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Period 3

你还记得下列词的 比较级 和最高级吗?

cool warm quiet

+ er +the + est

heavy dry busy happy healthy hungry early

y -- i + er i+(the) est

sunny rainy cloudy y -- i – er foggy --- (the) est snowy

large late nice
big hot thin wet fat

+r + st

bigger--biggest hotter--hottest “双写” thinner--thinnest wetter--wettest fatter--fattest


good well bad ill

better best worse worst

many more much most far farther farthest little less least


delicious dangerous interesting popular beautiful friendly

+more ~ +the most ~

? ? ? ?

? ?


1. good better best 2. comfortable more ~ most ~ 3. big bigger biggest 4. happy happier happiest 5. cheap cheaper cheapest 6. many more most 7. difficult more ~ most ~ 8. little less least 9. friendly friendlier friendliest

description words about one’ s appearance and personality.

Who is the tallest?



穆 铁 柱

Li Yong is funny.



Feng Gong is funnier than LiYong. Chen Peisi is the funniest person I know.

dull Who is the dullest?



Who is the most beautiful?

1a Write these words and phrases next to
their opposites in the chart.


most creative



Positive words

Negative words

most creative
quietest best funniest


most boring

Model A: Who do you think is the funniest person you know? B: My sister Isabel is the funniest person I know. A: Why do you think so? B: Because ….

Tell your partner about people you know. Use words in 1a.



The Math Teachers



2b Listen again. What do the people say about the performers? Fill in the chart with the adjectives you hear?

Eliza Steve

What people say

most creative

Dennis The Math Teachers

worst , terrible

3a Read the article about the school talent show. Fill in each blank with one of the words in the box. best was quietest sang funniest were

Last week’s talent show was a great success. There were fifteen acts. Eliza Clark won the

prize for the


performer. She played a

beautiful piano piece. Hu Yue was quietest the_______ performer. He danced without music.The prize for the funniest act went to Steve Tian and his dog, Fido. They sang a cute song together.

3b Look at activity 2b on page 74. Write an article about the other performers in the school talent show. 3c Imagine you went to a talent show of famous people. Write an article about the talent show. The Famous People Talent show was fantastic. The funniest performer was Jim Carrey.

He sang a cute song as he danced to his song. His dance was cheerful(欢快) and funny. Tom Smith was the quietest performer. He played dumb show(哑剧) which was very interesting. Susan won the prize for the best performer. She played a wonderful violin piece.

fun 用法详解 1. It’s fun后接不定式或动名词均

可,意思基本相同。如: It’s great fun sailing a boat.= It’s great fun to sail a boat. 扬帆驾舟十分 有趣。 2. 表示做某事很开心,可用have (there is) fun (in) doing sth。如: We had fun riding our bicycles to the beach today. 我们今天骑自行车去 海滨玩得很开心。 3. 以下各例中的fun虽用作表语,但仍为名词,而非形容词,故可用 great, much, a lot of等形容词修饰,而不用very等副词修饰。如: She’s great fun to be with. 同她在一起很有意思。 下面一例中fun前的more为much的比较级。如: It is more fun to go with someone than to go alone. 偕伴同去比自己独 自去好玩。 4. 注意for fun(为了高兴,为了好玩)与in fun(不是当真的,闹着 玩的,开玩笑地)意不同。比较: I am not saying it for fun. 我说这话并不是在开玩笑。 He said so only in fun. 他这样说只是开开玩笑。

fun: n. 乐趣,玩笑,有趣的人或事物 词形变化: 动词过去式:funned 过去分词:funned 现在分词:funning 第三 人称单数:funs 。例句: 1. People make fun of her because she always speaks foolishly. 人们嘲笑 她,因为她常说傻话。 2. You‘ll sure to have fun at the party tonight. 你在今晚的晚会上一定会玩得很开心。 3. Swimming in the sea is great fun. 在海里游泳很好玩。 4. I’m learning to cook, just for the fun of it. 我正在学做饭做着玩而已。 funny: [ `f?ni ] a. 滑稽的,有趣的 词形变化: 副词:funnily 形容词比较级:funnier 最高级:funniest 名词 :funniness 名词复数:funnies 例句与用法: 1. The story was very funny. 这个故事非常可笑。 2. He closed his speech with a funny joke. 他用一则有趣的笑话结束了 演讲。

Rhyme Good, better, best :
Good, better, best, Never let it rest,
Till good is better, And better is best.

Thank you!

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