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2014春人教新目标英语八下Unit1whatisthematter 随堂练习

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Unit 1 What’s the matter?同步练习

一.Match the phrase with the proper picture.(把所给的短语和相应的图片连起来。)

A.have a backache B.have a headache C.have a stomachacheD.have a cough

E.have a cold F.have sore eyes G.have a sore throat

H.have a toothache

二.Please go through the text and find the words or expressions that mean the same as those


1.看医生/牙医 2.感冒

3.患牙痛 4.患头痛

5.发烧 6.躺下休息

7.喝大量水 8.喝热蜂蜜茶

●Exercises for new words(生词专练)

一.Spell out the word according to the sentence meaning and tip.

1.What’s the .

2.I can’t speak English,because I have a sore .



●Exercises for phrases(短语专练)



4.If you have a fever,you should and .


6.It is healthy for a child to and get up early every day.

四.Arrange the following sentences in the correct order to make a dialogue.

1.For two weeks.

2.Good morning, what’s the matter with you, young man?

3.How long have you been like this?

4.Do I need to take some medicine?

5.I am not feeling well, something is wrong with me.

6.Thank you very much.

7.No,just eat less meat, eat more fruits and do more exercise.

8.You are welcome.

9.Let me examine you carefully. Oh, you have nothing serious.

五.Multiple choice(单项填空)


A.see the dentist B.drink cold water C.drink hot tea D.feel well


A.toothache B.sore eye C.sore arm D.sore back

- 1 -


A.many B.some of the C.lots of D.a lot


A.feel B.feels C.feeling D.to feel

5.Nancy’s father has a

A.bad B.very C.good D.well

6.David has a sore tooth.We can also say David has a 

A.stomachache B.toothache C.backache D.headache


A.something B.anything C.nothing D.coffee

8.I surf the Internet very long hours.So I have sore .

A.legs B.arms C.nose D.eyes

9.—Mr.Li,I’m always feeling tired.

—every day.

A.exercise B.eat ice-cream C.play chess D.eat junk food

10.Sarah’s mother can’t make supper.Because she has a sore 

A.ear B.tooth C.nose D.hand 

六.Rewrite the sentence without changing the meaning.(同义句转换。)

1.I feel terrible.

I am very .

2.What’s wrong with you?

(1)What’s (2)What’s 3.I have a headache.

I have 

4.I hope to be better soon.

5.He has dinner after his mother comes back.

have dinner his mother comes back.

七.Complete the dialogue with proper words.(用适当的单词完成对话。) A:What’s the

B:He has aleg.

A:Oh,I’mthat he can’tto the sports show. B:But he likes it very much.He needs help.

A:Well,he should see aearlier and rest well.

B:I think so.

A:Ihe feel

B:Let’s go andhim.

八.Unscramble the sentences.(连词成句。)

1.a cold,have,a fever,I,and





6.for,shouldnt,anything,he,eat,24 hours

7.important,eat,to,a balanced diet,its


- 2 -

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