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SBS2-Unit4 单词

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SBS2 Unit4 单词

Beginning & Endings 开始和结束

1. arrive 到达 Will the train arrive soon?

2. be back 回来 I will be back in a week.

3. begin 开始 The game will begin at 7:00.

4. end 结束 The storm will end in a few hours.

5. get home 回家 My brother will get home in a little while.

6. return 返回 My mother will return in an hour.

Health 健康

7. catch a cold 感冒 I’m afraid I might catch a cold.

8. get a sunburn 晒黑 I’m afraid I might get a sunburn.

9. get seasick 晕船的 I’m afraid I might get seasick.

10. get sick 生病 I’m afraid I might get sick.

11. the flu 流感 He thinks he might have the flu.

12. the measles 麻疹 Their children might have the measles.

Injuries 受伤

13. break my leg 折了腿 I’m afraid I might break my leg.

14. fall 倒下、落下 Watch your step! You might fall.

15. get a shock 吓了一跳、电击、休克 Don’t touch wires! You might get a shock.

16. get hit 被撞 Don’t stand there! You might get hit.

17. get hurt 使受伤 Don’t touch that machine! You might get hurt.

18. hurt your head/eyes 伤着头/眼睛 You might hurt your eyes!


Life events 生活经历

19. get married 结婚 We’re going to get married next year.

20. grow up 长大 I’m going to be a doctor when I grow up.

21. move 移动 Do you think you’ll move to New York next year?

22. name 起名字 I’m going to name my daughter Linda.


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