said the assistant. Then he 10 the student go on with his reading.

【小题1】 A.good B.bad C.cheap D.rich

【小题2】 A.shouldn’t B.needn’t C.mustn’t D.can’t

【小题3】 A.what B.which C.where D.when

A.surprised B.not C.interested D.not 【小题4】 at surprised at in interested in

【小题5】 A.bought B.found C.read D.took

【小题6】 A.But B.And C.So D.Or

【小题7】 A.look B.read C.watch D.buy

C.the D.the 【小题8】 A.the book B.the shop assistant shopkeeper

【小题9】 A.so B.though C.because D.because of

【小题10】 A.left B.let C.told D.taught

2.A man was walking along the street when he saw a woman struggle(奋力)with a large box. It was half in and half 1 of her car. He was a helpful man, so he went up to the woman and said, “Let me give you a hand with that box. It looks very 2 . ” “That’s very kind of you,” the woman said. “I’m having a lot of 3 with it. I think it’s stuck(卡住). ” “Together we’ll soon move it,” the man said. He 4_ into the back seat of the car and took hold of the other end of the box. He said, “I’m ready. ” And he began to_ 5 hard. For several minutes the man and the woman struggled with the box. Soon they were 6 in the face. “Let’s rest for a minute,” the man said. “I’m sorry, but it 7 stuck. ” A few minutes later, the man said, “Let’s try again. Are you ready?” 8 of them took hold of the box again. “One, two, three!” the man said, and they went on with their struggle.

At last, when they were very tired, the man said, “You are 9 . It really is stuck. I don’t think there’s any way we can get it out of the car. ” “Get it out of the car!” The woman cried. “I’m trying to get it 10 !”

【小题1】 A.in B.out C.on D.off

【小题2】 A.heavy B.strong C.dear D.new

【小题3】 A.trouble B.questions C.matter D.accidents

【小题4】 A.got B.stepped C.came D.walked

【小题5】 A.pull B.carry C.push D.take

【小题6】 A.white B.tired C.red D.hurt

【小题7】 A.goes B.falls C.grows D.seems

【小题8】 A.Every B.All C.Either D.Both

【小题9】 A.ready B.right C.clever D.sure

【小题10】 A.of B.in C.out D.fro 其他


A: Wow! Tina, you have changed a lot!

B: Why do you think so? A: 【小题1】 . But you are very thin now. B: So are you. 【小题2】 .

A: Yes, but now I have short hair. We both have changed. How’s your school life? B: 【小题3】 _. School,home,school,home?every day!

A: I agree. By the way, are you still interested in English?

B: Of course. And I’m doing well in it. 【小题4】 .

A: I have spent lots of time studying it. But I’m not good at it. 【小题5】 .

B: I study by making flashcards, asking the teacher for help, keeping a diary in English

and so on.


1.Basketball is still a young game. It’s over a hundred years old. In the winter of 1891, a certain college was having some trouble with its boy students. The weather was bad and the students had to stay indoors. As they couldn’t play outdoors, they were unhappy, and some even got into fights from time to time.

Some of the teachers at the college asked Dr. Naismith to invent(发明)a game so that the students might have something to play with. It was not easy to invent such a game because it had to be played indoors , and the court(球场)was not very large.

Dr. Naismith thought for a few days and invented a kind of ball game. It was a fast, wonderful game with much moving and passing of the ball. It was played between two teams. To make a score , the ball had to be thrown into the basket ten feet(英尺)above

the floor on the wall. At each end of the court there was such a basket. At first, Dr.

Naismith wanted to throw the ball into a box. As he could not find boxes of the right size, he had to use fruit baskets instead. That is how the game got its name.

【小题1】How long is it since basketball was invented?

A.100 years B.Less than 100 years

C.110 years D.More than 100 years

【小题2】The students felt unhappy because _______.

A.they had little time to study B.they often got into fights

C.they had much homework to do D.they couldn’t play outdoors

【小题3】Who asked Dr. Naismith to invent a game?

A.Some students B.Some teachers

C.Some students’ parents D.Some of his friends

【小题4】When a student ________, he makes a score.

A.receives the ball.

B.throws the ball to another student

C.runs quickly with the ball in his hand

D.throws the ball into the basket

【小题5】Which sentence is right?

A.The students could go outdoors when the weather was bad.

B.It was easy to invent the game.

C.Dr. Naismith had to use fruit baskets to throw the ball.

D.The ball had to be thrown into the basket five feet above the floor.

2.As young students, you have many dreams. These dreams can be very big, such as winning the Nobel Prize; they can also be small, such as becoming one of the best students in your class.

Once you find a dream, what do you do with it? Do you ever try to make your dream real?

Follow Your Heart by Andrew Matthews, an Australian writer, tells us that making our dreams real is life’s biggest challenge. You may think you’re not very good at some school subjects, or that it is impossible for you to become a writer. Those kinds of ideas stop you from realizing your dream, the book says.

In fact, everyone can realize his dream. The first thing you must do is to remember what your dream is. Don’t let it leave your heart. Keep telling yourself what you want every day and then your dream will come true faster. You should know that a big dream is, in fact, made up of many small dreams.

You must also never give up your dream. There will be difficulties on the road to

your dreams. But the biggest difficulty comes from yourself. You need to decide what is

the most important. Studying instead of watching TV will help you to get better exam results, while saving five yuan instead of buying an ice cream means you can buy a new book.

As you get closer to your dream, it may change a little. This is good as you have the chance to learn something more useful and find new hobbies.

【小题1】Your dreams can be very _______, such as becoming one of the best students in your class.

A.big B.small C.high D.low

【小题2】Follow Your Heart is a _______ .

A.movie B.song C.book D.dream

【小题3】What idea stops you from realizing your dream?

A.I can’t be a writer. B.I am good at some school


D.I am the best student in our C.I think I am very great. class.

【小题4】Don’t let ____ leave your heart.

A.your idea B.your decision C.your dream D.your book

【小题5】Studying will help you to get better exam results ____ watching TV.

A.with B.instead of C.without D.by


【小题1】If you want to take English classes, you should pay______ an hour.

A.$8 B.$10 C.$15 D.$18

【小题2】You want to work in a restaurant, so you should


A.Lisa B.John C.Ben D.Sue

【小题3】You can see a new play at Bay College Theatre at________ on Saturday.

A.8:00 p. m. B.5:00 a. m. C.5:00 p. m. D.9:00 p. m.

【小题4】Dave worked in Center’s Restaurant from Monday to Friday last week, 2 hours every night, so he could get______ last week.

A.$8 B.$80 C.$16 D.$10

【小题5】You can help the book sale every day except__________

A.Sunday B.Monday C.Thursday D.Saturday

4.I am Steve. I was born and grew up in South Wales. My favorite

place to play was out on the hills where my imagination had plenty of space to expand (拓展).

My family moved out of Wales when I was thirteen. I went to a new

school. One of my subjects was French. Because I had never learned any French, my teacher told me to sit in the corner and write anything I was interested in. That’s the time I started writing, just for myself, and I’ve been writing ever since.

I have always loved BIG IDEAS, and so I enjoy writing fantastic

stories. And I also write horror (恐怖) I think they are like the old fairytales (童话故事) ,and can teach you important things.

I am in my forties on the outside, twelve on the inside. I like rock music, Indian and Chinese food, and I enjoy drinking. I live in a small village with my wife Mary, ducks, cats, goats, hens and lots of rabbits. If you’d like to find out more about me and hope to buy any books, go to www. showkett. freeserve. co. uk

【小题1】When he was 13, the writer ________.

A.wrote lots of poems B.moved out of Wales

C.sold many story books D.became a famous singer

【小题2】He liked playing out on the hills because he could ________.

A.expand his imagination B.learn French

C.listen to stories D.buy some books

【小题3】Maybe the writer is ________ years old now.

A.12 B.22 C.32 D.42

【小题4】According to the passage, the write keeps _______

A.cats, hens and pigs B.ducks, goats and rabbits

C.hens, rabbits and dogs D.rabbits, pigs and cats

【小题5】From the passage, we can learn that the writer ________.

A.lives in a big city with his B.likes eating Japanese and son Indian food

C.lives in the countryside with D.introduces a nice book to us his wife




【小题1】Today, I want to i___________(介绍) a new student to all of you.

【小题2】What about reading aloud to practice p____________(发音)?

【小题3】Excuse me, sir. Can I see your driver’s l______________(执照)?

【小题4】The air pollution in this area caused the d________(死亡) of many trees.

【小题5】He is t__________(害怕)of speaking in public.



请以If I?为题,从中任选一个话题,写一篇80词左右的短文。




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