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七年级上英语作文 专项练习

? 以my friend 为题根据提示写一篇短文。 ? 提示:Ann有一个好朋友,他是中国人,他 的名字是李平,今年14岁了。9月10日是他 的生日。他喜欢足球,他有三个足球,看! 他得足球在椅子下面。他最喜欢的科目是 数学,他认为它难但有用。他爱吃苹果, 因为健康,不爱吃鸡肉他认为不健康。

My Friend


Ann has a good friend .His name is Li Ping.He is Chinese . He is 14 years old. His birthday is on September 10th. He likes soccer and he has three soccer balls. Look! His soccer balls are under the chair .His favorite subject is math.He thinks it is difficult but useful. He likes apples because they are healthy, but he doesn’t like chicken because he thinks it is not healthy . Do you like him ?

? 假设我叫Alice Brown . 今年13岁。我有2个 兄弟。我的兄弟们和我在同一所学校。我 们星期一到星期五上学,星期六和星期天 不上学。我父母是老师。他们在中国。 我最喜欢的学科是汉语。 我最喜欢的老师 是Miss Zhao,她教我们汉语,我最喜欢的 运动是乒乓球。我最喜欢的一天是星期一, 因为我们有两节汉语课。

? I’m Alice Brown。I’m 13 years old. I have two brothers .My brothers and I are in the same school. We go to school from Monday to Friday .We don’t have classes on Saturday and Sunday .My parent are teachers .They are in China now. My favorite subject is Chinese .My favorite teacher is Miss Zhao. She teaches us Chinese . My favorite sport is ping-pong .I often play ping-pong after school.My favorite day is Monday because we have two classes on Monday.

? 假设你是Tonny 现在在中国。说一下你及 家人喜欢的食品。

? My name is Tony . I’m seven years old. I’m an English boy .But now I’m in China with my family.There are four people in my family---my parents ,my sister and I. We like different food.My father likes chicken very much ,but my mother doesn’t like it .She likes vegetables . My sister and I like hamburgers and French fries .In my family ,all the people like one thing-eggs.

? 你会写广告吗? 商品促销广告一定要涵盖以 下内容:价廉物美,品种样式齐全。对顾客 有吸引力。根据表格里的信息写一则广告。
Shoes($35) , T-shirts($26), trousers($30), socks($5), Coolboy (店名), only, like

Coolboy’s Clothes Store

? Come and buy your clothes at Coolboy’s great sale. We have shoes at a very good price for only $35. Do you need T-shirts? They are on sale for only $26.The trousers are only $30. Do you like socks? You can buy them for only $5. Come and see for yourself now!

? 这是Lily的学校日历,请根据以下信息介绍一 下学校的活动。第一句已经给出。
July 26th School art festival July 31st Basketba ll game J

uly 27th July 28th English speech contest August August 1st 2nd English party July 29th July 30th Tom’s birthday August 3rd Baseball game August 4th

Lily can do many things at school. For example(例 如),...

? Lily can do many things at school. For example,she has a school art festival on July 26th. The English speech contest is on July 28th. Tom’s birthday is on July 30th. The school basketball game is on July 31st. The English party is on August 2nd and the baseball game is on August 3rd.

? 假如你是刘涛你的笔友Edward 来信询问你在学校的学习 生活情况,请根据下表内容写一封回信。 ? ? ? ? ? 上课情况 上午8:00-12:00 四节课 下午2:30-4:00两节课 课后 踢足球 最喜欢的学科 英语、科学、音乐 最不喜欢的课 数学

原因 有趣 原因 太难

? Dear Edward, Thanks for your letter . Let me tell you something about my school life .We have six classes a day.In the morning ,we have four classes from eight to twelve .In the afternoon, we have two classes from two thirty to four. After class I play soccer with my friends. My favorite subjects are English, science and music because they are so interesting . I don’t like math because it is too difficult for me .what’s your favorite subject ? Liu Tao

? 以 My Favorite…为题,写一篇短文 ? My favorite subject is English. I like it because it is interesting. I have English every day. I can speak a little English. I join the school English club. Every afternoon I go there to talk in English. I can see the English movies and read English books. I think it is useful for me. I want to learn it well. I like English very much.

? My English Teacher(我的英语老师) ? Miss Wang is my English teacher. She looks very young.She's thirty years old, and she wears glasses.She's funny . But she is strict with us. She wants us to study hard, Her classes are very interesting. We are very happy in her class and we all like her classes. She is a good teacher, and we all like her.

? 谈谈你和你的同学早,中,晚餐各喜欢吃的食物 ? My friend Lucy and I like different food. For breakfast ,she likes eggs, bananas and apples, but I like eggs ,milk and hamburgers .For lunch, she likes hamburgers, salad and pears ,but I like rice, salad and apples. For dinner, She likes chicken ,tomatoes ,French fries and ice cream ,but I like rice, chicken, tomatoes .I don’t like ice cream.

? 写一段话,谈谈你和同伴各喜欢什么球类运动,不喜欢什 么球类运动。


Yang Fang likes soccer .I also like soccer .He likes volleyball ,but I don’t like volleyball. I like basketball and ping-pong. He likes sports very much. I like them, too. We like watching sports on TV.

? 介绍你的房间 ? Here’s my room .It's very tidy.My TV is on the desk .My baseball is on the floor ,under the

bed .My CDs are in the bookcase .The flowers are on the table .My books are on the desk. This is my computer. It is on the desk, next to the window .I like my room very much.

? 介绍照片中的人物。 ? Here’s my family photo. Look at the old man. He is my grandfather .This is my grandmother .These are my parents .My father’s name is Bill. My mother’s name is Mary. This is my uncle. He is an English teacher. This boy is me.

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