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专题一 冠词

一 例题

【2011湖南株洲】21. This is ______ story-book. It was written by Yang Hongying.

A. the B. a C. an 来源:*~&中%^教网[ww~w.zzst@#%ep.&com]

【2012贵州毕节】24. —Who’s that girl? —You mean ______ one with long blond hair? That's Jack’s daughter.

A. a B. an C. the D.不填

来源:zzs^tep%.~com@&]【2012贵州铜仁】21. —Be careful ! There is _____dog lying on the ground.—Thanks a lot.

A. a B. an C. the D. /

【2012贵州贵阳】31. Victor can play ______ piano. He can join the music club.

A. a B. an C. the

【2012福建福州】31. There is no living thing on __________moon.

二 课堂练习

【2012甘肃鸡西市】21. Bill likes playing_____basketball, but he doesn’t like playing_____piano.

A. the, the


A. / B. A B. /, the C. An D. The

C. the, / 来&源中国^%教@育出版网[w@w*w.z&z^step.c~om] A. the B. a C. 不填来%源#:zz@step.*com&] ______ Greens are preparing for the coming Thanksgiving Day. 【2012广西玉林】26. -----What _________bad weather it is today! -------Yes, ________ weather makes me so sad. A. a; a B. /; the C. an; the D. the; a

A.Who; the B.What; /

A. the, the C.What; anD.Who; a 来源中%@#国教育出版&网来源:z~@z^step#*.com]【2012贵州安顺】13. —_____ is your mother? — She is _____ English teacher. 【2012黑龙江齐齐哈尔】21. Bill likes playing_____basketball, but he doesn’t like playing_____piano.

B. /, the C. the, /

【2011湖北恩施】22. —Would you like to have ______ cake? —No, thanks. I’m full.

A. more B. another C. other

【2011湖北恩施】24. ______ girl who will perform at the party tomorrow comes from ______ European country.

A. The; a B. A; the C. The; an

【2012 湖北黄石】26._____new bridage has been built over____Changjiang River in Huangshi.

A. The; a B.A; the C.A; \ D.An; the

【2012湖北十堰】26. –People can’t live without _________________ water. ---Yes, I think so.

A. a B. an C. the D. 不填 来源^:&*@中教网%]

【2012湖北咸宁】21.―What do you want to be in the future, John?

― I want to be _____ fashion designer. It is ______ amazing job.

A. a ; the B. an; a C. a; an D. an; the

【2012湖北孝感】21. -Tina, are you going to play chess on School Day?

学思教育 86238861 86622799 1

-Yes, and I’ll also play violin that afternoon.

A. the; the B. the; / C. /; the D. /; /

【2012湖南永州】21. There is _____ old bridge near my house. A. a B. an

【2012江苏淮安】1. This summer, I’m going to visit Great wall. A. a

【2012江苏连云港】1.—Is Mr. Franco Hollande honest and capable man?

—Yes. And that is why he was chosen president of France.

A. a ; a B. an ; \ C. the ; the D. a ; \

【2012江苏南京】1. -----What do you want to be when you grow up?

A. a B. an C. the D. 不填

【2012江苏苏州】3. In order to find ______ better job, she planned to learn ______ second foreign language. 来&源:@中教#*~网 C. the B. an C. the D. /

A. the;a B. a;a C. the;the D. a;the来源中@^#国教&育出版网

【2012江苏宿迁】1. I often have egg and a glass of milk for breakfast every day.

A. an; / B. a; / C. an; the D. a; the

【2012江苏徐州】1. ―Will the charity show be success? ‖I kept asking myself.

A. a B. an C. the D. 不填

@^网~]来&源:%中国@教育*#出版网 【2012江苏盐城】1. China has area of about 9,600,000 square kilometers.

B. an C. the D. / A. a

【2012江苏扬州】1.It takes us about hour to get to the Yangzhou-Taizhou Airport from Yangzhou by bus.

A. an; a B. a; an C. an; / D. a; /

【2012江苏镇江】2. Helen has ____ lovely pet dog._____ dog is clever enough to bring her newspapers every evening.

A. a ; A B. the ; The C. a ; The D. the ;A

1.My mother is ____ English teacher in a university in Beijing.

A.a B.an C.the D./

三 课后练习

【2012 内蒙古包头】21. For a long time they walked without saying word. John was the first to

break silence.

A. a; the B. the; a C. a; / D. the; / 国教*~育@%出版网[www%.zzst*e@p.co#m~]

【2012 呼和浩特】1. We will see ______ even strong China in ______ near future.

A. a; the B. an; the C. the; a D. an; a

【2012年福建省福州市】31. There is no living thing on _______ moon.

学思教育 86238861 86622799 2

A. the B. a C. 不填

【2012年广东省】26. _____Greens are preparing for the coming Thanksgiving Day.

A. / B.A C. An D. The

【2012 广西桂林】31. — Excuse me, is this egg? ~w&w.zz— No, it’s cake.

A. an, a B. a, a C. a, an D. an, an

【2012黔西南】17. _______girl riding a bike is ________university student.

A. A, an B. The, an C. A, the D. The, a

26. The children stood in_______circle and danced to music.

A. a B. an C. the D. 不填

出版网【2011河南】( ) 21. —Would you like _____red dress as a birthday present, Mary?

— Sorry, mom. I prefer _____orange one.

A. an; an B. a; a C. an; a D. a; an

【2012 山东滨州】21. —Listen! Someone is playing ______ piano.

—Wow! ______beautiful music! I like it very much

A. a; what B. an; How C. the; What D. /; How

专题二 名词

一 例题

【2012湖北随州】21. The _____ often eat grass on the hill.

A. chicken B. horse C. cow D. sheep中国教育出版~*#%@网

【2012贵州贵阳】34. ―What do we need for the salad?‖ ―We need two apples and three ______.‖

A. orange B. tomatoes C. broccoli

【2012贵州毕节】28. —I have ______ in learning English and I’m so worried. Could you help me with it? —Sure, I’d love to.

A. joy B. interest C. trouble D. Fun

二 课堂练习

【2012.安徽省】46. The man tried several times to start the car, and he succeeded______.来源:#中^&国教育出版网

A. in the past B. in the end C. at first D. at once

【2012广东】28. The students of Grade 7 visited Mike's farm and saw many_____ there.

A. bird B. duck C. sheep D. Rabbit

【2012广西玉林】32. The Internet is very useful. We can get a lot of ___________ from it.

A. thing B. message C. informations D. information

【2012广西玉林】36. —What is your favorite food?来源~%:zzs#t*ep.co&m]

—I like ______ best. I had a large bowl last night. 来&源中教^@*#网

A. potato noodle B. potatoes noodles C. potato noodles D. potatoes noodles

【2012贵州安顺】12. Could you please give some _____ to the _____ teachers?

A.advice; man B.advices; men C.suggestion; man D.suggestions; men

版网【2012贵州毕节】22. —Could you please pass me something to eat?—What about some ______?

A. water B. orange C. fish D. tea

学思教育 86238861 86622799 3

【2012贵州铜仁】25. —Could you tell me what’s the ___ of it?— Well, it’s an oval.

A. time B. date C. shape D. size

【2011湖北恩施】21. —How far is it from your home to school?—It’s about twenty ______ walk.

A. minute’s

B. minutes’ C. minutes 【2012湖北十堰】28. Here’s Lucy’s plan for one week during her summer vacation. What kind of plan is this? A. A trip plan B. A party plan C. An eating plan ^te%p.~c] D. An exercise plan

【2012·湖北·武汉】33. If by any chance Peter comes to us ,please ask him

to leave a _____. A.letter B.sentenceC.message D.notice

【2012湖北咸宁】23.─Mrs. Zhang was sent to teach English in a poor mountain village last year. 网@]

─She said she would never forget some pleasant ______while working there.

A. experiments B. expressions C. experiences D. emotions

【2012湖北孝感】24. I think computers are very useful. They can help us get much on the Internet.

A. game B. information C. idea D. message

【2012湖北孝感】25. Several years ago, people knew Yao Ming. But now he is well-known all over the world, not only in China.中国教育出&%版网^]

A. few B. little C. many D. most

【2012湖北宜昌】31. —Do you know the of the Confucius Institutes(学院)around the world? —More than three hundred, I guess.

A. list B. name C. number D. country

【2012湖北宜昌】32. —China is beginning to test the air quality with the new standard(标准)PM2.5.

—Good news! Then the old PM10 standard will be A. out of style B. here and there C. on the way D. in a hurry

.co~m]【2011湖南株洲】22. Bananas, apples and oranges are all ____________. A. fruits B. vegetables C. drinks

【2012江苏淮安】7. Lin Shuhao is one of the best basketball in NBA.

A. actors B. players C. waiters D. writers 来源^:zz&step.co@~m%]

【2012江苏南京】3. -----Could you tell me how to remember new words quickly?

------Yes, I think a A. grammar B. equation C. punctuation D. vocabulary

出版网【2012江苏无锡】1. The action film has attracted millions of young people to the cinema.

A. 130-minute B. 130-minutes C. 130 minute D.130 minutes

【2012江苏无锡】9.— Jason is too stubborn sometimes.— I quite . But he’

s always friendly to others.

学思教育 86238861 86622799 4

A. accept B. argue C. agree D. admire

【2012江苏无锡】12.Man’s understanding of nature is developing . It never stays at the same level.

A. at the right time B. for the first time C. from time to time D. all the time

【2012江苏宿迁】8. —Where can I buy some books, Simon?

—Go to the in the shopping mall in Old Street. You will find many books there.

A. restaurant B. bookshop C. cinema D. library

【2012江苏扬州】4.—Wish you a pleasant journey!— Thanks! I’ll give you a as soon as I arrive in Paris.

A. ring B. hand C. ride D. present 来源#~&:中教网@%]

【2012江苏扬州】5. We all know that paper burns in .

A. CO B. N C. O D. CO

中国^%@教育&出版网【2012江苏镇江】10. - Mr Li was sent to teach Chinese in an American high school last year.

- Yes, I know. He told me he would never forget his pleasant ____ while working there,

A. experiments B. expressions C. experiences D. explorations

【2012江西】27. If you go to visit London, don’t forget your _______ because it rains a lot.

A. passport B. money C. map D. unbrella

10.The ____ of the great book, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, is Mark Twain..

A.theme B.price C.owner D.writer

【2012辽宁大连】6.Liu Xiang won the first Olympic gold ____ in the 110m hurdles for China.

A.medal B.prize C.symbol D.record

【2012年广东省】28. The students of Grade 7 visited Mike’s farm and saw many _____there.

A. bird B.duck C. sheep D. rabbit

【2012 广西桂林】32. My skirt is on the chair.

A. sisters' B. sister C. sisters [w@ww.zzste*p.#%co&m]

D. sister's

【2012黔西南】11. I like ________best of all the vegetables.

A. potatoes B. tomato C. breads D. rice

30. I'd like a _______for dessert. Fruit, you know, is good for health.

A. potato B. banana C. candy D. pie

【2011河南】23. Jennifer takes a lot of exercise every day and she is always full of_______.

A. knowledge B. energy C. change D. courage

【2012湖北黄冈】33. —Jenny and Jane's _____ coming to my office. Can you help to find the girls? —No problem. They will be here______.来@源中国&*教育出版网~][www&.z#^zstep.*c%om]

A. mothers are; in a moment B. mother is; at the moment C. mothers are; right away D. mother is; in a moment

【2012湖北黄冈】39. —The mountain in our hometown isn't very _____.

—I agree with you. Few _____ like to go sightseeing there.

学思教育 86238861 86622799 5

A. touristy; tourists B. touristy; tour C. tourists; touristy D. tourist; tourists

【2012湖北襄阳】26. —What does your father do, Lily?

—He is _____. His job is to make sure that drivers obey the traffic rules.

A. an actor B. a policeman C. a waiter D. a reporter ~]中@国教育%出版~*网

【2012.山东菏泽】2. -What do you call your father’s sisters? -______. 来源#^:中教网~@*] 来源:%中教网#&]

A. Uncles B. Cousins C. Aunts D .Parents 来源:zzs%tep*&.co@m]

【2012山东济南】28. —What’s your favorite fruit? —I like ______ best. A. apples B. broccoli C. potatoes D. cabbages来源:zzs%tep#@&.com^]

【2012山东济南】47. —Mum, 1 am hungry. May 1 have some______? —Of course. But don't eat too much.

A. bread B. noodle C. dumpling D. hamburger

【2012山东聊城】27. —What's your_________? —I like listening to music.

A. job B. age C. hobby D .fan

【2012山东泰安】26. —Would you like some _____? —Yes, a little please.

A. apple B. banana C. orange D. milk

17.It’s a good________ to have breakfast every morning.

A.hobby B.job C.menu D.skill

【2012陕西】24. I’m going to the supermarket to buy some _____ this afternoon.

A. paper and pencil B. apples and bananas C. milk and eggs D. bowl and spoons

【 2012四川成都】33. —Where did you go yesterday, Rick? —I went to see a because I had a cold.

A. teacher B. doctor C. reporter

【2012四川广安】24. —Miss Li, could you give me ______on English learning?

—Certainly. First you should speak English every day.

A. any advices B. many advices C. some advice

A. apple juice; sandwiches

三 课后练习

【2012贵州六盘水】28. -Do you like ? -No. I like blue,

A. orange B. apples C. flowers D. milk

【2012贵州省毕节市】22. —Could you please pass me something to eat? —What about some ______?

A. water B. orange C. fish

—Sure, I’d love to.

A. joy B. interest C. trouble D. fun

【2012贵州黔东南州】23. -What kind of noodles would you like? --__________________________________

A. Mutton and tomatoes noodles B. Mutton and tomato noodles

C. Muttons and tomatoes. Noodles D, Muttons and tomato noodles

【2012贵州铜仁】25. —Could you tell me what’s the ___ of it?— Well, it’s an oval.

A. time

A. trouble B. date B. interest C. shape D. size C. fun 【2012黑龙江黑河市】23. I have great_____ in learning math and I am so worried. D. tea 来&@~源*:zzstep.c^om] and _____? 来源【2012四川凉山】23. —I feel very thirsty and hungry after a long walk. —Would you like some B. apples juice; sandwiches C. apple juice; sandwiches 【2012贵州省毕节市】28. —I have ______ in learning English and I’m so worried. Could you help me with it?

学思教育 86238861 86622799 6

【2012湖南省岳阳】21.Jeremy Lin is the first Chinese-American basketball _____ in the NBA. He is a little different

from Yao Ming.

A. dancer

A. ability

A. sheep B. player C. watcher D. background 【2012山东·东营市】23. The 3rd China’s Got Talent (中国达人秀. B. behavior C. education 【2012山东·东营市】18. Mr. Jackson keeps lots of on his farm. B. chicken C. goose D. pandas

【2012山东日照】23. I didn’t buy the second-hand book because the seller wanted ______ money than I had expected.

A. less B. least C. most D. more

【2012山东日照】22. After school, I had a long _______ with my teacher about my study.

A. talk B. word C. speech D. story

专题三 代词

一 例题

【2012福建福州】32. — Here is a schoolbag. Whose is it?— Oh, it's_________. Thank you.

A. my B. mine C. me

【2012福建福州】38. Mrs Brown is nice. Every day she tried to cook__________for me during my stay in Canada.

A. something different B. anything different C. noting different

【2012福建福州】38. Mrs Brown is nice. Every day she tried to cook__________for me during my stay in Canada.

A. something different B. anything different C. noting different

【2012贵州贵阳】33. It’s polite to take ______ flowers as a gift when you go to visit a friend.

A. little B. any C. some

二 各地中考题

【2012.安徽省】31. --- How is Helen in the new school? --- She is doing very well. There is ______ to worry about.

A. something B. anything C. nothing D. everything

【2012.安徽省】37. --- Whose pen is this? --- Oh, it’s ______. I was looking for it everywhere.

A. you B. yours C. me D. mine

【2012.安徽省】44. --We have red and yellow T-shirts. Which color do you like?

-- I'm afraid______. 1 think blue will be OK.

A. both B. either C. neither D. none

【2012北京】22. The lovely girl is from Class6. ____ name is Alice.

A. Her B. His C.Your D. Its

【2012北京】24. There were only two paintings for sale and he bought ____.

A. all B. any C. both D. some

【2012甘肃鸡西市】26. I’ll take_____of the cameras, one is for my brother, the other is for Jim.

A. either B. both C. all

【2012广东】27. — Which basketball player do you like best, Kobe, James or Jordan?

— of them. Lin Shuhao is my favorite.

A. All B. None C. Either D. Neither

【2012广西玉林】30. ----Sam, who teachers __________Chinese?

---Mrs. White. She has lived in China for years. __________ Chinese is very good.

学思教育 86238861 86622799 7

A. you; Her B. your; Hers C. you; Him D. your; She

【2012贵州安顺】11. Would you please lend me _____ English book? _____ isn’t here.

A.your; I B.you; My C.yours; Mine D.your; Mine

D.some; any 【2012贵州安顺】15. ——Would you like to have _____ coffee? ——No, thanks. I don’t want _____ drinks now. A.any; any B.any; some C.some; some

A. me B. I 【2012贵州毕节】21. P lease give ______ English book to her. C. mine D. my

C. my D. mine

D. his 【2012贵州铜仁】22. My English is so poor, please help________ to improve it.. A. me B. I 【2012贵州铜仁】24 —Where is my pen? —Oh, sorry, I have taken________ by mistake. A. yours B. mine C. hers

【2012黑龙江齐齐哈尔】26. I’ll take ___of the cameras, one is for my brother, the other is for Jim.

A. either B. both C. all

【2012?湖北?荆州】25. — Is your father or mother a teachers?

— A. Both A. Their B. Either C. Neither D. Theirs D. None 【2012湖北十堰】27. Mary and Gina are my cousins. _____________ father works in Dongfeng Company. B. They C. Them

【2012湖北随州】22. —Which do you prefer, a bottle of orange or a bottle of milk?

—______, thanks. I’d like just a cup of tea.

A. Either B. Neither C.Both D. None

【2012?湖北武汉】39. When the Greens moved into the house last week, _____ was at sixes and sevens, so they did a big cleaning.

A. something B. everything C. anything D. nothing[www.@zz^st%e~p.com#]

【2012湖北咸宁】22.―Do you like talking with your friends on the telephone or mobile phone? ―____________. I enjoy chatting on-line.

A. Neither B. Either C. Both D. None

【2012湖北咸宁】30.―Are these CDs ____? ―No, they are not mine. They belong to _______.

A. your; her B. yours; her C. you; hers D. yours; she

【2012湖北孝感】23. I guess Peter and his sister Sally enjoyed at the dancing party.

A. myself B. himself C. herself D. themselves

【2012湖北宜昌】29. —Will you go to the London Olympic Games with your sister?

—Dad can only afford one ticket, so of us has to stay at home.

A. either B. all C. both D. neither

【2012湖南永州】22. With _____ help, we finished our work on time.

A. they B. them C. their

【2011湖南株洲】24. The students are helping the old man clean ______ house now.

A. her B. him C. his

B. he C. his D. himself 【2012江苏淮安】2. Han Han is very popular among the teenagers. We all like ______ . A. him

【2012江苏连云港】5.—Have you bought ______ for Linda’s birthday? —Not exactly. Just some flowers,

A. something unusual B. anything unusual C. unusual something D. unusual anything

学思教育 86238861 86622799 8

【2012江苏南京】2. I think can make Andy change his mind. He is such a person who never gives up easily.

A. something B. anything C. nothing D. everything

【2012江苏苏州】4. — Could we see each other at 9 o’clock tomorrow morning?— Sorry, let’s make it ______ time.

A. other’s

A. nothing B. the other C. another D. other C. something D. nobody 【2012江苏无锡】13. She got up to get some sleeping pills but found there was ______ left at home. B. none

【2012江苏宿迁】3. Peter enjoyed at his birthday party last night.

A. he B. him C. himself D. his

【2012江苏宿迁】11. —Jack, is there in today’s newspaper? —No, nothing.

A. anything important B. something important C. important anything D. important something

【2012江苏徐州】7. — How many birds can you see in the tree? — . All the birds have flown away.

A. None B. No one C. Nothing D. A few

【2012江苏盐城】3. We find impossible for us to learn a foreign language well in a short time.

A. that

B. this B. it C. one C. this D. it 【2012江苏扬州】3.—A latest Yangzhou Daily, please! —Only one copy left. Would you like to have ______ , sir? A. one D. that

【2012江苏镇江】7. – Excuse me, how can I get to Nanshan Mountain?

- Oh, ____ of these two buses will take you there. You must go and take No.3 bus.

A. neither B. all C. none D. both

【2012江西】31. It’s easy to find a good hotel in our city because we have _______ of them here.

A. none B. few C. many D. each

【2012辽宁大连】 4.Lingling and Betty are great. ____ of them have been chosen to enter the maths competition.

A.None B.Neither C.All D.Both

【2012 内蒙古包头】24. As for learning English, students who read a lot can do much better than who don’t.

A. those B. that C. these D. them

【2012年福建省福州市】32. -- Here is a schoolbag. Whose is it? -- Oh, it's _______. Thank you.

A. my B. mine C. me

【2012年广东省】37.-- Both Li Lei and Han Meimei __ fond of the TV program A Bite of China.

---- I am also deeply moved by its stories.

A. is B. am C. was D.are

【2012年广东省】27. –Which basketball player do you like best, Kobe, James or Jordan?

-- _______ of them .Lin shuhao is my favorite.

A. All B. None C. Either D. Neither

27. Don't worry about me. I'm old enough to think for______.

A. himself B. herself C. yourself D. myself

34. Could you record the football game for me? I can watch______ later.

A. it B. one C. this D. that

【2011河南】22. —How was your trip in Chengdu?

—Not so good. 1 stayed there for two days, but it rained on _____of the days.

A. none B. neither C. both D. all

【2012湖北襄阳】33. —Did Liu Ying and Liu Li come to your birthday party, Tina?

学思教育 86238861 86622799 9

—I had invited them, but _____ of them showed up.

A. both B. all C. none D. neither

【2012 山东滨州】26. ______ went hiking last weekend because of the bad weather.

A. Someone B. No one C. Everyone

-No, Mum. My uncle bought me ______ yesterday.

A. one B. it C. the one D. another

【2012山东济南】27. —Is your brother running in the park? —No, __ is swimming in the river.[

A. she B. his C. her D. he

【2012山东济南】36. As volunteers, they should do ______to help the children in trouble.

A. nothing B. Anybody C. something D. somebody

42. There are many flowers and trees on ______sides of the Century Road.

A. each B. every C. both D. all

【2012山东济宁】18. Lily and her sister look the same. I can't tell one from_______.

A.other B.another C. the other D. others

【2012山东聊城】28. —Can I come this afternoon or tomorrow morning?

—____________ is OK. I'm free today and tomorrow.

A. Either B. Neither C. Both D. None

【2012 山东临沂】24. Life is ____ dictionary, we should learn directly from it.

A we B. us C. our D. ours

【2012 山东临沂】28. I asked two people the way to the station, but ____ of them could help me.

A. both B. neither C. either D. all

【2012山东泰安】27. —Can I help you, boy?—Yes. There is ______ wrong with my bike.

A. something B. anything C. everything D. nothing

19.My first teacher,Ms Yao,was very strict with________.

A.us B.we C.our D.ours

22.Lincoln came from nothing,yet he did________ that changed the world.

A.something B.nothing C.everything D.anything

【2012 烟台中考】23. Do you like communicating with your friends on QQ or MSN?

—_____. I’d rather ______ mobile phone.

A. Either, use B. Neither, use C. Both, not to use D. Neither, to use

【 2012四川成都】32. —Peter, is this your pen? —Yes, it’s . Many thanks. I looked for it everywhere.

A. mine B. me C.I

【2012四川达州】25. — Is there in today’s magazine?

—Yes. Premier Wen Jiabao saw “stay-home children” May,25th.

A. anything special; hundreds of; on B. something special; hundred of; at

C. special anything; hundreds; on D. anything special; hundreds of; in

【2012四川广安】23. —Who taught you Japanese?—Nobody. I learned it by __________.[

A. myself B. my C. me

【2012四川广安】40. —When are you going camping? —______today or tomorrow? We’ll be free these days.

A. Neither B. Either C. Both

【2012四川凉山】( ) 28. —Where would you like to go on vacation, Lily? D. Nothing 【2012.山东菏泽】5. -Do you need a new dictionary, Susan?

学思教育 86238861 86622799 10

—It’s hot here. I’d like to go ________.

A. anywhere cool B. cool somewhere C. somewhere cool

【2012绵阳市】17. Everyone in the hall knew me, but I did not know ________.

A. him B. her C. them D. those

【2012四川南充】( ) 27. —Is this your e-dictionary? —No, ______ is in the backpack.

A. mine B. yours C. my

【2012四川南充】( ) 32. They can wear______ clothes.

A. themselves B. they own C. their own

【2012四川自贡】32. Did you find ______ very interesting to play volleyball?

A. this B. that C. it

【2012四川自贡】39. -- Who also did this wonderful job, Uncle Wang?

-- It's A. me B. I C. my

【2012四川雅安市】4. I have some good news for _____. __________ is good news.

A. your; It B. your; They C. you; It D. you; They

【2012四川雅安市】14. I hope I can find ____for my son in the shop.

A. good something B. something good C. many thing D. good anything

【2012四川宜宾】23. —It’s too far. I’m afraid I can’t walk to the square.

—You can ride _____ bike. My aunt’s bike is here, so I can use _______.

A. my; hers B. mine; hers C. mine; her D. my; her

【2012天津】39. They were all very tired, but _______ of them took a rest. A. none B. all C. both

【2012浙江杭州】18.You look worried! Is___________ all right?

A. everything B. something C. anything D.nothing

【2012浙江嘉兴】20. — May I use your calculator? —Sorry. I left ______ at home.

A. it B. one C. this D. that

【2012浙江丽水】20 — Can you come on Monday or Tuesday. John?

-- I’m afraid ___day is possible. 1 will be very busy in these two days.

A. every B. some C either D. neither

【2012浙江宁波】32. — Is this your notebook? —No, it isn't. Ask Bill. He is looking for__________

A. mine B. yours C. hers D. his

三 课后作业

【2012浙江温州】2. Peter is my best friend, He often helps _______ with science.

A. me B. you C. him D. her

【2012重庆市】22. Reading more helps learn better.

A. we B. our C. us D. ours

【2012重庆市】30. There must be wrong with the clock. It doesn’t work.

A. nothing B. something C. everything D. anything

【2012贵州六盘水】26. -Jack ,who helped____ make the m model ship?

-Nobody! I made it all by _______________.

A, your,; my B. your , mine C. you ,myself D. you , mine

【2012贵州省毕节市】21. Please give ______ English book to her.

A. me B. I C. mine D. my

n【2012贵州黔东南州】21. This isn't_____________ football. Tom, You left_______________ at school.

学思教育 86238861 86622799 D. either 11

A. you, your B. your, yours C. yours, your D. your, you

【2012贵州铜仁】24 —Where is my pen? —Oh, sorry, I have taken________ by mistake.

A. yours B. mine C. hers

C. my D. mine D. his 【2012贵州铜仁】22. My English is so poor, please help________ to improve it.. A. me B. I

【2012黑龙江黑河市】26. I’ll take_____of the cameras, one is for my brother, the other is for Jim.

A. either B. both C. all

【2012湖北省荆州市】25. — Is your father or mother a teachers? —______ . My father is a doctor and my mother is an office worker.

A. Both B. Either C. Neither D. None

【2012湖南省岳阳】 29. —What else do you need for your trip? — _____else. I’ve packed everything.

A. Something

A. other

A. I B. Everything C. Nothing D. the other D. Myself 【2012山东?东营市】28. – What’s on side of the hill, mum? --A big lake. B. others B. Me C. another C. Mine 【2012山东?东营市】17. – Who is it? -- . I took this photo when I was 4.

【2012四川省乐山市】31. If you can’t decide which of the two books to borrow, why don’t you take ? I won’t read them this week.

A. all B. either C. both

【 2012四川成都】42. Please keep quiet, everybody! I have important to tell you.

A. nothing B. something C. everything

专题四 量词/数词

一 例题

1.. I'm 13 years old and my sister is 15 years old. So my sister is___ years older than me.

A. one B. two C. three D. four

2.. ________ visitors come to Xingyi during May Day holidays every year.

A. Thousands of B. Two thousands C. Thousand of D. Thousand

3..— How was your weekend?

—Great! It was my grandfather's ____ birthday. We enjoyed ourselves.

A. seventy

A. three five; 1996.

A. five; fifties

二 练习

6..Let me tell you ______news about cellphones(手机)—Apple asks Samsung to stop copying, and hundreds of people lined up to buy iPhone 4S.

A.a B.many C.some D.few

7.May is the _____ month of a year.

A. fifty B. fifteen C.fifth D. five B. seventieth C. the seventieth D. Seventeenth 4. About ____of the students in Grade Nine this year were born in the_____. B. three fifths; 1990s C. third fifth; 1997. D. third fifths; 1990s B. fifth; fifty C. fifth; fiftieth 5.He wrote his ______ novel when he was ______.

学思教育 86238861 86622799 12

8.A_____girl named Dong Xinyi looked after her disabled father.

A. three-year-old B. three-years-old C. three years old

9.. —Our school is going to hold the Culture Festival. —I see. And we can take part in activities.

A. tenth; tenth B. ten; tenth C. tenth; ten D. ten; ten

10.—The volunteers sent books to a mountain village school on Children’s Day.

A. two hundreds of B. two hundred of C. two hundreds D. two hundred

11.. The chairperson received about three ______ applications to join the Bird watching Club.

A. hundred B. hundreds of C. hundred of

A. 130-minute B. 130-minutes D. hundreds D.130 minutes 12.. The action film has attracted millions of young people to the cinema. C. 130 minute

people come and visit it every term.

A. hundred B. hundreds C. hundred of D. hundreds of

14. ——All right. A. much B. many C. little D. few

15. Some word puzzles in this book are ____ difficult that _____ students can solve them.

A. such; few B. such; little C. so; few D. so; little

16.. --- how was your weekend? ---- Great! It was my grandfather’s _______ birthday. We enjoyed ourselves.

A. seventy B. seventieth C. the seventieth D. seventeenth

17.. —Do you know that there are many different _____ animals in the zoo?

—Yes, I do. And I also know that some of them are _____ scaring.

A. kinds of; kind of B. kinds of; kinds of C. kind of; kinds of D. kind of; kind of

18.I am very thirsty. Could you please give me ______ water?

A. some B. little C. many D. other

19.. Please turn to page __________ and look at the ____________ picture in this unit.

A. twentieth; one B. twenty; one C. twentieth; first D. twenty; first

20. Did you know that the earth is home to _____animals?

A million B. millions C. million of D. millions of

21.Between the two hills _____a deep river. A. are B. have C. has D. is

22. Some scientists think it will take of years to make robots do most work for humans.

A. hundreds B. hundred C. thousand

23. — Is there —Yes. Premier Wen Jiabao saw home children‖ May,25th.

A. anything special; hundreds of; on B. something special; hundred of; at

C. special anything; hundreds; on D. anything special; hundreds of; in

24.. —Guang’an is a beautiful city, isn’t it? —Yes. There are about two ______ visitors here every week.

A. thousands of B. thousands C. thousand

25. There are ___teachers in our school, _____of them are women teachers.

A. two hundreds; three fourth B. two hundred; three fourths C. two hundred; three forths

26. I think ______ should not be allowed to drive.

A. sixteen years old B. sixteen –year-old C. sixteen-year-olds

27.. -- I hear your friend is visiting San Ya again. Is it the second time for him?

-- Yes, and he will come for time next spring.

A. a third B. a second C. the third

28.. -- How soon can you finish this job? -- Two days enough for me to finish the work. I need a week.

学思教育 86238861 86622799 13

A. isn't B. aren't C. is

29.. -- Jackie Chan has donated dollars to charity.

-- He is an example to us all. A. thousand B. thousands of C. thousand of

三 课后作业

30. If a = 3 and b = 4, what’s the answer to the problem: a + b + 1 = ? The answer is ______.

A. twelve B. nine C. eight D. seven

31. —Would you like to have _____ apples? —No, thank you.. I’ve had enough.

A. other two B. another two C. more two D. two others

32..We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen________we speak.

A. as twice much as B. twice an much as C. as much as twice

A. Few B. Many C. much D. little

week and Tuesday js - day of' the week.

A. seven ,third B. seven ,the third C. seventh ,three D. the seventh, three

35. There ____ twelve months in a year. September is the_____________ month.

A. are, ninth B. is, ninth C. are, nineth D. is, nineth

36.About ____of the students in Grade Nine this year were born in the_____.

A. three five; 1996. B. three fifths; 1990s

A. three-year-old C. third fifth; 1997. D. third fifths; 1990s C. three years old 37.. A_____girl named Dong Xinyi looked after her disabled father. B. three-years-old

38.. In order to finish the project, we’ll have to work hours a day.

A. more two B. two more C. two another D. as much twice as 33.. My cousins have collected stamps for two years." They have ______ stamps from different countries.

专题五 形容词副词的比较级和最高级

一 例题

【2011哈尔滨】1. English people can’t give up hamburgers or fried chicken because they’re delicious. However, the French are changing. They aren’t interested in food like before

A. Fast B. Healthy C. Natural

【2011呼和浩特】2. ----Wha t do you think of Tom’s speaking?----No one does in our class.

A. Good B. Better C. Well D. Best

【2011四川达州】3.—Up to now the Chinese Communist Party(中国共产党)has nearly history.

—Yes, it was founded July 23rd, 1921.

A. 90 years; at B. 90-year; in C. 90-years; of D. 90-year; on

4. The bag of rice is ___ heavy for Tom to carry. Let’s go and help him.

A. Too B. So C. Very

【2011?广西柳州】5.I am glad to see you.

A. Happy B. Sad C. old

6. 【2011?广西柳州】The girl can run very fast.

A. Quickly B. Slowly C. Quietly

7. 【2011?广西柳州】He did the work all by himself.

A. Already B. Together C. Alone

【2011雅安】8. The woman is very busy so she ________ watches TV.

学思教育 86238861 86622799 14

A. Often B. Always C. Seldom D. almost

【2011广东深圳】9. — The doctor told me____ too much but I find it difficult.

— The doctor is right. The less you drink, ______ you will be.

A. don’t drink; the healthier B. not to drink; the healthier

C. not to drink; the more healthier D. don’t drink; healthier

【2011广西南宁市】10. Oxford University is _______ with tourists for its beautiful old buildings.

A. Different B. Famous C. Special D. popular

【2011广西南宁市】11. Mrs Smith has a cute baby. It often smiles at people ________.

A. Friendly B. Lovely C. Happily D. lively

【2011雅安】12.—Which month has ______ days in a year?—February.

A. Few B. Little C. the least D. the fewest

【2011雅安】13. His grandparents live ____ in a small house, but they don’t feel _______.

A. lonely; alone B. alone; lonely C. lonely; lonely D. alone; alone

二 英语中考考纲基础知识练习


1.I’m shortsighted and I can’t see the words on the notice board ____.

A, clear B, clearly C, carefully D, good

2.Jean works hard but she doesn’t work ____ Mary.

A, as harder than B, as hard than C, as harder as D, as hard as

3.This is ____ book in our library.

A, the most interesting B, most interesting C, the more interesting D, more interesting

4.Do you think maths is ____ important than English?

A, very B, as C, more D, quite

5.They got a Christmas tree and it was ____ ours.

A, so tall as B, so taller as C, as tall as D, as taller as

6.Tom failed in the exam. He looked ____.

A, happy B, sadly C, upset D, lovely

7.A taxi doesn’t run as ____ as an underground train.

A, fast B, faster C, fastest D, more fast

8.Yangpu Bridge is one of ____ in the world.

A, bigger bridge B, the biggest bridge C, the biggest bridges D, bigger bridges

9.‖I’ve got an A for my history,‖ Judy said ____.

A, sadly B, sad C, happily D, happy

10.I think the song in the film ―Titanic‖ is ____ one of all the movie songs.

A, the most beautiful B, most beautiful C, a beautiful D, much more beautiful

11.The little baby looks ____.

A, lovely B, carefully C, heavily D, sadly

12.Her cousin can draw ____ an artist.

A, as well as B, not so well as C, as better as D, as good as

13.Jinmao Tower is ____ building in Shanghai.

A, high B, tall C, highest D, the tallest

14.30,000 dollars is a large amount of money, but it’s ____ than we need.

学思教育 86238861 86622799 15

A, far more B, very much C, far less D, very little

15.Mr Smith thought the Century Park was the second ____ in Shanghai.

A, large B, larger C, largest D, very large

16.I think Yao Ming, the famous basketball player, will be ____ new star in NBA.

A, hot B, hotter C, hottest D, the hottest

17.Shanghai Waihuan Tunnel is already open to traffic, so it will take us ____ time to go to Pudong International Airport. A, a few B, fewer C, a little D, less

18.A: What delicious cakes! B: They would taste ____ with butter.

A, good B, better C, bad D, worse

19.Among all the teachersin this school, Miss Tao is one of ____.

A, young B, younger C, the youngest D, the most young

20.Thanks to Mrs Lin! With her help, we finished our work an hour ____.

A, late B, later C, early D, earlier

21.The light music sounded very ____. I enjoyed every minute of it.

A, well B, beautiful C, wonderfully D, boring

22.A: In our English study reading is more important than speaking, I think.

B: I don’t agree. Speaking is ____ reading.

A, as important B, so important as C, the most important D, the same as

23.A: Mum, the Chinese medicine tastes so ____. I don’t want to take it.

B: But, dear, it is good for you.

A, good B, terribly C, terrible D, well

24.Where is today’s newspaper? Is there ____ in today’s newspaper?

A, important something B, something important C, important anything D, anything important

25.Simon looks ____ today and smiles ____ all the time.

A, happy, happy B, happily, happily C, happy, happily D, happily, happy

26.It’s ____ to send an e-mail than a regular mail.

A, much more quickly B, quick C, more quickly D, much quicker

27.The price of these dictionaries is ____ than before.

A, much cheaper B, more expensive C, much higher D, more higher

28.Bob has ____ to tell you.

A, something important B, anything important C, important something D, important nothing

29.She is looking ____ at her lovely son. A, happy B, happily C, happiness D, happier

30.The old soldier lived all by himself. Even though he was ____, he was not ____ at all.

A, alone, lonely B, alone, alone C, lonely, alone D, lonely, lonely

三 课后作业

1.The turcky tastes ____ the chicken.

A, as better as B, much better than C, as well as D, the best to

2.I like Chinese because it sounds ____.

A, wonder B, wondering C, wonderful D, wonderfully

3.E-mailing is much ____ than long distance calling.

A, cheap B, cheaper C, cheapest D, the cheapest

4.Your advice sounds ____. We’ll all take your advice.

学思教育 86238861 86622799 16

A, well B, carefully C, wonderful D, correctly

5.Nick didn’t do very ____ in the final exam, but his scores are ____ than last year’s

A, good, better B, bad, worse C, well, worse D, well, better

6.The sand-storm from the north yesterday seemed to become ____ in recent years.

A, bad B, badly C, the worse D, worse

7.The leading actor felt ____ when he saw a lot of people cheering him.

A, happy B, happily C, angrily D, lovely

8.If you decide on the date to leave Shanghai, please tell me ____ possible.

A, as fast as B, as quickly as C, as swiftly as D, as soon as

9.The price of the flats in the housing estates (住宅区) located in the center of Shanghai must be very ____. A, big B, huge C, high D, expensive

10.People prefer to send e-mail than to post letters because e-mail are much ____ than letters.

A, fast and convenient B, faster and convenient C, fast and more convenient D, faster and more convenient

11.He hasn’t got a very ____ voice, but he sings very ____.

A, good, well B, good, good C, well, well D, well, good

12.The Mars is far ____ to us than the Pluto (冥王星). We wish we could live on it one day.

A, close B, closer C, closest D, the closest

13.Nowadays, more and more people do enough excise to keep their ____ well.

A, healthy B, health C, unhealthy D, healthily

14.The girl looks as ____ as a film star.

A, lovely B, beautifully C, carefully D, swiftly

15.In the exam, the ____ you are, the ____ mistakes you’ll make.

A, carefully, little B, more careful, fewer C, more careful, less D, more carefully, fewer

16.The turkey smelt ____ the chicken wings.

A, as delicious as B, as deliciously as C, much delicious than D, more deliciously than

17.Our class teacher looked ____ and said to us ____. ―Stop talking.‖

A, angry, angry B, angrily, angry C, angrily, angrily D, angry, angrily

18.Canada, Australia and New Zealand are ____ countries.

A, English-spoken B, spoken-English C, English-speaking D, speaking-English

19.The room wasn’t ____ for the doctor to operate on the lady.

A, quite a clean B, enough clean C, clean enough D, much a clean

20.A: My CD is seven yuan. What about yours?

B: Only five yuan. It’s ____ than yours.

A, less B, cheaper C, lower D, smaller

21.The food not only looks nice but also smells ____.

A, good B, well C, lovely D, delicious

22.Jane has a ____ voice. She sang ____ at the party last night.

A, good, beautiful B, wonderful, beautifully C, well, nicely D, sweet, great

23.Are you ____ to reach the picture on the top of the blackboard?

A, very tall B, so tall C, too tall D, tall enough

24.I like ____ fruits ____ peaches and apples.

A, so, as B, as, as C, such, as D, many, as

学思教育 86238861 86622799 17

25.She is feeling ____ better than before.

A, much, more B, far C, even more D, more

26.Is Mr Smith ____ the man?

A, so strong as B, more strong than C, stronger than D, much stronger as

27.Tom looked ____ when he heard the good news.

A, happily B, upset C, happy D, luckily

28.Please listen as ____ as possible so that you won’t make any mistakes.

A, careful B, much carefully C, more carefully D, carefully

29.In my opinion, the Summer Palace looks ____ than Bei Hai Park.

A, beautiful B, more beautiful C, beautifully D, more beautifully

30.It ____ for him to recite the text.

A, seems easy B, seems easily C, seem easy D, seem easily

专题六 介词

一 例题

【2012福州】1. Bill has made great progress _______the help of his teachers. A. for B. with C. under

【2012贵州】2. Her mother goes to work ______

A. by B. at C. on bus every morning. D. in

【2012贵州】3. Linda is not good at Chinese, but she passed the exam ______ the help of her classmates.

A. with B. under C. without

【2012.安徽】4. --- Tom isn't feeling very well. --- He seems to have a cold _____ the weather changes suddenly.

A. before B. so C. because D. though

【2012.安徽】5. Welcome to our hotel! I hope you'll have a good time ____ your stay here.

A. after B. during C. with D. since

二 各地中考题

【2012北京】6.—Is your father home? —No,he's working late ____ the office.

A. on B. at C. of D. to

【2012广东】7. — Why are you standing, Alice?— I can't see the blackboard clearly. Two tall boys are sitting me.

A. behind B. next to C. between D. in front of

【2012广西】8. Don't waste water. Water is very important and no one can live __________it.

A. without B. with C. except D. besides

【2012贵州】9. I like going to school _____my bike. A.in

A. are; with B. is; with C. are; to D. is; to

【2012?湖北】11. — I've shown you all the interesting and important places of our school.

— Thank you for ________ so much time.

A. taking B. spending B. covered with C. costing C. used for D. having 【2012湖北】12. ---The box is too heavy to carry. What's in it? ---Oh, it is ___________ books. A. filled with D. asked for

【2012湖北】13. After a lot of training, Liu Xiang ______ many difficulties. And he is at the top of this game now. B.on C.by D.at 【2012 湖北】10.Which would you prefer, orang juice or coffer? Either ______OK, but I prefer coffee ____milk.

学思教育 86238861 86622799 18

A. made of B. heard of C. came over D. got over

【2012湖北】14.Don't worry! I'm sure you'll_____ your classmates if you are kind and friendly to them.

A. catch up with B. get on well with C. agree with D. be strict with

【2012武汉】15. -When was David born? -He was born June 12,1989.

A. At B. in C. on D. for

【2012湖北】16.― I think drinking milk every morning is good _________ our health.

―Yes. I agree ________ you.

A. to; to B. with; to C. at; with D. for; with

【2012湖北】17. The two kids practice spoken English joining the English club.

A. by B. in C. on D. with

【2012湖北】18. — ________ the doctors, the most beautiful teacher Zhang Lili is out of danger.

—We wish her to live a healthy and happy life in the future.

A. In front of B. Thanks to C. As for D. Across from

【2012湖南】19. It's nice of you _______ help me with my maths. A. help B. helping C. to help

【2012江苏】20. On the way ________ the mountain village, we found the local houses different from ours.

A. to B. by C. at D. on

【2012连云港】21.—Jack, is maths difficult to learn in high school?

—Sure. No subject can be learned well

A. without B. through C. by D. with

【2012南京】22. A YOG volunteer team mostly university and middle school students. They will mainly provide languages voluntary services.

A. consists of B. belongs to C. thinks of D. leads to

【2012南京】23. My father has a habit of jogging ______ the Jinchuan River for an hour in the morning .

A. between B. along C. over D. through

【2012江苏】24. Yesterday I downloaded a new program ______the Internet. Now I can watch TV and movies ______ my computer.

A. from;on B. with;in

A. past C, in;with D. on;from C. over D. through 【2012江苏】25. Don't drive so fast! We must slow down when we drive _____the tunnel. B. across

【2012江苏】26. — The charity walk begins ________ 9.00 a. m. Don't be late. —No problem.

A. in B. at C. on D. to

【2012江苏】27. The 30th London Olympic Games will begin _______ 27th July 2012.

A. in B. on C. at D. for

【2012江苏】28.—Jack, you seem to be ________ .—Yes. It's 8:20 now and my train leaves in ten minutes.

A. in a hurry B. in fear C. in safety D. in silence

【2012江苏】29. The 2012 London Olympic Games will soon start ____ the coming July.

A. on B. in C. at D. to

【2012大连】30.Project Hope has built many schools ____ big classrooms and libraries.

A. in B. of C. for D. with

【2012 包头】31. His grade in the exam put him the top students in his class.

A. between B. over C. among D. above

【2012 呼和浩特】32. The accident happened ______ 7 p. m. ______ 9 p. m..

学思教育 86238861 86622799 19

A. from; to B. between; to C. from; and D. between; and

【2012福州】33. Bill has made great progress ______ the help of his teachers.

A. for B. with C. under

【2012广东】34______ an Englishman, John is looking forwards ______the 2012 Olympic Games.

A. Of; in B. With; for C. For; at D. As; to

【2012广东】35. — Why are you standing, Alice? —I can't see the blackboard clearly. Two tall boys are sitting ____me.

A. behind . B. next to C. between D. in front of

【2012 桂林】36. — Look at that photo, what a happy family!

A. at B. for C. of D. in — Yes, it's a photo_______ my family.

【2012黔西南】37.—What about ________ a rest? —OK! Let's go for a walk.

A. to have B. had C. have D. having

38. We can be thankful every day, not just_______ Thanksgiving Day.

A. in B. on C. to D. by

【2012河南】 39. —I left my keys in the room yesterday. I had to get in_______ the window.—It's dangerous to do that.

A. in B. through C. over D. to

【2012黄冈】40. —Sandy, I called you at 9:00 last night, but nobody answered the phone

—I'm sorrry. We _____ a birthday party _____ Jerry.

A. had; with B. were having; for C. are having; for D. had; for

【2012黄冈】41. —Do you believe that paper is made _____ wood?.

—Yes, I do. And you can see that books are made____ paper.

A. from; from B. from; of C. of; from D. of; of

【2012湖北】42. —What does your father think of your school report this term?

—The smile on his face shows he is _____ what I did in my study.

A. worried about B. sorry for C. angry with D. pleased with

【2012湖北】43. —Do you prefer classical music _____ pop music?—Pop music, I think.

A. to B. or C. than D. for

【2012 山东】44.—______ the afternoon of June 2nd, many foreigners arrived ______ Shanghai.

A. In; at B. On; to C. In; in D. On; in

【2012.山东】45. -What does your new English teacher look like? -She is a pretty lady______ long hair.

A. at B. for C. with D. of

【2012济南】46.—Thanks ______ joining the Talk Show! —You're welcome.

A. by B. on C. of D. for

【2012山东】47.Sam likes trekking ____ the jungle, because he thinks it's exciting.

A.over B. under C. across D. through

【2012山东】48. The 30th Olympic Games will be held in London ______ about six weeks this year.

A. at B. on C. after D. in

【2012 山东】49. English is my favorite subject, and I am good _____it. A. for B. to C. at D. of

【2012山东】50. The accident happened _______ a cold winter early morning. A. in B. at C. on D. for

51.No one can be successful ________ hard work. A.through B.for C.with D.without

【2012陕西】52. —Who did you go to the movie______?—Nobody. I went a alone.

A. with B. about C. for D. from

【 2012成都】53. Tom usually goes fishing ________ Sunday morning. A. at B. on C. for

学思教育 86238861 86622799 20

【2012四川】54. — Is there _______ in today's magazine?

—Yes. Premier Wen Jiabao saw ______ ―stay-home children‖ _______ May,25th.

A. anything special; hundreds of; on B. something special; hundred of; at

C. special anything; hundreds; on D. anything special; hundreds of; in

【2012四川】55. —When did he leave for China?—_______ a sunny morning. A. In B. At C. On

【2012绵阳】56. Linda has bought a large house ________ a swimming pool. A. with B. in C. on D. from

【2012四川】57. I think it's not polite to laugh ______ others. A. in B. at C. over

【2012四川】58. Practicing in groups is good ______ us to learn English.

【2012南充】60. Our teachers are very strict ______ us. A. with A. at B. in C. on

B. from C. across C. for 【2012四川】59. It's quite exciting ______ me ______ the Internet. A. for; surf B. to B. for; to surf C. for; for surf 【2012四川】61. Tony and I are good friends. We usually learn a lot ____ each other. A. of

A. in B. for C. with D. to 62. —Would you please show me the way _________ the bank? —Yes, go straight ahead. It's opposite a school.

【2012浙江】63. It is really cool to realize your dream_____ great effort. A. through B. of C. till D. about

【2012浙江】64 People from different parts of the world will go to London ____the Olympic Games this summer .

A.in B. from C. to D. for

【2012浙江】65. Parents enjoy any progress their children have made and will feel __________ them.

A. angry with B. interested in C. proud of D. worried about

【2012浙江】66. Steve Jobs was born_______ 1955 and died last year. A on B. to C . at D. in

【2012重庆】67. My friend, Henry was born _________ June 10, 1997. A. in B. on C. at D. for

【2012贵州】68. -How do you learn English words? __________ making flashcards.

A. To B. By C. For D. With

三 课后作业

【2012贵州】69. Her mother goes to work ______ bus every morning. A. by B. at C. on D. in

【2012贵州】70. We can't pass the exam, _____we study hard. A. because B. and C, unless D. or

【2012贵州】71. Yao Ming is famous________playing basketball. A, to B. as C, for D. between

【2012湖北】72. — I've shown you all the interesting and important places of our school.

— Thank you for so much time. A. taking B. spending C. costing D. having

【2012湖南】73. —What do you think of Zhou Libo? —I think he does well ____ talk shows. Many people like him.

A. in B. on C. at

【2012山东】74. It's very convenient ________ us to buy train tickets now because we can buy them either from the station or on the internet. A. to

A. in B. on C. for B. of C. by D. for 【2012山东】75. I gave up the piano lessons because I have so much homework to do, but it's _______ my own wishes. D. against

【2012四川】76. —It's a top secret. —Yes, I see. I will keep the secret __________ you and me.

A. with B. among C. between 专题七 连词

一 例题

【2012山东济南】29· —Did you have a good time at the party?—Yes. We sang ______danced until late at night.

学思教育 86238861 86622799 21

A. but B. if C. and D. so

【2012山东济南】39. Lin Shuhao is ______famous ______ all the basketball fans in China know him.

A. too, to B. enough, to C. so, that D. as, as

【2012山东济宁】25.I won't take part in Julie's birthday party ________I am invited.

A.unless B.after C.because D.if


【2012北京】30. There are no buses, ____ you’ll have to walk.

A. so B. or C. but D. for

【2012甘肃鸡西市】24. We must get up at 7:00 tomorrow morning, _____we will be late for the meeting.

A. and B. or C. but

【2012广东】33. Ben was busy taking a training class, _____we had to wait for him for half an hour.

A. so B. if C. or D. But

【2012广西玉林】29. ___________he exercises every day, ____________ he is very healthy.

A. Because; so B. Because; through C. Because; / D. Though; /

【2012贵州安顺】21.Hurry up, ____ finish your homework!

A.or B.but C.and D.while

【2012贵州铜仁】35.The bus driver always says to us ,―Don’t get off________ the bus stops.‖

A. when B. while C .until D. if

【2012黑龙江齐齐哈尔】24. We must get up at 7:00 tomorrow morning, _____we will be late for the meeting.

A. and B. or C. but

【2011湖北恩施】27. The boy is ______ clever that everybody ______ him.

A. such; likes B. so; likes C. so; like

【2012·湖北·荆州】29. — When shall we leave for China?— We won’t we have visited all the places of interest here.

A. until B. while C. as D. since

【2012湖北十堰】30. ________ he is only 12, he often goes to the old people’s home to perform plays for the old people as a volunteer.

A. If B. Since C. Though D. Because

【2012湖北孝感】36. Though the old man didn’t have enough money, he gave a thousand yuan to the charity.

A. / B. and C. but D. or

【2012湖北宜昌】34. —Where are you going for the coming winter camp?

—I won’t decide on the place the end of this month.

A. until B. unless C. though D. through

【2012湖北宜昌】39. —I want to find a partner to practice roller skating.

—My friend Fred is a person may help you a lot.

A. which B. so C. who D. and

【2012湖南永州】29. I have been collecting stamps _____ I was nine years old.

A. before B. if C. since

【2012江苏淮安】10. the great teacher Zhang Lili was in hospital, many people hoped she would get better soon.

A. If B. Until C. Before D. After

【2012江苏淮安】13. We just need one of you for the game. you your brother can join us.

学思教育 86238861 86622799 22

A. Both; and B. Neither; nor C. Either; or D. Not only; but also

【2012江苏连云港】11. A lot of famous doctors gathered in Harbin save ―China’s most beautiful teacher‖—Ms Zhang Lili.

A. so that B. in order to C. in order that D. as a result

【2012江苏苏州】6. It was ______ lovely weather ______ we decided to spend the day on the beach.

A. such a;that B. such; that C. such;as D. so;that

【2012江苏无锡】10. The old theatre will close soon some extra donations are made.

A. so B. if C. because D. unless

【2012江苏宿迁】13. Eddie was sleeping Millie was reading a magazine.

A. until B. while C. before D. after

【2012江苏徐州】10. You can choose to watch TV at home go shopping with me.

A. and B. but C. so D. or

【2012江苏盐城】5. You will fall behind others you work hard.

A. if B. unless C. though D. since

【2012江苏镇江】6. We will go to the square to watch the raising of national flag ____ it rains tomorrow.

A. when B. if C. since D. unless

【2012江西】29. ______ the girl is only mine, she takes care of her brother and cooks meals every day.

A. If B. Because C. Although D. As

【2012江西】40. I know ______ I promised to take you dinner, but I won’t finish working until ten o’clock.

A. that B. if C. what D. why


14.Music isn't Sally's main interest, ____ she wants to see some Beijing Opera today.

A.but B.so C.or D.and

【2012辽宁大连】11.Mark isn't coming to the concert ____ he has got too much work to do.

A.so B.until C.although D.because

【2012 内蒙古包头】32. A true friend can see the pain in your eyes everyone else believes the smile on your face.

A. while B. because C. before D. until

【2012 呼和浩特】15. —I hear ______ your grandpa ______ your grandma like watching Beijing Opera.

—Right, just as many old people do un our city.

A. both; and B. either; or C. neither; nor D. not only; but also

【2012年福建省福州市】39. _____ my father ______ my mother take good care of me. I love them so much.

A. Either; or B. Both; and C. Neither; nor

【2012年广东省】33. Ben was busy taking a training class. ______we had to wait for himfor half an hour..

A.sol B. if C. or D. but

【2012黔西南】14.Come on, _______ you will be late for school.

A. and B. but C. or D. so

36. Studying in groups is necessary______ you want to do well in school.

A. if B. until C. unless D. though

【2011河南】31. We should give the boy another chance ________ he has made some mistakes.

A. though B. when C. unless D. because

【2012 山东滨州】24. Mary, put on your coat, ______ you'll catch a cold.

A. and B. or C .so D. but

学思教育 86238861 86622799 23

【2012 山东滨州】28. They didn't go to bed_____ the work was finished.

A. when B. while C. until D. after

【2012.山东菏泽】9. Some of the students are nearsighted ______they spend too much time watching TV or playing online games.

A. when B. though C. because D. unless

【2012 山东临沂】23. The family had to stay at hotel, _____it was raining hard.

A because B. although C. until D. unless

【2012山东泰安】37. —Could we go and watch the football game?

—No, _____ you have the tickets.

A. if B. unless C. because D. since

24.Tigers wait________ it is dark,then go out to find their food.

A.since B.until C.as D.because

【2012陕西】27. Ten years has passed ______ the CCTV event People Who moved China took place in 2002.

A. when B. while C. before D. since

【 2012四川成都】40. My cousin knows a lot about geography, he is only four years old.

A. because B. so C. although

【2012四川广安】35. —Jim, you look so tired!

—Oh, I didn’t go to bed ______ it was 12 o’clock last night.

A. until B. as C. if

【2012四川凉山】24. —Bill, please turn down the music, ____Mon ____Dad are sleeping.

—Sony, 1’11 do it right away.

A. neither; nor B. either; or C. both; and

【2012绵阳市】8. Please ell me the truth, ________ I can’t decide how to help you next step.

A. so B. or C. but D. for

【2012四川自贡】22. "You can't have them all. You can choose _____the kite ______ the toy

car," said the mother.

A. either; or B. not only; but also C. both; and

【2012四川雅安市】15. Miss Liu has taught English ____she came here

A. since B. as C. when D. for

【2012四川宜宾】25. ________ my father _____ my mother is able to drive a car. However, they are going to buy one.

A. Neither; nor B. Both; and C. Either; or D. Not only; but also


【2012天津】37. A snake bit him ___________ he went to see a doctor at once.

A. if B. where C. because D. so

【2012浙江杭州】23. You make lunch, ___________

-I'll take care of the baby.

A. but B. or C. for D. and

【2012浙江嘉兴】19. It isn't warm today, _ the sun is shining.

A. or B. and C. because D. although

【2012浙江丽水】19. We should care more about our health _______ good health is the first step towards success.

A. so B. because C. but D. if

【2012浙江宁波】29. —Why didn't you try your best to get on the subway?

学思教育 86238861 86622799 24

—I tried to, but it started moving_________I could get on it.

A. before B. after C. since D. if

三 课后练习

【2012浙江衢州】20. Tcny is only four years old, _______he draws very well.

A- but B, so C. or D. and

【2012浙江温州】8. Frank lives a simple life______ he has lots of money.

A. although B. because C so D. if

【2012重庆市】25. I didn’t believe he could drive he told me.

A. once B. while C. since D. until

【2012贵州六盘水】31. The man was so tired,_ _ he still went on working.

A. so B. but C. or D. and

【2012黑龙江黑河市】24. We must get up at 7:00 tomorrow morning, _____we will be late for the meeting.

A. and B. or C. but

【2012湖北省荆州市】29. — When shall we leave for China?

— We won’t we have visited all the places of interest here.

A. until B. while C. as D. since

【2012山东·东营市】31. the 632-meter Shanghai Tower is finished, it will be the second tallest building in the world.

A. When B. Since C. Before D. Unless

【2012山东日照】26. I really enjoyed your speech, ______ there were some parts I didn’t quite understand.

A. because B. for C. until D. though

【2012山东日照】24. -Tell us something about Canada, OK?

-I’m sorry. _________ Jack _________ I have ever been there.

A. Either; or B. Not only; but also C. Both; and D. Neither; nor

【2012四川省乐山市】29. A typhoon hit this area with heavy rains and winds strong as what happened in 2008.

A. as B. so C. too

专题八 动词时态及动词

一 例题

【2012福建福州】35. — Listen, the music _____________sweet.

— It's Yesterday Once More, my favorite.

A. sounds B. smells C. feels

【2012福建福州】37. — Hello, may I speak to Mr. Smith?

— Sorry, he isn't in. He _____________the office.

A. has been to B. has gone to C. has been away

【2012福建福州】43. — Our classroom____________every day.

— So it is. It's our duty to keep it clean and tidy.

A. cleans B. is cleaning C. is cleaned

【2012贵州贵阳】36. “Have you ever been to Tokyo?” “Yes, I ______ there twice. It’s a modern city.”

A. have gone B. have been C. had gone

【2012贵州贵阳】39. In order to make our hometown more beautiful, trees _______ around the city every year.

A. plant B. are planted C. will plant

41. If Bob ______ away from the junk food, he will be in good health.

A. stay B. will stay C. stays

二 课堂练习

【2012.安徽省】35. To protect the environment, supermarket don’t _____ free plastic bags to shoppers.

学思教育 86238861 86622799 25

A. take B. show C. provide D. carry

【2012.安徽省】41. --Let's discuss the plan, shall we? --Not now. I_____ to an interview.

A. go B. went C. am going D. was going

【2012.安徽省】49. The task____ in an hour. Then we can go home and have a good rest.

A. was finished B. will be finished C. has been finished D. can't be finished

【2012北京】25. Let’s ____ for a walk, shall we?

A. to go B. going C. go D. gone

【2012北京】26. —Where were you last Saturday?

—I ____ in the Capital Museum.

A. am B. will be C. was D. have been

【2012北京】29. —May I speak to the headmaster?—He ____ a meeting now. Can I take a message?

A. is having B. had C. has D. will have

【2012北京】32. I ____ Mr. Smith since he moved to Shanghai.

A. didn’t hear from B. don’t hear from C. won’t hear from D. haven’t heard from

【2012北京】33. Today, computers are really helpful. They ____ everywhere.

A. use B. are used C. used D. were used

【2012甘肃鸡西市】25. My grandpa is sleeping. Will you please_____the radio?

A. turn down B. turn up C. turn on

【2012甘肃鸡西市】28. They_____five days finishing the work.

A. paid B. took C. spent

【2012甘肃鸡西市】30. She_____ her hometown for many years. No one nearly knows her.

A. has been away from B. has left C. had left

【2012甘肃鸡西市】32. Summer holiday is coming, Li Lei with his father_____to go to Shanghai.

A. want B. will want C. wants

【2012甘肃鸡西市】33. Lisa is a little poor at Chinese. I think she needs_____it every day.

A. practise to speak B. to practise speaking C. practise speaking

【2012广东】31. Jenny in the kitchen when you called her at 5 o'clock this afternoon.

A. is cooking B. was cooking C. cooks D. Cooked

【2012广东】35. Hot water in the students' flats from 5 pm to 7 pm now.

A. supplies B. is supplied C. supplied D. was supplied

【2012广东】36. If our government attention to controlling food safety now, our health _____in danger. won't pay; is B. doesn't pay; is C. won't pay; will be D. doesn't pay; will be

【2012广东】37. — Both Li Lei and Han Meimei fond of the TV program A Bite of China.

— I am also deeply moved by its stories!

A. is B. am C. was D. Are

【2012广东】39. Our English teacher is very nice. We friends since three years ago.

A. were B. became C. have been D. have made

【2012广东】43. — You haven't been to the West Lake, have you?

— ____ . But I will go there with my parents this summer vacation.

A. No, I haven't B. No, I didn't C. Yes, I have D. Yes, I did

【2012广西玉林】31. ---Tim played the guitar very well in the school talent show.

--- I think so. He practices __________ it every day.

A. play B. playing C. to play D. plays

【2012广西玉林】34. —I can’t find Ted for three days. Where is he? —He _______ Beijing for a meeting.

A. has been to B. has gone to C. have been to D. have gone to

【2012广西玉林】38. Last year, Shenzhou-8 _______ into the space. It made us proud.

A. is sent B. was sent C. sends D. sent

【2012安顺】16. Look! _____ some juice in the glass.

A.There is B.There are C.There haveD.There has

【2012贵州安顺】20.The old man _____ in Shanghai, but he _____ in Haikou now.

A.be born; live B.was born ; live C.is born; lives D.was born; lives

【2012贵州安顺】23.——Do you know whether the man _____ by the door is Mr. Smith?

——Sure. We’ve known each other for a long time.

A.stand B.standing C.stood D.stands

【2012贵州安顺】24.My father would rather _____ than _____.

A.stay at home; to go out B.to stay at home; to go out

C.stay at home; go out D.to stay at home; go out

【2012贵州安顺】27.It’s difficult for the village children to cross the river to get to school.We think a bridge_____ over

学思教育 86238861 86622799 26

the river.

A.was built B.should be built C.has been built D.is being built

【2012贵州毕节】25. Lucy ______ a student last year, but now she ______ a teacher.

A. is; is B. was; is C. was; will be D. is; was

【2012贵州毕节】26. —Were you at home at 9:00 last night? I called you but nobody answered.

—Sorry,I ______ at that time.

A. take a shower B. took a shower

C. was taking a shower D. am taking a shower

【2012贵州毕节】27. —Mum, I can't find my shoes.

—Hurry up! Your father ______ for us.

A. is waiting B. waited C. waits D. will wait

【2012贵州铜仁】32 —I was at the cinema at nine o’clock yesterday evening. What about you?

—I ________ TV at home.

A. am watching B. was watching C. will watch D. watched

【2012贵州铜仁】33.Mr Wang isn’t here ,I think he___________ Guiyang.

A. has gone to B. has been to C. goes D. went

【2012黑龙江齐齐哈尔】28. They _____five days finishing the work.

A. paid B. took C. spent

【2012黑龙江齐齐哈尔】30. She_____ her hometown for many years. No one nearly knows her.

A. has been away from B. has left C. had left

【2012黑龙江齐齐哈尔】32. Summer holiday is coming, Li Lei with his father_____to go to Shanghai.

A. want B. will want C. wants

【2011湖北恩施】25. You should ______ it carefully before ______ a composition.

A. consider; write B. consider; writing C. considering; writing

【2011湖北恩施】28. He ______ go out with his parents, but now he ______ staying at home alone.

A. used to; is used to B. is used to; used to C. use to; is used to

【2011湖北恩施】31. —I called you last night, but you didn’t answer it.

—I’m terribly sorry. I ______ a meeting at that time.

A. had B. was having C. am having

【2011湖北恩施】34. —When did you buy the computer?

—I have ______ this computer for 5 years, but it still works well.

A. bought B. have C. had

【2012 湖北黄石】28.Tomorrow is Dragon Boat Day. My mother and my grandma_____a big meal for our family now.

A.are preparing B.be preparing C.prepare D.prepared

【2012 湖北黄石】35.You have to stay behind if your homework______before five o'clock.

A.isn't done B.won't be done C.doesn't do D.wasn't done

【2012 湖北黄石】37.Which would you prefer, orang juic or coffer?

Either______OK, but I prefer coffee ____milk.

A.are; with B.is; with C.are; to D.is; to

【2012 湖北黄石】38.Not only Jam but also his parents______a few interesting places since they came to China.

A.will visit B.has visited C.have visited D.visited

【2012·湖北·荆州】23. — What did the teacher say just now?

— Sorry, I didn’t hear it. I out of the window.

A. look B. looked C. am looking D. was looking

【2012·湖北·荆州】26. — I like the program Man and Nature.

— But I Sports News.

A. prefer B. want C. choose D. miss

【2012湖北十堰】34. Ben is a foreign teacher. So far, he ___________ in Shiyan for five years.

A. was teaching B. has taught C. will teach D. taught

【2012湖北十堰】35. I ________________ little time to get ready for the test, so I wasn’t confident at that time.

A. gave B. didn’t give C. was given D. wasn’t given

【2012湖北随州】27.—I’v just got a new MP4.

—Where _____ you ____it?

—In a shopping mall near here.

A. have;bought B. did; buy C. are; bought D. were; getting

学思教育 86238861 86622799 27

【2012湖北随州】29. —When and where to spend the holiday _______ yet.

—Let’s make it now.

A. is decided B. doesn’t decide C. has not been decided D. has decided

【2012湖北随州】32. There ______ some flowers on the teacher’s desk just now, but now there ______nothing on it.

A. have; has B.were; was C. were; is D.has; has

【2012·湖北·武汉】30. -What’s his brother?

-He is a teacher. He maths at a school.

A. taught B. has taught C. teaches D. will teach

【2012·湖北·武汉】31. I don"t remember when and where I _____ this umbrella.

A.buy B.have bought C.will buy D.bought

【2012·湖北·武汉】32. -Where"s Lisa,Eric?

-She _____ to the library.

A.goes B.had goneC.has goneD.would go

【2012·湖北·武汉】36. The roof of the house needs repairing.It"s raining now,you"d better get something to _____ rain drops.

A.control B.cover C.carry D.catch

【2012·湖北·武汉】37. Once the actor Edwards told his fans,―Be yourself and don"t let anybody _____ you around.‖

A.pull B.pushC.takeD.turn

【2012湖北咸宁】24.―Zongzi ______ to students for free in our dining hall on Dragon Boat Festival.

―Really? That sounds cool!

A. offer B. have offered C. are offered D. will be offered

【2012湖北咸宁】28.―Three _____ injured students died in a hospital ineast China's Jiangsu Province last year. ―Sorry to hear that. But our government ______ much about the school bus safety management. C

A. serious; did B. bad; did

C. seriously; has done D. badly; was done

【2012湖北咸宁】33. Jack _____ dislike the weather in Beijing in spring, because there is so much wind and sand. But now he ____ it.

A. is used to; used to B. used to; is used to

C. was used to; is used to D. used to; uses to

【2012湖北孝感】28. -Could you help me do the dishes?

-Sorry, my sister for me outside now.

A. waits B. will wait C. is waiting D. was waiting

【2012湖北孝感】29. The peaceful music in the CD made the students relaxed.

A. feel B. feels C. felt D. to feel

【2012湖北孝感】30. Tony to take part in the talk show on CCTV-3 the day before yesterday.

A. invites B. invited C. is invited D. was invited

【2012湖北孝感】32. -Where is Mr Black? I have something important to tell him.

-You can’t find him. He Hong Kong.

A. will go to B. would go to C. has gone to D. has been to

【2012湖北孝感】33. -A number of volunteers willing to teach in China’s rural areas.

-Yes, the number is getting .

A. is; bigger and bigger B. are; bigger and bigger

C. is; more and more D. are more and more

【2012湖北孝感】34. -I wonder if the psychologist will come to our school this weekend.

-If he , we will be very excited.

A. come B. comes C. will come D. came

【2012湖北宜昌】28. —Huangyan Island belongs to China.

— Surely it does! We Chinese will never it up.

A. cut B. give C. mix D. set

【2012湖北宜昌】35. —Excuse me. What time is dinner in your restaurant?

—From 6:00 to 9:00 on weekdays.

A. predicted B. included C. served D. announced

【2012湖北宜昌】38. —It’s reported that some capsules(胶囊)are really bad for our health.

—Sounds terrible. Hopefully the problem as soon as possible.

A. is solved B. has solved C. was solved D. will be solved

【2012湖南常德】21. Look! The boys _______ football on the playground.

A. played B. play C. are playing

【2012湖南常德】22. — Have you even been to Zhangjiajie?

学思教育 86238861 86622799 28

— Yes, I _______.

A. do B. have C. was

【2012湖南常德】24. Many trees and flowers _______ in our city every year.

A. planted B. are planted C. were planted

【2012湖南常德】26. If it _______ fine tomorrow, I will go hiking with you.

A. is B. was C. will be

【2012湖南常德】29. — What’s on the desk?

— There _______ some books.

A. be B. are C. is

【2012湖南常德】30. He asked me where the 2012 Olympics _______ held.

A. was B. will be C. would be




【2012湖南永州】25. I _____ TV when my parents came back.

A. am watching B. was watching C. watched

【2012湖南永州】26. My father ______ one hundred thousand yuan on his new car.

A. spent B. cost C. paid

【2012湖南永州】28. — What are you doing?

— I’m _____ my English book.

A. looking B. looking for C. looking after

【2011湖南株洲】27. If more trees ______ planted, our city will be more beautiful.

A. were B. are C. will be

【2011湖南株洲】30.-Have you ever been to Shanghai?

-Yes. I ______ there with my father last year.

A. went B. have been C. have gone

【2012江苏淮安】8.Alice some advice on how to improve her listening skills, and she gladly accepted Miss Green’s.

A. gave B. was given C. gives D. is given

【2012江苏淮安】9. —Do you know the moving story of Jack and Rose?

— Of course. I the film Titanic several times.

A. see B. saw C. have seen D. had seen

【2012江苏淮安】14.— How about climbing the hill?

—I would rather along the river than the hill. I’m a bit tired.

A. walk; climb B. walking; climbing

C. walking; to climb D. walk; to climb

【2012江苏连云港】8.—Would you like to watch the three-D film Titanic with me?

—Certainly. I don’t mind seeing it again although I it twice.

A. saw B. was seen C. have seen D. had seen

【2012江苏连云港】9. Jeremy Lin an unknown basketball player in New York Knicks for quite a long time.

A. used to be B. used to being

C. is used to be D. was used to be

【2012江苏连云港】12. I prefer some shopping to camping since the weather isn’t lovely.

A. do; going B. doing ; go C. do ; go D. doing ; going

【2012江苏南京】6. -----I saw Mr Smith in the office at ten yesterday morning.

------That’s important. Hean English party with us then.

A. has B. had C. was having D. has had

【2012江苏南京】13.Yaxi, a quiet village in Ganchun, China’s first ―Slow City‖ in November 2011.

A. names B. named C. is named D. was named

【2012江苏苏州】10. 一 What would you do if it ______ tomorrow?

一 We have to carry it on, since we’ve got everything ready.

A. is raining B. rains C. will rain D. rain

学思教育 86238861 86622799 29

【2012江苏苏州】12. Some of my friends eat with their eyes. They prefer to order what ______ nice.

A. feels B. smells C. looks D. tastes

【2012江苏苏州】15. The film made by Walt Disney ______ all over the world.

A. is used to show B. is used to showing

C. used to show D. used to be shown

【2012江苏无锡】2. —Have you seen Dr. Adams recently?

—No. He Hong Kong for an interactional meeting. He’ll come back tomorrow.

A. has gone in B. has been in C. has gone to D. has been to

【2012江苏无锡】4. If the robot wrong, you can get a new one for free or get all your money back.

A. went B. goes C. would go D. will go

【2012江苏无锡】7. — I like the dress, but I’m I haven’t got enough money.

—Don’t worry. I don’t mind you some if you like.

A. afraid; lending B. glad; lending C. afraid; to lend D. glad; to lend

【2012江苏无锡】8. My father doesn’t like shopping much. He would rather TV at home than around for hours in shops.

A. watch; walk B. watch; to walk C. to watch; to walk D. to watch; walk

【2012江苏宿迁】12. —What do you think of my shirt? It cotton.

—It looks nice on you.

A. is made in B. is made for

C. is made of D. is made by

【2012江苏宿迁】15. —May I speak to Mr Wang?

—A. gives B. gave C. will give D. is giving

2012江苏宿迁】18. —Your English is good.

—Thank you. I it for three years.

A. learn B. learn

C. have learned D. had learned

【2012江苏徐州】8. — Why not John a toy car for his birthday?

— Good idea! He is crazy about cars.

A. buy B. buying C. to buy D. buys

【2012江苏徐州】9. I know a little about Thailand, as I there three years ago.

A. have been B. have gone C. will go D. went

【2012江苏徐州】12. The room every day. You can live in now.

A. cleans B. is cleaning C. is cleaned D. has cleaned

【2012江苏盐城】10. The reporter said that the UFO east to west when he saw it.

A. travels B. traveled C. was traveling D. has traveled

【2012江苏盐城】12. —Have you ever been to Singapore?

— Yes. I there last year with my parents.

A. go B. went C. have been D. was going

【2012江苏盐城】13.—Is Tom in the next room?

— Well, it’s hard to say. But I heard him loudly when I passed by just now.

A. speak B. to speak C. spoken D. speaking

【2012江苏盐城】14. In the past few years, thousands of films all over the world.

A. have produced B. have been produced

C. are producing D. are being produced

【2012江苏扬州】11.—Why are you in such a hurry, John?

—There a basketball match between Class Three and our class in ten minutes.

A. is going to be B. is going to have C. will have D. will hold

【2012江苏扬州】13.We must do everything we can our earth cleaner and safer.

A. made B. to making C. make D. to make

【2012江苏镇江】5. - You were not in when I went to you yesterday.

- Oh, I _____ for a friend from England at the airport at that moment.

A. had waited B. was waiting C. am waiting D. have waited

【2012江苏镇江】9. Some parents prefer ______ the wall blue for their children ____ them a feeling of harmony.

A. to paint; to give B. painting; giving

C. to paint; giving D. painting; to give

【2012江苏镇江】11. Alice in Wonderland _____ for 15 days and many of us like the film very much.

A. begins B. has begun C. began D. has been on

【2012江西】32. —Hello, Mary! This is John. You must know why I ______ you.

学思教育 86238861 86622799 30

—Oh, hello, John! I’ve waited for this call since last month.

A. called B. am calling C. was calling D. have called

【答案】 B【2012江西】36. You need to take notes at the meeting so make sure _______ a pen and some paper with you.

A. bring B. bringing C. to bring D. not bring

【2012江西】38. —Hello, mum. Are you still on Lushan Mountain?

—Oh, no. we are back home. We ________ a really good journey.

A. have B. had C. are having D. will have

【2012江西】39. —Oh, my God! I can’t find my key to the office.

—Don’t worry. Perhaps it _______ at your home.

A. left B. has left C. was left D. had left

【2012辽宁大连】15.Dr. Bethune ____ working in spite of cutting his hand during an operation.

A.stopped B.continued

C.forgot D.enjoyed

【2012辽宁大连】7.Mum, can I have something to ____ now? I'm really hungry!

A.do B.use C.eat D.see

【2012辽宁大连】 3.I ____ to the cinema.Would you like to come with me?

A.go B.am going

C.have gone D.went

【2012 内蒙古包头】30. —Haven’t I told you that you should be home earlier?

—Yes, but I home earlier than I usually do.

A. was coming B. will come C. came D. had come

【2012 内蒙古包头】34. It’s a custom in China to have some tea or other drinks before the meal .

A. serves B. served C. is served D. will be served

【2011湖北恩施】30. —I don’t know when ______ tomorrow?

—I will call you as soon as he ______.

A. will he come; arrives B. he will come; arrives C. he will come; will arrive

【2012 呼和浩特】6. —I won't have time to go shopping with you this afternoon.

—But you ______ me yesterday.

A. ordered B. mentioned C. promised D. knew

【2012 呼和浩特】7. No decision _______ about that matter yet. We are still considering it.

A. has been made B. has made C. will be made D. will make

【2012 呼和浩特】8. —Which dress do you like best, Madam?

—Sorry, I can’t decide______ now.

A. to buy which one B. buy which one

C. which one to buy D. which I should buy it

【2012 呼和浩特】12. —I’m afraid the class has begun.

—Don’t worry. It _____ until the bell ______.

A. doesn’t begin; rings B. won’t begin; will ring

C. won’t begin; rings D. doesn’t begin; will ring

【2012年福建省福州市】43. -- Our classroom _______ every day.

-- So it is. It's our duty to keep it clean and tidy.

A. cleans B. is cleaning C. is cleaned

【2012年福建省福州市】37. -- Hello, may I speak to Mr. Smith?

-- Sorry, he isn't in. He ______the office.

A. has been to B. has gone to C. has been away

【2012年福建省福州市】35. -- Listen, the music _______ sweet.

-- It's Yesterday Once More, my favorite.

A. sounds B. smells C. feels

【2012年福建省福州市】34. It was such a funny show that people couldn't help ________again and again.

A. laugh B. to laugh C. laughing

【2012广东省梅州市】33. Her son _______ Coke, but now he ________ milk.

A.used to drink ; is used to drinking B. used to drinking ; drinks

C.is used to drinking ; used to drink D. is used to drink ; is drinking

【2012广东省梅州市】36. –It’s too hot. Would you mind my ________ the window?

--_________. Do it as you like, please.

A. to open; OK B. opening; Certainly not C. opening; Of course D. open; Good idea

【2012广东省梅州市】37. He _______ his classmates.

A. get along well with B. get well with C. is getting along well with D. is get well with

【2012广东省梅州市】38. Captain Alison will ________ at eight o’clock, so we shall have plenty of time.

学思教育 86238861 86622799 31

A. beginning B. set out C. be set out D. be begun

【2012广东省梅州市】40. I enjoy playing computer games, but I can’t ________ too much time_______ that.

A. take; doing B. spend; doing C. spend; for doing D. take; to do

【2012广东省梅州市】41. If anyone ever asks her how old she is, she always answers, ―My dear, it must be terrible __________!‖

A. grown up B. being grown up C. be grown up D. to be grown up

【2012广东省梅州市】42. In the old days, they_______ in the factory from morning to evening.

A. were made to work B. asked to work C. made to work D. were asked for work

【2012广东省梅州市】44. ---Where is your father?

---He_________ Australia and he ________ Sydney for two weeks.

A. has been to; has been in B. has gone to ; has been in

C. has been in; has been to D. has gone to ; has been to

【2012广东省梅州市】45. Every year I _________ the garden competition too, and I always win a little prize for the worse garden in the town!

A. enter B. entered C. entered for D. enter for

【2012年广东省】39. Our English teacher is very nice. We _____ friends since three years ago.

A.were B. became C. have been D. have made

【2012年广东省】35. Hot water_____ in the students’ flats from 5 pm to 7 pm now.

A. supplies B. is supplied C.supplied D. was supplied

【广东省】31. Jenny _____in the chicken when you called her at 5 o’clock this afternoon?

A. is cooking B. was cooking C.cooks D. cooked

2012 广西桂林】36. The 30th Olympic Games in July 2012 in London.

A. is held B. was held C. will hold D. will be held

【2012 广西桂林】38. Our teacher told us carefully in class.

A. listen B. to listen C. listened D. listens

【2012 广西桂林】39. I my homework as soon as I get home.

A. do B. did C. will do D. am doing

【2012黔西南】12. Listen! Someone ________ an English song now.

A. sings B. sang C. is singing D. was singing

【2012黔西南】19. Judy with her brother _______ computer games when her mother came back.

A. were playing B. are playing C. was playing D. is playing

【2012黔西南】21.A football match between Class Two and Class Three ________tomorrow afternoon.

A. is held B. was held C. must be held D. will be held

【2012黔西南】22. He _________his hometown for twenty years. He really misses it!

A. has been away from B. left

C. has left D. is away from

【2012黔西南】24. Mary used to _________ to work, but she is used to ________to work now.

A. riding a bike, taking a bus B. riding a bike, take a bus

C. ride a bike, taking a bus D. ride a bike, take a bus

29.________something wrong with my bike. Can I use yours?

A. It is B. It was C. There is D. There was

38. The clothing store_______ a sale. The clothes there are very cheap.

A. has B. had C. is having D. was having

40. Miss Zhang, the most beautiful teacher, _________ many flowers and letters these days.

A. received B. will receive C. was receiving D. has received

41. Your sweater looks smart. Where ______ you______ it?

A. do; get B. did; get C. will; get D. have; got

43. —Where were you this morning? —I______ in the supermarket.

A. will shop B. am shopping C. was shopping D. have shopped

44. More money_______ when we use both sides of paper.

A. will save B. was saved C. has saved D. will be saved

【2011河南】( ) 24. —Can you answer the door, Jim? I ________ the dishes.

—I'm coming, dad.

A. do B. did C. have done D. am doing

2011河南】( ) 27. —What smells terrible, Ted?

—I'm sorry. I'll _______ my shoes and wash them at once.

A. take away B. put away C. move away D. get away

【2011河南】( ) 30. —Have you heard of Earth Day?

—Yes. The first Earth Day _________ in 1970 to educate us to protect our planet.

学思教育 86238861 86622799 32

A. celebrates . B. celebrated

C. is celebrated D. was celebrated

【2011河南】( ) 32. —I'd like to introduce my best friend to you, Peter.

—Thank you, Lucy. But we _________already.

A. meet B. met C. will meet D. have met

【2012湖北黄冈】31. —What did Yang Ying say?

—She said they _____ a school trip the next weekend.

A. will have B. had C. would have D. have

【2012湖北黄冈】32. —Sandy, I called you at 9:00 last night, but nobody answered the phone. —I'm sorrry. We _____ a birthday party _____ Jerry.

A. had; with 13. were having; for (3. are having; for D. had; for

【2012湖北黄冈】34. —Hey, Molly. You _____ on the phone just now.

But you weren't here and the man left a phone number.

—Oh? I was in the library.

A. wanted B. are wanted C. were wanted D. have wanted

【2012湖北黄冈】37. —What would you do if you _____ the traffic accident?

—I would _____.

A. see; do my housework first B. saw; buy some fruit right away

C. see; call at I10 at once D. saw;call the police right away

【2012湖北襄阳】28. —Why don’t you buy the computer?

—It’s too expensive. I can’t _____ it.

A. afford B. sell C. borrow D. keep

【2012湖北襄阳】35. —Have you washed the clothes?

—Not yet. But I _____ them in half an hour.

A. washed B. have washed C. will wash D. wash

【2012湖北襄阳】36. —Why was he late for school yesterday?

—He overslept. By the time he got to the bus stop, the bus _____ already _____.

A. was, leaving B. has, left C. would, leavve D. had, left

【2012湖北襄阳】39. —It’s difficult for village children to cross the river to school. —I think a bridge _____over the river.

A. should be built B. will build C. is built D. was built

【2012 山东滨州】23. We know that she enjoys ______ books very much.

A. read B. reads C. reading D. to read

【2012 山东滨州】32. My pen pal Andrew found it difficult ______ Chinese well

A. learning B. learn C. to learn D. learned

【2012.山东菏泽】7. As one of the school rules, middle school students are not______ to smoke.

A. ordered B. refused C. allowed D. forbidden

【2012.山东菏泽】11. Our foreign teacher Mr Green ______us English since three years ago.

A. has taught B. is teaching C. taught D. teaches

【2012山东济南】34.—Why do you want to stay at home?

—Because I ______ good when I am with my family.

A. smelt B. feel C. taste D. sound

【2012山东济南】38. —Your paintings are so great, David! When did you learn ______? —Three years ago.

A. to meet B. to swim C. to paint D. to sing

【2012山东济南】41. —Do you know Tom?

—Sure, we have ______in the same village for many years.

A. left B. lived C. come D. gone

【2012山东济南】53. Kevin will give less homework to his students if he ______ a teacher.

A. becomes B. become C. became D. becoming

【2012山东济宁】22.—Sorry, Mr Green. I have_______my homework at home.

—Never mind. But don't forger next time.

A.put B.kept C.left D. remained

【2012山东济宁】24.—Will you go and see the movie Net Mother with me?

—Thank you. But I _____it already.

A.saw B. have seen C. see D.will see

【2012山东聊城】29. —Do you know the Englishman?

—Yes. I _____________ him for two years.

A. get to know B. have known C. knew D. got to know

学思教育 86238861 86622799 33

【2012 山东临沂】25. Traveling to space is no longer just a dream. Russia ____ the first hotel in space in the near future.

A builds B. will build C. build D has build


【2012 山东临沂】27. China plans to let tourists _____ the Xisha islands in the south China Sea this year.

A. visit B. visits C. visiting D. visited

2012 山东临沂】29. It _____ Mr Green an hour to fix up his bicycle yesterday.

A. cost B. paid C. spent D. took

【2012 山东临沂】33. Every year, more than 70,000,000 sharks ____ for their fins.

A. were killed B. have killed C. are killed D. will killed

【2012山东泰安】30. —I want a ticket to Shanghai this afternoon, please.

—OK. Will you please ______ me your ID card?

A. tell B. serve C. send D. show

【2012山东泰安】31. —I hear Mr. Zhang has gone to Beijing for a meeting. —Really? Do you know when he ______?

A. leaves B. was leaving C. has left D. left

【2012山东泰安】32. —Mum, when can I watch TV?

—As soon as your homework _______.

A. finish B. finished C. is finished D. will be finished

【2012山东泰安】33. Don’t ________ so often. It’s bad for your health.

A. get up B. stay up C. look up D. come up

20.一Guess what! I saw Sally in London. 一Really? I ________ she was in New York.

A.think B.was thinking C.thought D.am thinking

23.Girl students in some schools are not allowed________ long hair.

A.having B.have C.had D.to have

27. 一Does the soup________ nice? 一Yes.It’s hot, but really delicious.

A.sound B.feel C.look D.taste

【2012 烟台中考】24. The smile on Mother’s face suggested she_____.

A. was glad B. was surprised C. is pleased D. was annoyed

【2012 烟台中考】25. The woman _____ all of her money to charities_____ the poor.

A. gave off, to help B. gave up, helping

C. gave away, to help D. gave, helping

【2012 烟台中考】27. In recent years, the cconomy of our country _____ rapidly

A. is increased B. has increased C. increased D. has been increased

【2012 烟台中考】29. —I phoned you at 7:00 this morning. But there was no answer.

—Well, maybe I______ morning exercises at that time.

A. was doing B. did C is doing D. would do

【2012山东枣庄】17. In England we have a saying: It’s the thought that _______.

A. minds B. counts C. needs D. sounds

【2012山东枣庄】18. The sport of basketball _______ by more than 100 million people in over 200 countries.

A. is short B. is made C. is played D. is taught

【2012山东枣庄】20. I want to write for international ______ to become a writer.

A. chairs B. computers C. doors D. magazines

【2012陕西】26. —Sam, come downstairs, please. I need your help.

—Sorry, Mum. I _______ on the phone.

A. am talking B. talked C. was talking D. have talked

【2012陕西】29. A new club _____ in our school at the beginning of this year and now it has many members.

A. starts B. is started C. has started D. was started

012四川成都】34. Lady Gaga is very popular, and she by many boys and girls at school.

A. loves B. is loving C. is loved

【 2012四川成都】37. Parents often ask their kids their internet friends because the kids may be in danger.

A. to meet B. not to meet C. meeting

2012四川成都】38. Look! Peter TV happily, but his parents are busy in the kitchen.

A. is watching B. watches C. watched

【 2012四川成都】39. —Hey, Tony. You look tired today.

—I until 12 o’clock last night for the math test.

A. woke up B. stayed up C. grew up

【 2012四川成都】45. —Jack, let’s go to see the movie Harry Potter.

—Oh, I it many times. So I don’t want to see it.

学思教育 86238861 86622799 34

A. have seen B. see C. will see

【2012四川达州】27. —Peter has changed a lot, hasn’t he?

—Yes. He used to in playing soccer.

A. plays; interested B. play; interested

C. play; interesting D. playing; interest

【2012四川广安】27. —Mum, I’m hungry. _______ no milk in the fridge.

—Oh, I’ll go and buy some at once.

A. There is B. It is C. There are

【2012四川广安】29. —Dad, why should I stop ______ computer games?

—For your health, my boy.

A. to play B. playing C. play

【2012四川广安】31. —Jane, your bedroom is so dirty.

—Sorry, I’ll ________.

A. clean up it B. clean it up C. clean them up

【2012四川广安】33. —Why don’t you go to the movie with me, Betty?—Because I ______ it before.

A. saw B. have seen C. see

【2012四川广安】38. —Our hometown is becoming more and more beautiful. —Sure. Many trees _______ every year.

A. plant B. is planted C. are planted

【2012四川凉山】( ) 30.—What do you think of Sanya?

—Oh, it’s a beautiful city, I ____there for several times.

A. have been B. have been to C. have gone to

【2012四川凉山】( ) 33. —When will your aunt leave for Shanghai?

—I don’t know, but I’ll call you as soon as she____. .

A. leaves B. will leave C. left

【2012四川凉山】( )36. I find _____ hard for me _____ the work in such a short time.

A. it; finishing B. it’s; finish C. it; to finish

【2012绵阳市】3. Excuse me, would you mind________ your voices down, please?

A. to keep B. keeping C. keep D. kept

【2012绵阳市】6. When I called the bus service, I ________ that there was no more bus.

A. was telling B. was told C. has told D. had told

【2012绵阳市】9. You were________ to close the windows. Why were you so careless?

A. allowed B. believed C. supposed D. caused

【2012绵阳市】12. I hope Tim can come to my birthday party. Then we ________ a much happier time.

A. have B. had C. will have D. have had

【2012绵阳市】15. We make it a rule that each of us________ the bedroom one day a week.

A. has cleaned B. have cleaned C. cleans D. clean

【2012绵阳市】19. I began watching here an hour ago, but now nothing________ yet.

A. happens B. will happen C. happened D. has happened

三 课后作业

【2012四川自贡】28. I think teenagers should drive. They are not serious enough.

A. be allowed to B. not be allowed to C. not allow to

【2012四川自贡】31. You should keep the window because the room is too hot.

A. open B. opening C. opened

【2012四川自贡】36.--You are on the phone, Mary.

-- Yes, mum. .

A. wanted; I'm coming B. called; I'm coming C. needed; I'll come

【2012四川雅安市】12. A car is going ______the tunnel.

A. through B. cross C. across D. past

【2012四川雅安市】17. Andy prefers _____ books to ____ TV.

A. reading; watching B. read; watch

C. looking; seeing D. look; see

【2012四川雅安市】18. The lamb _______ for quite some time.

A. has died B. die C. has dead D. has been dead

【2012四川宜宾】29. My grandma ______ us stories when I was young.

A. was used to tell B. is used to telling C. used to tell D. used to telling

31. —Oh, I had a terrible toothache. —You’d better ______ see a dentist and have your bad teeth pulled out.

A. to go to B. going to C. goes to D. go to

【2012四川宜宾】33. —Are you a soccer player in your school?

学思教育 86238861 86622799 35

—Yes, I _____ the team two years ago. I ______ in the team for two years.

A. have joined; have been B. was joined; am C. joined; was D. joined; have been

【2012天津】38. I have been to Shanghai. I ____________ there last month.

A. go B. went C. have gone D. will go

【2012天津】40. The cloth ___________ very soft and comfortable.

A. smells B. tastes C. feels D. sounds

【2012天津】41. —Why don’t you go out to play, Rose?

—I’m afraid I can’t. I have much homework _________.

A. do B. does C. doing D. to do

【2012天津】42. The 30th Olympic Games _________ in London soon.

A. held B. will be held C. were held D. have been held

【2012浙江杭州】25.Mark_________in China for 10 years and now he teaches Chinese in Britain.

A. has worked B. worked C. had worked D. is working

【2012浙江杭州】27.Mom makes me eat an apple every day ______________

A. keeps B. is kept C. to keep D. kept

【2012浙江湖州】22. —Sixteen-year-olds ______ to drive in China. —But in America, they can.

A. is allowed B. is not allowed C. are allowed D. are not allowed

【2012浙江嘉兴】23.—Mike, why are you watching TV again? — I my homework..

A. finish B. finished C. have finished D. had finished

【2012浙江丽水】25. Today people are encouraged to __________paper, plastic and water for a better environment.

A. use B. waste C. recycle D. make

【2012浙江丽水】26. — When can I see the doctor, madam?

— Let me see. Sorry, you ____________ your turn, so you’ll have to wait again.

A. are missing B. have missed C. will miss D. missed

【2012浙江丽水】29. –Bill, will you get me the dictionary on that shelf, please?

–I'm afraid I can't __________ it, Daddy. It's too high.

A. find B. reach C. sell D. Read

B. 【2012浙江宁波】22. —Do you_____________that Nancy has been a little too quiet these days?

—Yes. She didn't even say a word this afternoon.

A. hope B. notice C. explain D. decide

【2012浙江宁波】23. —Why is your bedroom so dirty?

—Sony, Mum. It _____________. I felt very tired after playing soccer.

A. isn't cleaned B. didn't clean C. doesn't clean D. wasn't cleaned

【2012浙江宁波】26. —Mom, I was the first to reach the top of the mountain.

—Good job, Charlie. I'm _________of you.

A. tired B. proud C. sure D. sick

【2012浙江宁波】28. — Could you tell me what he said just now?—Sorry, I___________what was happening outside.

A. had thought B. was thinking C. thought D. think

【2012浙江衢州】18- There_______many students on the playground at the moment.

A. is B. are C. was D. were

【2012浙江衢州】21. —Ssh, be quiet! The baby _______in the next room.—Oh, sorry.

A. sleeps B. slept C. is sleeping D. was sleeping

【2012浙江衢州】23. In July, 2012, (lie 30th Olympic Games_______ in London.

A. will he held B. be held C, is held D. was held

【2012浙江温州】4. I like soft and gentle music. It____ nice.

A. tastes B. looks C. sounds D. feels

【2012浙江温州】7.— What did you do yesterday evening, Gina.? — I _______ Titanic 3D in the City Cinema.

A. watch B. watched C. am watching D. will watch

【2012重庆市】26. Mr. Li asks the students in the river, because it’s too dangerous.

A. swim B. to swim C. not to swim D. to not swim

【2012重庆市】33. Chinese by more and more people from all over the world today.

A. learn B. learned C. is learned D. was learned

【2012重庆市】38. Sanya is a beautiful city. I there twice.

A. have gone B. have been C. have gone to D. have been to

【2012贵州六盘水】32. My parents enjoy ________for a walk after supper.

A. go, B. goes C .to go D. going

【2012贵州六盘水】33. Tell the children unhealthy food. it' s had for their health.

A. not to eat B. not eating C. to eat D. eating

学思教育 86238861 86622799 36

【2012贵州六盘水】34. Everyone except Tom and Mike __________ Kunming before.

A. has gone to B. have gone to C. has been to D, have been to

【2012贵州六盘水】37. Look at that sign. Smoking ________here.

A. isn' t allowed B. doesn ' t allow C. aren ' t allowed D. don't allow

【2012贵州省毕节市】25. Lucy ______ a student last year, but now she ______ a teacher.

A. is; is B. was; is C. was; will be D. is; was

【2012贵州省毕节市】26. —Were you at home at 9:00 last night? I called you but nobody answered.

—Sorry,I ______ at that time.

A. take a shower B. took a shower C. was taking a shower D. am taking a shower

【2012贵州省毕节市】27. —Mum, I can't find my shoes. —Hurry up! Your father ______ for us.

A. is waiting B. waited C. waits D. will wait

【2012贵州黔东南州】25, I_ __to Rongjiang last year, but I________ never_________ to Chongjiang.

A. went; have, been B, will go; have, been C. went; have, gone D. go; have, gone

【2012贵州黔东南州】34. When I passed the classroom, I heard a girl ______in it.

A. sing B. losing C. sang D. singing

12贵州铜仁】33.Mr Wang isn’t here ,I think he___________ Guiyang.

A. has gone to B. has been to C. goes D. went

【2012贵州铜仁】32 —I was at the cinema at nine o’clock yesterday evening. What about you?—I ______ TV at home.

A. am watching B. was watching C. will watch D. watched

【2012黑龙江黑河市】32. Summer holiday is coming, Li Lei with his father_____to go to Shanghai.

A. want B. will want C. wants

【2012黑龙江黑河市】30. She_____ her hometown for many years. No one nearly knows her.

A. has been away from B. has left C. had left

【2012黑龙江黑河市】28. They_____five days finishing the work.

A. paid B. took C. spent

【2012湖北省荆州市】26. — I like the program Man and Nature. — But I Sports News.

A. prefer B. want C. choose D. miss

【2012湖北省荆州市】23. — What did the teacher say just now?

— Sorry, I didn’t hear it. I out of the window.

A. look B. looked C. am looking D. was looking

【2012湖南省岳阳】27. —Jimmy isn’t here. Where is he?

—He hurt his arm on the playground just now. He ______ to the school doctor’s.

A. has gone B. has been C. goes

【2012湖南省岳阳】 30. The car _____ by the policeman because the driver was drunk.

A. stopped B. was stopped C. were stopped

【2012山东·东营市】34. There a football match and a concert this weekend. Which one would you like to go?

A. is B. are C. will be D. will have

【2012山东·东营市】25. In order to eat safely, I think we make some food by ourselves instead of buying some.

A. used to B. prefer to C. had better D. are supposed to

【2012山东·东营市】22. If all business goes paperless, at least one million tons of paper will be a year.

A. used B. saved C. copied D. offered

【2012山东·东营市】20. After hard training for a long time, Liu Xiang the records again.

A. broke B. achieved C. invented D. completed

【2012山东日照】34. -Do you enjoy ______ a volunteer? -If you want _______ this, you’d better join us.

A. being; knowing B. to be; knowing C. being; to know D. to be; to know

【2012山东日照】31. -I called you this morning, but nobody answered it.

-Oh, we _____ some running in the park.

A. are doing B. were doing C. have done D. did

【2012山东日照】25. Rock music may ________ nice to young people, but most old people can’t stand it.

A. hear B. sound C. look D. listen

【2012四川省乐山市】25. —Have you known Dr. Jackson for a long time?

—the Chinese Society.

A. joined B. joins C. has joined

【2012四川省乐山市】26. When asked what they needed most, the kids said they wanted to important and loved.

A. turn B. sound C. feel

【2012四川省乐山市】27. Sarah had her washing machine yesterday, but it doesn’t work now.

A. repair B. repaired C. to repair

【2012四川省乐山市】28. Tony is very nice. He is the most enjoyable person I .

学思教育 86238861 86622799 37

A. meet ever B. have ever met C. had ever met

【2012四川省乐山市】33. The digital camera it very popular, but some still too much.

A. cost B. spend C. pay

专题九 情态动词

一 例题

【2012贵州铜仁】31.You ________ stop when the traffic light turns red.

A. can B. had better C. need D. must

D. shorter and shorter 【2012贵州毕节】30. When winter comes, days get ______. A. long and long B. short and short C. longer and longer

【2012福建福州】41. — Mum, must I stay there the whole day?

— No, you____________. You____________come back after lunch, if you like.

A. mustn't; can B. needn't; must C. needn't; may

【2012贵州贵阳】45. “Whose notebook is this?” “It _______ Jim’s. It has his name on it.”

A. can’t be B. must be C. can be

【2012.安徽省】42. There's enough time for you to go to the airport. You______ hurry now.

A. should

二 课堂练习

【2012北京】27. —Mum, must I wash the dishes right now? —No, you ____.

A. shouldn’t

A. can’t

A. Must; can't B. May; must B. wouldn’t C. mustn’t B. mustn’t C. Can; mustn't D. needn’t C. may not D. Can't; can 【2012甘肃鸡西市】31. —Is that your teacher? —That_____be Mr.Wang. He has gone to Japan with his wife. 【2012广东】34. — I swim here? — I'm sorry. Children swim alone here.

【2012贵州安顺】18.——You can hardly swim,_____you?

——_____.But my mother says she’ll teach me during my summer holiday.

A.can’t;No B.can;No

A. can’t

A. practise to speak

A. can C.can’t;Yes B. mustn’t B. to practise speaking C. can’t D.can;Yes C. may not C. practise speaking 【2012黑龙江齐齐哈尔】31. —Is that your teacher? —That _____be Mr.Wang. He has gone to Japan with his wife. 【2012黑龙江齐齐哈尔】33. Lisa is a little poor at Chinese. I think she needs _____it every day. 【2011湖北恩施】35. —Is that girl under the tree Mary? —No, that ______be Mary. She is in New York. B. mustn’t

【2012 湖北黄石】36.Is Maria kocking at the door? It______be her. She is in Australia now.

A.may not B.needn't C.mustn't D.can't

【2012·湖北·荆州】21. — Shall we take a taxi? — No, we . It’s not far from here.

A. can’t B. mustn’t C, shouldn’t D. needn’t

【2012·湖北·武汉】35. -You _____ be happy with the strong public support you"ve received.

-Yes,you"re right.I"m really excited.

A.may B.can C.must D.need B. needn't C. must D. can't

学思教育 86238861 86622799 38

【2012湖北咸宁】26. Tom, you _______ play with the knife.You______ hurt yourself.B

A. won't; can't B. mustn't; may C. shouldn't; must D. can't; should

【2012湖北咸宁】27.―Jim, can you _______ this word in Chinese? ―Yes, I can_______ a little Chinese.

A. speak; say B. say; speak C. tell; speak D. talk; say

【2012湖北宜昌】33. —My brother won the first prize in speech competition.

—Congratulations! You be excited about that!

A. need B. must C. would D. can

【2012湖南常德】25. In competition, as in life, you _______ not always win.

A. may B. shall C. must

【2011湖南株洲】26. That man ______ be my English teacher. He has gone to Canada.

A. needn’t

B. can’t B. mustn’t C. needn’t C. can’t D. couldn’t 【2012江苏淮安】6.— Must we wear our school uniform this afternoon?—No, you . All of us will go on an outing. A. mustn’t

【2012江苏连云港】4.—Meng Fei had his arm broken while recording If You Are the One in Beijing.

—Really? Then perhaps he host TV programs for some time.

A. needn’t B. mustn’t C. shouldn’t D. can’t

【2012江苏南京】5. --Have you decided which senior high school to choose?----Not yet. I go to Moonlight School.

A. must B. may C. need D. should

【2012江苏苏州】7. —I hear you’ve got a new iPhone 4S. ______ I have a look? —Yes, certainly.

A. May B. Do

C. Shall D. Should C. can’t D. can 【2012江苏无锡】6. The lady in this photo be over fifty! She looks so young! A. mustn’t B. must

【2012江苏宿迁】16. —Must I do my homework now, Mum? — . You can do it tomorrow.

A. No, you needn’t B. No, you mustn’t C. Yes, you need D. Yes, you must

【2012江苏盐城】6.— Dad, must I practice the piano today?

— No, you . You may do it tomorrow.

A. needn’t B. mustn’t C. shouldn’t D. can’t

【2012江苏扬州】8.— Excuse me, when are we going to have a picnic?

— I’m not sure, Ask our monitor, please. He know.

A. need B. can C. may D. shall

【2012江苏镇江】3. –I’m afraid I need a pair of glasses. I ____ hardly see the words on the blackboard.

- That’s terrible. You may have got poor eyesight.

A. can B. must C. may D. need

【2012江西】30. Last year I ______ drive. I used to take the bus.

A. could B. couldn’t C. should D. shouldn’t

【2012辽宁大连】 9.In Britain, you ____ be 18 if you want to drive a car.

A.can B.must C.may D.might

【2012 内蒙古包头】28. —You be excited that you’re going back to your hometown soon.

—Yes, I can’t wait any longer.

A. shall B. can C. need D. must

【2012 呼和浩特】10. —______ I try on those shoes in the window? —______. They are just on show.

A. Could; Yes, you can B. Can; Sorry, you couldn’t C. Could; Sorry, you can’t D. Can; Yes, you could

学思教育 86238861 86622799 39

【2012年福建省福州市】41. -- Mum, must I stay there the whole day?

-- No, you ______ . You ______ come back after lunch, if you like.

A. mustn't; can B. needn't; must C. needn't; may

【2012年广东省】34. —________ I swim here? —I’m sorry. Children _______ swim alone here.

A. Must , can’t B. May , must C.Can, mustn’t D. Can’t can

【2012 广西桂林】35. — Must I turn down the radio now? — No, you .

A. mustn’t B. needn’t C. can’t D. won’t

35. —Whose is the pencil box? —It_______ be Tom's. Look at his name on the cover!

A. can B. may C. must D. need

【2011河南】26. The Internet is so closely connected with our daily life. Can you___ a life without it?

A. understand B. imagine C. consider D. expect

【2011河南】29. —Do you have any plans for this weekend? —I'm not sure. I ______ go climbing Mount Yuntai.

A. must B. need C. may D. can

【2012湖北黄冈】35. —_____ I do the laundry first? —No, you _____. You can do your homework first.

A. Must; mustn't B Can; mustn't C. Must; needn't D. May; needn't

【2012湖北黄冈】38. —Can you tell me why you learn English so well?

—It's very simple _____ you work, _____ grades you will get.

A. The harder; the best B. The hard; the better C. Harder; better D. The harder; the better

【2012 山东滨州】25. —Must I wait for you here? —No, you ______.

A. don't B. can't C .mustn’t D. needn’t

【2012.山东菏泽】10.-Excuse me, can you tell me the way to the People’s Park?

-Walk along this road and turn right, and the park is on your right. You______ miss it.

A. needn’t B. mustn’t C. may not D. won’t

【2012山东济南】46. —Look! A book is on the floor. Whose is it? —It ______be Rick's. It has his name on it.

A. mustn't B. can't C. must D. need

【2012山东济宁】20.This toy Mickey Mouse _______be Amy's. she's the only kid at the picnic.

A.must B.can C. need D.can't

2012 山东临沂】26. Many students come from poor families and they _____ afford school lunches, so the government is trying to help them.

A needn’t B. shouldn’t C. can’t D. mustn’t

【2012山东泰安】36. —Can I go to the park, Mum? —Certainly. But you ______be back by six o’clock

A. can B. may C. might D. must

21.一Shall I tell Jim the good news? 一No, you________.I’ve told him already.

A.wouldn’t B.needn’t C.shouldn’t D.mustn’t

【2012山东枣庄】19. _______ you dance? We need some more actors for the talent show.

A. Need B. Shall C. Must D. Can

【 2012四川成都】35. —Excuse me, whose Japanese book is this?

—It be Tom’s. In our class, only he is studying Japanese.

A. must B. can’t C. would

【2012四川达州】29. — John, you go out to play until your homework . —OK, Mum.

A. must; finishes B. can’t; is finished C. can’t; has finished D. needn’t; finishes

【2012四川广安】32. —Look! The man at the gate ______ be our teacher. He is always standing there every morning.

学思教育 86238861 86622799 40

—No, it _______ be him. He is having a meeting in the office now.

A. must; can’t B. must; mustn’t C. can’t; can’t

【2012四川凉山】2 9. — Is Jim coming by train? —I’m not sure. He_____ drive his car.

A. must B. may C. need

【2012绵阳市】7. School students ________ smoke because it is against the school rules.

A. needn’t B. couldn’t C. won’t D. mustn’t

【2012四川自贡】30. --Have you heard that some bad thing would happen in 2012?

be true.

A. mustn't B. may not C. needn't

【2012四川雅安市】8. You look tired, you must________.

A. stops to work B. shop working C. stop to work D. stopped working

【2012四川雅安市】16. The old people must______ to politely.

A. are spoken B. spoken C. speak D. be spoken

【2012四川宜宾】27. —Whose shoes are these?—They _____ be Mike’s. They are much too large for him.

A. might B. may C. mustn’t D. can’t

【2012浙江杭州】22. You ____be servious! You’re actually going to lend him money again?

A. needn't B. can't C. shouldn't D. mustn’t


【2012浙江湖州】23.We ______ be careful when we are walking across the road. There are too many cars now.

A. can B. may C. must D. could

【2012浙江丽水】17 Drivers _______wear the safety belt when driving. This is the traffic rule

A. can B. may C. will D. must.

【2012浙江宁波】25. —What do you want to eat for lunch? 1 will prepare earlier today,

—Honey, you____________. Let's go out to have something different.

A. mustn't B. can't C. shouldn't D. don't have to

【2012重庆市】32. -Mom, must I clean my room now? -No, you . You can do it tomorrow.

A. can’t B. needn’t C. mustn’t D. shouldn’t

【2012贵州六盘水】29. You____________ worry about me. I feel much better now.

A. mustn't B. can't C. needn't D. won't

【2012贵州铜仁】31.You ________ stop when the traffic light turns red.

A. can B. had better C. need D. must

【2012黑龙江黑河市】34. _____exercise you take, _____you’ll be.

A. The fewer, the fatter B. The less, the fatter C. The less, the more fatter

【2012黑龙江黑河市】33. Lisa is a little poor at Chinese. I think she needs_____it every day.

A. practise to speak B. to practise speaking C. practise speaking

【2012黑龙江黑河市】31. —Is that your teacher?

—That_____be Mr.Wang. He has gone to Japan with his wife.

A. can’t B. mustn’t C. may not

【2012湖北省荆州市】21. — Shall we take a taxi? — No, we . It’s not far from here.

A. can’t B. mustn’t C, shouldn’t D. needn’t

【2012湖南省岳阳】 24. —Who is that? —It _____ be Shirly. Only she is in red today .

A. could B. may C. must

【2012山东日照】29. -_____ your brother speak Japanese?-Yes, he has learnt it in Tokyo for three years.

学思教育 86238861 86622799 41

A. Should B. Must C. Can D. May

专题十 宾语从句

一 例题

【2012黔西南】23.Do you know _________ Zunyi or not tomorrow?

A. whether are they leaving for B. whether they are leaving for

C. if they are leaving for D. if are they leaving for

【2012贵州安顺】29.The policewoman asked the little boy ______.

A.where did he live B.where he lived C.where he lives D.where does he lives

【2012福建福州】45. — Show me the map, please. I wonder _________.

— Look, it's here, in the east of China, near Taiwan Province.

A. where is Diaoyu Island B. where Diaoyu Island is C. what is Diaoyu Island like


【2012.安徽省】43. -- Could you tell me_____ he came here? --He drove here himself.

A. how B. why C. when D. whether

【2012北京】34. —Can you tell me ____ the prize, Tom? —Last year.

A. when you got B. when did you get C. when will you get

B. how to do D. when you will get 【2012甘肃鸡西市】29. The math problem is so hard. I really don’t know_____. A. how to do it C. what to do it

【2012广东】45. — Could you tell me ?— Certainly. In half an hour.

A. when will the high speed train arrive B. when the high speed train will arrive

C. when would the high speed train arrive D. when the high speed train would arrive

【2012广西玉林】35. —Excuse me, could you tell me ______ to get the post office?—Certainly. The No. 15 bus.

A. which bus I should take B. I should take which bus C. should I take which bus D. which bus should I take

【2012贵州安顺】17.I think _____ not difficult _____ English every morning.

A. that; keep reading B.it’s; keep reading C. that; to keep reading D.it; to keep reading

【2012贵州铜仁】30. —Could you tell me________________?—Yes, you can go there by bus.

A. how can I get to the Miao King City

C. how I can get to the Miao King City

A. how to do it B. where is the Miao King City D. where the Miao King City is C. what to do it 【2012黑龙江齐齐哈尔】29. The math problem is so hard. I really don’t know_____. B. how to do

【2012 湖北黄石】40.Everyone can play an important part in society. As members, we should try our best to do_____.

A.what we should do B.what should we do C.how we should do D.how should we do[中

【2012湖北十堰】37. ---Is Tom still in New York or already back at home?---I’m not sure __. I’ll call to make sure.

A. how he will be back B. that he has come back C. why he has come back

A. how many people have been out of hospital B.when is Thanksgiving Day

C. which animal does he like best D. what time will the dolphin show start

【2012·湖北·武汉】34. -Hi,Bruce.Here"s a letter for you. -Thanks. I wonder . D. if he has been back 【2012湖北随州】34. —Could you tell me _______ ? —I’m not sure.

学思教育 86238861 86622799 42

A.who that letter was from B.who was from that letter C.who was that letter from D.who from that letter was

【2012湖北咸宁】31. I didn't see Lucy at the party last night. Do you know_______? B

A. why didn't she come B. what happened C. when would she arrive D. where she has been

[【2012湖北孝感】38. -Do you know London for the 30th Olympic Games? -Next month.

A. when they visited B. when will they visit C. when did they visit D. when they will visit

【2012湖北孝感】39. His parents found to tell him everything that had happened.

A. it necessary B. that necessary C. it is necessary B. necessary[来#源:%中^教

【2012湖北宜昌】40. —Could you please tell me more about ―shoe yogurt‖?

—Certainly. You can look it up in this webpage.

A. when could I learn B. Where I can learn C. when I can learn C. where could I learn.#

【2012湖南永州】27. Please tell me ______ next. A. how to do it B. what to do it C. how do it

【2012湖南永州】30. The teacher asked Li Hua ______.

A. why he was late for class B. why was he late for class C. why is he late for class

【2012江苏淮安】15. Over these years I have had a new understanding of people traditionally call a perfect person.

A. how B. what C. who D. Whom

【2012江苏连云港】15.—Do you know ? —At the end of July.

A. how soon is your sister running back home B. how often Nancy from her pen friend

C. when the London Olympic Games will be held D. when will the new computer game come out

【2012江苏南京】8. ----Peter, is there anything else you want to know about China?

A. how is Chinese paper cut made

B. how was the Great Wall built in ancient times

C. why the Chinese people like to play the dragon dance

D. why do the Chinese people eat rice dumplings at Dragon Boat Festival

【2012江苏苏州】13. We haven’t discussed yet ______.

A. where we are going to put our new table B. where are we going to put our new table

C. what we are going to put our new table D. what are we going to put our new table

【2012江苏宿迁】19. Can you tell me in the future?

A. how life will be like B. how will life be like C. what life will be like D. what will life be like

【2012江苏徐州】14. — Tom, please tell me . —In Sunshine Second School.

A. where will the match take place B. where the match will take please

C. Many hands make light work D. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket

【2012江苏镇江】15. I wonder ______.

A. if Dr Ma still works on the ORBIS plane B. how much does the tallest man in the world weigh

C. when Audrey Hepburn had entered the film industry D. that Armstrong was the first man to walk on the moon

学思教育 86238861 86622799 43

【2012 呼和浩特】14. —What did your teacher say this morning? —She told us ________.

A. why was Tom late for school again B. whether we had too much homework

C. how she did come to school this morning D. that we would have a test soon

【2012年福建省福州市】45. -- Show me the map, please. I wonder________.

-- Look, it's here, in the east of China, near Taiwan Province.

A. where is Diaoyu Island B. where Diaoyu Island is C. what is Diaoyu Island like

【2012广东省梅州市】43. --- Could you please tell me________? --- They’re over there.

A. where are the restrooms B. where were the restrooms C. where the restrooms are D. where the restrooms were

【2012年广东省】45. --- Could you tell me_____ ? ---- Certanily. In half an hour.

A. when will the high speed train arrive B. when the high speed train will arrive

C. when would the high speed train arrive D. when the high speed train would arrive

【2012 广西桂林】40. — Can you tell me this morning?

A. why didn’t Daming come to school — Sorry, I’ve no idea. B. why Daming didn’t come to school C. why doesn’t Daming come to school D. why Daming doesn’t come to school

A. what they say B. what they said C. which they say D. which they said 45. Our teachers always give us good advice. We should follow________.

【2011河南】35. My pen pal from America is coming to visit me. I'm thinking about ______.

A. what present did I give her B. how I will give her a surprise

C. where will we have a big meal D. whether I planned a trip for her

【2012湖北襄阳】40. —Could you tell me _____? —He rides his bike.

A. how does he go to work B. how he goes to work C. what does he do D. where he goes

【2012.山东菏泽】8. -Have you ever seen the movie 2012?

-Yes, but I don’t believe______ the year 2012 will see the end of the world.

A. that B. what C. how D. if

【2012山东济南】55. —I'm doing a survey. Could you tell me ______? —Sure. I usually go to work at 7:00 am.

A. why you go to work B. how you go to work C. when you go to work D. who you go to work with

【2012 山东临沂】34. I wonder____ on April 23, World Book Day. Did you find some interesting books to read?

A. what did you do B. what you did C. what do you do D. what you do

【2012山东泰安】29. —Do you know _____ he is going to stay in Shenzhen?

—Sorry, I don’t know. Maybe a few weeks, but I’m not sure.

A. when B. how long C. what time D. how soon

【2012山东泰安】39. I don’t know ______ Apple iphone4s.

A. that she is so crazy about B. what is she so crazy about C. why she is so crazy about D. how she is so crazy about

26.We’ve given her some advice, but I don’t know________ she’ll accept it.

A.what B.where C.whether D.which

【2012 烟台中考】30. Could you tell me______?

A. where is the headmaster B. whose camera it is

C. what Jack was happened D. how long does it take you to the aquarium

学思教育 86238861 86622799 44

【2012山东枣庄】16. Robert is just one young overseas Chinese ________ has come to visit his ancestor's homeland.

A. who B. where C. when D. which

【2012陕西】30. Tomorrow is Father’s Day. I don’t know _______.

A. what can I do for my father B. what I will get for my father

C. where I went with my father D. where will I go with my father

【 2012四川成都】44. —I can’t find Mike. Could you tell me ? —He is in the library.

A. what he is B. how he is C. where he is

【2012四川凉山】37. — Could you please show me _____.—Sure, no problem.

A. how I can use the computer B. how can I use the computer C. what I can use the computer

【2012绵阳市】13. —What about going to the South Lake for a picnic next weekend?

—OK. But I’m not sure________ it will rain.

A. why B. where C. when D. whether

【2012四川自贡】29. --Can you tell me ? -- By doing more exercises and speaking.

A. how I can improve my English B. how do I deal with my English C. what's wrong with my English

【2012四川雅安市】13. I want to write to my aunt, but I don’t know_____.

A. What her e-mail address was B. What was her e-mail address

C. What her e-mail address is D. What is her e-mail address

【2012四川宜宾】34. I wanted to know ______ last weekend.

A. what Mary does B. what does Mary do C. what Mary did D. what did Mary do

三 课后作业

【2012天津】43. —Can you tell me ________? — With Lucy’s help.

A. when you did it so well B. when did you do it so well

C. how you did it so well D. how did you do it so well

【2012浙江杭州】26. — Could you tell me________? — Of course.

A. where's there a good place to eat B. where's there’s a good place to eat

C. where is a good place to eat D. where a good place to eat

【2012浙江湖州】18. — Excuse me. could you tell me ______? —In the supermarket.

A. where 1 can buy this kind of CD player B. where can I buy this kind of CD player

C. if I can buy this kind of CD player D. if can I buy this kind of CD player

【2012浙江丽水】24. —Hello, Jack. Haven't, seen you for long. I am calling to check _________ you are.

— Very well. I'm glad you called.

A. how B. what C .where D. who

【2012浙江宁波】34. — Can you guess _________the new Nike sports shoes?

—Yes. Maybe he asked his grandpa to pay for them, I think.

A. how he paid for B. where lie bought C. when he paid for D. why he bought

学思教育 86238861 86622799 45

【2012浙江衢州】29. — Can you tell me _______?— He is in the library.

A, where was Jack B. where Jack was C, where is Jack D. where Jack is

【2012浙江温州】9, — Can you tell me______ to travel to Dalian? — About two hours by plane.

A. how much it costs B. what I should take C. how long it takes D. which is the best season

【2012重庆市】36. -Could you tell me ? -By searching the Internet.

A. how you got the information B. why you got the information

C. how did you get the information D. why did you get the information

【2012贵州六盘水】35. I wonder ___________ .

A. where does he live B. how old he is C. what is he doing? D. how soon will he come hack

【2012贵州黔东南州】32. ---Could you tell me________________? -- Near a park.

A. where does Jim live B. where Jim lives C. when will Jim come back D. when Jim will come back

【2012贵州铜仁】30. —Could you tell me________________?—Yes, you can go there by bus.

A. how can I get to the Miao King City

C. how I can get to the Miao King City

A. how to do it B. where is the Miao King City D. where the Miao King City is C. what to do it 【2012黑龙江黑河市】29. The math problem is so hard. I really don’t know_____. B. how to do

【2012湖南省岳阳】23. —Do you know the lady ______is talking with Mr. Smith?

—Yes, she’s our new chemistry teacher, Miss Brown.

A. who

A. what can we do B. which C. whom C. how can we do D. how we can do 【2012山东日照】35. These animals are in danger. We should think ________ to protect them. B. what we can do

【2012四川省乐山市】34. —Have you got any idea for the summer vacation?

—I don’t mind . It will be OK if there is sun, sea and beach.

A. where do we go B. where we go C. when we go

专题十一 定语从句

一 例题

【2011湖南株洲】28. People often like clothes ______ can make them look young.

A. when

feel comfortable.”

A. that B. what C. who

【2012贵州贵阳】37. “What do you think of the school uniforms?” “Very good. I like clothes ______ make me

feel comfortable.”

A. that B. what C. Who

B. who C. that 【2012贵州贵阳】37. “What do you think of the school uniforms?” “Very good. I like clothes ______ make me

二 课堂练习

【2012广东】42. There will be a flower show in the park we visited last week.

学思教育 86238861 86622799 46

A. who B. when C. what D. Which

【2012广西玉林】37. —Now many people smoke and get ill. —So we should do something ___ can help stop smoking.

A. what B. who C. / D. that

【2012 湖北黄石】30.I still remember the time_____we spent together at Xisai Mountain last year.

A.when B.what C.who D.which

【2012湖北十堰】38. One of the most delicious drinks _________ I like is orange juice. [

A. which B. that C. whose D. whom

【2012湖北随州】35. —There are so many girls over there. Which one is your sister? —The one ______hat is yellow.

A. who B. whose C. that D. which

【2012湖北咸宁】29. We all like the story about the teacher _______ happened in our school last week. A

A. which B. who C. whom D. what

【2012江苏南京】7. The English-Chinese dictionary my father bought for me many years ago is still of great value.

A. whose B. when C. who D. that

【2012江苏扬州】12. Zhang Lili is considered as the most beautiful teacher gave her love to her students in danger.

A. who B. that C. whom D. which

【2012 呼和浩特】9. The little boy was wrapping the present _____ world be sent to his teacher.

A. who B. / C. what D. that

【2012广东省梅州市】35. Mr. Smith __________ is smoking is looking for________ she lost yesterday.

A. whom; which B. who; what C. that; who D. which; where

【2011河南】( ) 33. Success will belong to those ________never say "impossible".

A. whom B. what C. who D. which

【2012 山东滨州】33. —What are you looking for?

—I'm looking for the ring ______my husband bought me last year.

A. that B. who C. whom D. it

【2012山东泰安】38. I hate people ______ talk much but do little.

A. who B. which C. whose D. whom

28.Piano is a word________ was originally borrowed from Italian.

A.where B.who C.which D.Whose

【 2012四川成都】36. It’s interesting that there are many people speak French in Canada.

A. which B. where C. who

【2012四川达州】23. —Do you enjoy My heart will go on? —No, I prefer songs loud.

A. that is B. which is C. that are D. what are

【2012绵阳市】20. I can never forget the stories________ my grandma told me.

A. what B. who C. them D. that

【2012四川宜宾】26. This is the primary school ______ I studied three years ago.

A. where B. when C. that D. which

【2012天津】44. Please pass me the cartoon book _________ has a Mickey Mouse on the cover.

A. whom B. whose C. who D. which

【2012浙江湖州】21.—What kind of movies do you like? . —I like the move ______ are about Chinese history.

A. who B. whom C. whose D which

【2012浙江嘉兴】21. Most students like the teachers understand them well

A. who B. when C. what D. which

学思教育 86238861 86622799 47

【2012浙江衢州】27. — What are you looking for ?— I'm looking for the pen________my father gave me last week. A- who B. which C, whose D. whom

【2012贵州黔东南州】29_ --- Do you know the girl_____ is helping the old woman. -Oh, that's my sister,

A. whom B. whose C. who D. where

【2012山东·东营市】26. Steve Jobs is one of the persons founded Apple Computer Company. His death marked the end of an era (时代).

A. who


1.(2010 .河北中考) There are lots of things A. who B. that



C. whom D. whose B.whom C.whose B. whom C. which D. / 2.(2010.自贡中考)Jim dislikes people ______talk much but never do anything . 3.(2010南京中考)—I hear Sam has gone to Qiandiao for his holiday. --Oh,how nice!Do you know when he_______? B.was leaving C.has left B. when D.had left D. whose 4.(2010.衢州中考)We are trying to help those children _____ lost their parents in Yushu , Qinghai Province. A. which A.who C. who C.when D.who 5.(2010.长沙中考)Do you know the girl _______is singing in the classroom? B.which 6.(2010·通化中考)Jim dislikes people _______talk much but never do anything. A.whom B.when C.whose

7.(2010·扬州中考)—The volunteers are doing a great job in Yushu.

--Yes.They are helping the people ______are suffering from the earthquake.


A.when B.what C./ D.who C.that 8.(2010成都中考)Have you found the answer to the question ______I asked you this morning? B.what

9.(2010·河南中考)make you smile,always open their hearts to you and encourage you to succeed

A which B what C whom D who

10.(2010·十堰中考)I began to work in Shanghai in the year _______HongKong was returned to China.

A.that B.which C.where D.when

11. (2009·河北中考) Sorry, we don’t have the coat ______ you need.

A. what B. who C. whom D. which

12. (2009·山东中考) This is the novel ______ is written by Guo Jingming.

A. who B. what C. that D. /

13. (2009·通化中考) Jim dislikes people ______ talk much but never do anything.

A. whom B. when

A. who B. whom C. whose D. who C. whose D. which 14. (2009·德州中考) The girl _________ is sitting under the big tree is Lynn’s cousin.

15. (2009·河南中考) It’s time to say goodbye to my school. I’ll always remember the people _______ have helped me.

A. who B. what C. which D. where

16. (2009·绍兴中考) The whole world is fighting against the H1N1, a disease ______ has caused many deaths.

A. who B. which C. whom D. what

学思教育 86238861 86622799 48

17. (2009·绵阳中考) Disney is an amusement park _______ you can find all the normal attractions and Disney movies and characters.

A. which B. where C. that D. when

18. (2009·东营中考) The young lady ________ we met yesterday is our new math teacher.

A. what B. whose C. who D. which

19. (2009·孝感中考) The skirt _________ is made of silk is very expensive. I can’t afford it.

A. what B. / C. that D. it

20. (2009·兰州中考) I like the teacher ________ classes are very interesting and creative.

A. which B. who C. what D. whose

三 课后作业

21. (2008·厦门中考) Jack, there is someone in the office ______ would like to speak with you.

A. who B. which C. whom

22. (2008·河南中考) Shaolin Temple ________ lies in the west of Zhengzhou welcomes the visitors both at home and abroad.

A. where B. which C. who D. what

23. (2008·陕西中考) We should give love to the children _______ lost their parents in the earthquake (地震).

A. who B. whom C. those D. which

24. (2008·哈尔滨中考) -The duty of Project Hope is to help poor children, isn’t it?

-Yes, it has built many schools ________ those children can study happily.

A. where B. when C. which

25. (2008·咸宁中考) -There are many volunteers ________ are helping the children in Sichuan.

-And most of them are college students.

A. which B. when C. whose

26. (2008·长沙中考) -What are you looking for?

-I am looking for the book ________ I bought yesterday.

A. who B. which C. whose

27. (2008·恩施中考) We know Jackie Chan ________ movies are very popular with the young.

A. whose B. that C. who D. which

28. (2008·衡阳中考) Is this university_______ your elder brother will choose this year?

A. the one B. that C. where

29. (2008·梧州中考) -Do you know the boy _______ is standing under the tree?

-Yes. He’s Peter. He’s new in our class.

A. where B. what C. who D. whose

D. who

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专题十二 主谓一致和倒装句

一 例题

1. There ________ a lot of rain in this area in August every year.

2. Some of my classmates ________ from other cities. A. is B. are C. was D. were A. comes B. is C. are

3. A number of students ______ in the dinning hall.-----Let me count. The number of the students _____ about 200.

A. are, is B. is, are C. are, are

4. Either Mary or he ________ going to Paris. Only one person may go there.

A. are B. is C. was

5. One of my friends ________ already moved to London.

A. do B. does C. have D. has

二 课堂练习

6. There ________ no milk in the fridge. Could you get some for me? ------All right, Mum.

A. is B. are C. was D. were

7. How many countries ________ in Europe? ------I’m not sure.

A. is it B. is there C. are they D. are there

8. ________ a pen and two books on the desk.

A. There are B. There is C. Have D. Has

9. There ________ some old people taking a walk in the park.

A. is B. are C. had D. have

10. Not only Jim but also his sister ________ a few cities in the south since they came to China.

A. will visit B. has visited C. have visited D. visited

11. Both Lily and Lucy ________ to the party yesterday.

A. invited B. was invited C. had invited D. were invited

12. Everyone except Tom and John ________ there when the meeting began.

A. are B. is C. was D. were

13. When are you going to Beijing for your holidays?

------I haven’t decided. ________ this Sunday ________ next Sunday is OK.

A. Both, and B. Either, or C. Neither, nor D. Not only, but also

14. Which is more useful, biology or chemistry? ------I think ________ them are useful.

A. either of B. none of C. both of D. all of

15. How many teachers are there in your school? ------About 200. One third of them ________ men teachers.

A. have B. has C. are D. is

16. China’s sports stars Yao Ming and Liu Xiang ________ Goodwill Ambassadors(亲善大使) for Shanghai.

A. has been named B. have been named C. has named D. have named

17. Liu Xiang and Yao Ming are world-famous sports stars. ________ of them are the pride of China.

A. Both B. Neither C. All D. None

18. Listen! Someone ________ outside. A. sing B. sings C. is singing D. are singing

19. It rained heavily this morning, but ________ of classmates were away from school.

A. neither B. none C. all D. both

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20. A report says hundreds and thousands of trees ________ in the Amazon rainforest(亚马逊雨林) last year.

A. was cut down B. have been cut down C. were cut down D. had been cut down

21. Not only his parents but also his grandfather ___ to a lot of places of interest in our country since they came here.

A. has gone B. has been C. have gone D. have been

22. ________ she or you going to Beijing next week?

A. Is B. Are C. Was D. Were

23. Three fourths of the earth ________ covered with water.

A. are B. is C. were D. being

24. The mother with her little son ________ at my home on that snowy night.

A. were B. was C. is D. are

25. The singer and dancer ________ yet.

A. don’t come B. haven’t come C. didn’t come D. hasn’t come

26. How many students are there in your school?

------________ the students in our school ________ over two thousand.

A. The number of, is B. The number of, are C. A number of, is D. A number of, are

27. Swimming in the pool with the children ________ very interesting.

A. has B. have C. are D. is

28. Physics(物理) ________ my favorite subject.

A. be B. is C. am D. are

29. The paper for books and newspapers ________ made from wood.(木头)

A. are B. is C. has D. have


30. Do you think we’ll need a coffee pot(咖啡壶)?

------I don’t drink coffee, and ________. It’s not necessary. Why not a tea service(茶壶)?

A. so do you B. neither you do C. so you do D. neither do you

31. Jim wants to take part in the torch relay(火炬接力) of the 2008 Olympic Games. ------________.

A. So I do B. So do I C. Neither do I D. Nor do I

32. Jim works hard at his Chinese and ________.

A. so Lucy does B. so is Lucy C. so does Lucy D. so Lucy is

33. I am interested in science. What about you? ------________.

A. So do I B. So am I C. So I am

34. I’m going to an amusement park. ------________.

A. So am I B. so are you C. So you are D. So I am

三 课后作业

35. Jim is trying his best to learn Chinese Kungfu. ------________.

A. So does Mike B. So is Mike C. So Mike does D. So Mike is

36. How well Anna dances! I can’t believe my eyes! ------________.

A. So she does B. So does she C. Neither can she D. So can I

37. In recent(最近的) years, more and more Americans like traveling during holidays. ------________.

A. So do we Chinese B. So will we Chinese C. So we Chinese do D. So we Chinese will

38. Lily’s not visited many places of great interest in China. ________.

学思教育 86238861 86622799 51

A. So has her twin sister B. Neither is her twin sister C. Neither has her twin sister D. So her twin sister has

39. You’ve left the light on. ------________. I’ll go and turn it off.

A. So I have B. So do I C. Nor have I D. Neither I do

40. David has made great progress recently.(近来) ------________, and ________.

A. So he has, so have you B. So he has, so you have C. So has he, so you have D. So has he, so have you

41. Mr. Watson won’t be here next week, and ________.

A. neither will his wife B. neither his wife won’t C. his wife won’t neither D. his wife will either

专题十三 非谓语动词

一 例题

1.(2011临安)---I feel tired and sleepy. ---Why not stop _______for a while?

A. rest B. to rest C. resting D. rested

2.(2011杭州 A. not to wear B. not wear C. wearing not D. not wearing

3.(2011烟台)When I was walking past the window, I noticed Wang Fei _______my homework I really got_______.

A. copying; annoyed B. copying; annoying C. copy; annoyed D. copied; annoyed

4.(2011长沙)We must keep the classroom_______. A. clean B. to clean C. cleaning D. cleaned

5.(2011济南)They decided _______ at the end of this month.

A. to leave B. going back C. travel D. not start out

二 课堂练习

6.(2011江西省)How kind you are! You always do what you can _______me.

A. help B. helping C. to help D. helps

7.(2011潍坊)The new treatments _______by Norman Bethune helped a number of soldiers.

A. invent B. invents C. inventing D. invented

8.(2011上海市)If the launch(发射)in 2005 is successful, China will be the third country_______ its astronauts into space after Russia and the US.

A. send B. sends C. sending D. to send

9.(2011重庆市)We don't know _______it next. Let's go and ask Mr. Li.

A. what to do B. to do what C. whether to do D. to do whether

10. (2011泰州)One of the difficulties we have_______ English is how to remember new words and expressions.

A. to learn B. in learning C. learn D. learned

11. (2011成都)---I like this set of sofa so much, but I don't know _______it in my small house

---You're supposed to put it in the living room.

A. where to put B. why to put C. how to put

12. (2011内江)Teachers often tell us _______ in the river after school.

A. don't swim B. not swim C. not to swim

13. (2011临沂)If prices rise too high, the government has to do something _______it.

A. stop B. stopped C. stopping D. to stop

14. (2011盐城)Plan your time carefully and make sure you have some time _______what you like every day.

A. do B. to do C. doing D. done

学思教育 86238861 86622799 52

15. (2011山西省)Drivers shouldn't be allowed _______after drinking, or they will break the law.

A. drive B. driving C. to drive

16. (2011成都)While we were running on the playground, Jack suddenly stopped _______and lay on the ground, so we

all stopped _______what was wrong with him.

A. to run; to see B. running; seeing C. running; to see

17. (2011盐城)I saw Li Ming _______near the river on my way home.

A. plays B. playing C. to play D. played

18. (2011株洲)Tony wants _______a job as a language teacher in China.

A. to find B. finding C. find

19. (2011南宁)Please stop _______a rest if you feel tired.

A. to have B. having C. have D. has

20. (2011襄阳市)---What kind of volunteer work would you like to do? ---I'd like to _______sick kids in hospital.

A. find out B. look up C. cheer up D. hand out

21. (2011肇庆)The assistant won't let you ______the cinema if you don't have a ticket.

A. enter B. to enter C. entering

22. (2011芜湖)---I often have hamburgers for lunch. ---You'd better not. It's bad for you _______too much junk food.

A. eat B. to eat C. eating D. ate

23. (2011河北省)Whenever you have a chance _______ English, you should take it.

A. speak B. to speak C. spoke D. speaks

24. (2011宿迁)You look quite tired You'd better _______a good rest.

A. stop to have B. stop having C. to stop to have D. to stop having

【2012贵州贵阳】44. It took Janet three hours _______ reading this interesting story.

A. to finish B. finished C. finishing

【2012广东】44. It took me two weeks _______ reading the novels written by GuoJingming.

A. finish B. to finish C. finishes D. Finishing

【2012贵州安顺】26.When I went into the room,I found _____ in bed.

A.him lying B.he lying C.he lies D.him was lying

【2012湖北咸宁】32. Drivers shouldn't be allowed _______ after drinking, or they will break the law.

A. drive B. driving C. to drive D. to be driven

【2012江苏宿迁】14. —Which do you prefer, Chinese food or Western food?

— I would rather _______ Chinese food. Let’s have noodles.

A. to have B. having C. had D. have

【2012 内蒙古包头】31. _______ energy, turn off the hot water after you take a shower.

A. Save B. Saving C. Saved D. To save

37._______a book in the library, enter a key word into the computer.

A. To find B. Find C. To write D. Write

39.______your name on the paper and you can get a magazine.

A. Cut down B. Look down C. Turn down D. Put down

【2011河南】34. ______ out your love. The world will become a nicer place to live in.

A. Speak B. To speak C. Spoke D. Speaking

【2012.山东菏泽】14. Welcome to our school, ladies and gentlemen. ______, I'd like to introduce myself.

A. To be honest B. To my surprise C. To start with D. To tell you the truth

学思教育 86238861 86622799 53

【2012山东聊城】31. ________ English well, one must have a lot of practice.

A. Speaks B. To speak C. Spoken D. Speak

【2012山东泰安】35. —I'm leaving now. —______you turn off the lights and the computer.

A. To make sure B. Make sure C. Made sure D. Making sure

【2012绵阳市】16. ________ this rock music, please. I’m afraid some people can’t stand the noise!

A. Stopping B. Stop C. Stops D. Stopped

【2012年广东省】44. It took me two weeks ____ reading the novels written by GuoJingming.

A. finish B. to finish C. finishes D. finishing

【2012贵州黔东南州】30. We believe we can ___ a way to solve the problem of pollution in the future.

A. catch up with B. come up with C. put off D. set off

三 课后作业

25. (2011南宁)You'd better _______football in the street.

A. not play B. playing C. not to play D. play

26. (2011宜宾)It is very important for us _______English well.

A. learn B. learning C. to learn D. learned

27. (2011挂林)Mr Wang does what he can _______ us improve our English.

A. help B. to help C. helping D. helped

28. (2011天津)Tom's mother told him _______ eating too much meat.

A. stopping B. to stop C. stops D. stopped

29. (2011黄冈)---_______a volunteer is great.

---I think so. Some of us want _______volunteers for the London Olympics.

A. Being; being B. To be; being C. Being; to be D. To be; to be

30. (2011扬州)We can make a fire _______the room warm so that we can chat for a while.

A. to keep B. keeping C. keep D. kept

31. (2011吉林省)So much work usually makes them _______very tired.

A. to feel B. feels C. feeling D. feel

32. (2011绥化)The book is well worth _______.I plan _______one.

A. read; to buy B. reading; buying C. reading; to buy

专题十四 日常交际用语

一 例题


1.---Would you like to go out for a walk with us?

---_________, but I must finish my homework first.

A. Of course not B. That’s all right C. I’d love to D. Yes, I do

2.---I haven’t seen Jack for three days. Is he ill? ---________. His mother told me that he was in hospital.

A. I am afraid so B. I hope not C. I don’t expect D. I am afraid not

3.---Thank you for your delicious dinner. ---__________.

A. Don’t say that B. It’s nothing C. I don’t think so D. I’m glad you enjoyed it

二 练习

1. ---I hope you don’t mind my pointing out your mistakes.----_________ .

A. Not at all B. You’re welcome C. Of course D. It’s a pleasure

2. ---I’m sorry. I’ve broken your cup. ---_______ .

学思教育 86238861 86622799 54

A. It doesn’t matter B. Thank you C. Not at all D. Excuse me

3. ---Shall we go to the zoo tomorrow? ---_________

A. It doesn’t matter. B. That’s nothing. C. Good idea! D. You’re welcome.

4. ---Will you go shopping together with us this Sunday, Jenny? ---Yes, __________.

A. I do B. I’d like to C. I’d love to do D. I’m busy

5. ---What a nice meal! Thank you for having us. ---________.

A. It doesn’t matter B. It was a pleasure C. Not nice enough D. With pleasure

6. --Wish you a happy New Year! ---________.

A. The same to you B. You do too C. The same as you D. You have it too

7. ---Hello. May I speak to Tom Smith? ---Yes. _______.

A. My name’s Tom Smith B. I’m Tom Smith C. This is Tom Smith D. Tom Smith’s me

8. ---What are Johnson’s family like? ---____________.

A. His family is just like mine B. They all like sports and games

C. Oh, it’s really a big one D. They are all warm-hearted and helpful

9. ---Do you mind if I open the door? ---_______.

A. No, of course not B. Yes, please C. Yes, you can D. No, you can’t open it

10.---Help yourself to some fruit. ---__________

A. Thank you. B. Yes, I like it very much. C. OK. It’s nothing serious. D. Really?

三 课后作业

. 交际英语

1. ---__________________ ?---Hold on, please.

A. Are you Bruce, please B. Who are you C. Are you at home, Bruce D. May I speak to Bruce, please

2. ---Could you tell me how to get to Peterson Building, please? ---________________.

A. Don’t ask me B. Sure. You can take the No.3 bus C. You’re welcome D. Thank you all the same

3. ---Oh, what a nice picture! You draw very well. ---________________.

A. Yes, it’s very bad B. Yours is good C. Of course not D. Thank you

4. ---What’s wrong with you?---_________________.

A. I’ve got a headache B. She’ll take some medicine C. I’ve got a new bike D. I’m a doctor

5. ---Happy New Year! ---________________.

A. You are happy B. The same to you C. Happy birthday D. Yes, I’m happy, too

6. ---What’s the weather like?---_______________.

A. I like the weather B. It’s sunny C. I don’t like the weather D. It’s rain

7. ---________________?---It’s Saturday.

A. What’s the date B. What time is it C. What day is it today D. How much is it

8. ---Would you like to come to my house for supper? ---__________________.

A. I’d love to. But I’m afraid I can’t B. Yes, I can’t C. No, I would D. Yes, I wouldn’t

9. ---What can I do for you, madam? ---__________________.

A. I can help myself B. No, I don’t need C. Yes, please help me D. I’d like to buy a pair of shoes of my daughter

10. ---I’ve passed the exam.---__________________.

A. Congratulations! B. Bad luck! C. Thank you for telling me. D. It’s nothing.

三. 补全对话

John: Hello, Jim. May I come in?

学思教育 86238861 86622799 55

Jim: Oh, hello, John. Yes, come in, please.

John: You don’t look well. What’s the matter?

Jim: __1__

John: Oh dear! Why don’t you go to bed for a rest?

Jim: __2__

John: shall I call him and tell him you’re ill?

Jim: __3__

John: OK. I’ll do that. I’m going to the shops now. Can I get you some medicice? Jim: __4__

John: Yes, of course. Is there anything else I can do?

Jim: __5__

John: see you later then. Take care!

A. Oh, yes, please. His number is in the phone book.

B. No, I’ll be all right. Thanks for your help.

C. My head hurts and I feel really hot.

D. Could you buy me a bottle of aspirin,please?

E. It doesn’t hurt very much.

F. I can’t. I will play ping-pong with our teacher this afternoon.

G. Do you think it’s a good idea?

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