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1.(1)have a chance of 有一个干…的机会, (2)有机会干…, (3)in the end =at last 最后, (4)take the test参加考试. fail the test不及格 , pass the test通过考试, 及格, (5)get to class late上课迟到 , (6)take the test later晚一点参加考试 , (7)reply to the article回复这篇文章, (8)old people’s home老人院 , (9)a 一个跑步名星, (10)在上学日晚上,

(11)make decisions for myself为自己做决定, (12)study in groups分组学习 ,

(13)achieve dreams实现梦想, (14)clean up打扫干净,(15)代替干某事(16)choose to do sth. 选择干某事(17)need time to do sth.需要干某事,

(18)spend time with friends.和朋友度过时间, (19)cut hair理发 , haircut发型,

(20)on school nights在上学日晚上. (21)concentrate on集中于,专心于 (22)give us time to do things给我们时间做事 , (23)go back to返回到 , (24take time things花费时间做事 , (25) 练习干某事,(26)have nothing against running.不反对跑步, (27)对… 有兴趣,对… 热衷, be serious about doing 如:She is serious about dancing. 她对跳舞热衷。 如:She is serious about him. 她对他感兴趣。

(28)a running star一个跑步明星,

2.care about介意,计较,关心, care for=look after= take care of照顾, take care =look out =be careful,小心

3.(1)succeed成功(动) , succeed in成功地做成… , He succeeded in the exam.他考试成功了. (2)success成功(名), He had a great success.

(3)successful( 形).(4)successfully(副)

4.如, We relaxed.

5. 如:

We should keep our city clean.我们应该保持我们的城市干净。

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