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① 直接引语是客观真理。

② 直接引语中有具体的过去某年、某月、某日作状语,变为间接引语时,时态不变。如:


⑤如果直接引语中的情态动词没有过去时的形式(例:ought to, had better, used to)和已经是过去时的形式时,(例:could, should, would, might)不再变。

直接引语变间接引语练习题 之一


1. “I never eat meat.” he said.

He said that ______ never ______ meat.

2. “I’ve found my wallet.” he said to me.

He ______ me that he ______ ______ ______ wallet.

3. “I took it home with me.” she said.

She said that ______ ______ _______ it home with her.

4. The teacher said, “The sun rises in the east and goes down in the west.”

The teacher said that the sun ______ in the east and ______ down in the west.

5. “I met her yesterday.” he said to me.

He ______ me that he ______ met the day ______.

6. “You must come here before five.” he said.

He said that I ______ to go ______ before five.

7. “I bought the house 10 years ago.” he said.

He said that he _______ bought the house 10 years _______.

8. “Did you see her last week?” he said.

He ______ ______ I had seen her the week _______.

9. He said, “You can sit here, Jim.”

He ______ Jim that he ______ sit there

10. He asked, “How did you find it, mother?”

He asked her mother ______ ______ ______ found it.

11. “Where have you been these days?” he asked.

He asked me _______ _______ _______been _______ days.

12. “Do you know where she lives?” he asked.

He asked ______ ______ knew where she ______.

13. “Stop making so much noise, children.” he said.

He ______ the children ______ ______ making so much noise.

14. “Don’t tell him the news.” she said.

She told me _______ ______ ______ him the news.

15. “Are you intested in this?” he said.

He ______ ______ I was interestd in ______


1.He said, “I’ve left my book in my room.”

2.She asked me, “Is this book yours or his?”

3.The teacher asked, “How did you repair it?”

4.She said, “He will be busy.”

5.She said to Tom, “Can you help me?”

6.The teacher said, “The earth goes round the sun.”

7.My father said, “Practice makes perfect.”

8.The boy said to us, “ I usually get up at six every day.”

9.He said, “We are still students.”

10.He said to me, “I was born in 1978.”

11.He said, “I have studied English since 2000.”

12.I said to him, “I have finished it.”

13.She said to us,“ I’ll come here tomorrow.”

14.“Where does your chemistry teacher live, Jane?” the young man asked.

15.“I have gotten the first place in the mathematics competition,” the little boy said happily.

16.“Light travels faster than sound,” the physics teacher said to the boys and girls.

17.“Will you go to the concert with me this evening?” Mary asked me.

18.“What did you do here yesterday?” the old man asked my brother.

直接引语变间接引语专练题 三


1. He asked ________ for the computer.

A. did I pay how much B. I paid how much

C. how much did I pay D. how much I paid

2. “Have you seen the film?” he asked me. →He asked me _______.

A. had I seen the film B. have I seen the film

C. if I have seen the film D. whether I had seen the film

3. “Please close the window,” he said to me.

→He ______ me _____ the window.

A. said to; to close B. told to; closing

C. asked ; to close D. said to; please close

4. “I am a teacher,” Jack said. →He said _________.

A. that I am a teacher B. I was a teacher

C. that he is a teacher D. he was a teacher

5. He said, “Mother, the boy is very naughty.” →He _____- very naughty.

A. said his mother that the boy was

B. said to his mother that the boy is

C. told his mother that the boy was

D. spoke to his mother that the boy was

6. “You’ve already got well, haven’t you?” she asked.

→She asked ________.

A. if I have already got well, hadn’t you

B. whether I had already got well

C. have I already got well

D. had I already got well.

7. He asked , “ Are you a Party member or a League member?”

→He asked me _________.

A. am I a Party member or a League member

B. was I a Party member or a League member

C. if I was a Party member or a League member

D. whether was I a Party member or a League member.

8. He asked, “How are you getting along?” →He asked _______.

A. how am I getting along

B. how are you getting along

C. how I was getting along

D. how was I getting along

9. He asked me ________ with me.

A. what the matter is B. what the mater was

C. what’s the matter D. what was the matter

10. He said, “Don’t do that again.” He _____ me _______ that again.

A. said to me; not to do B. said to me; don’t do

C. told me; don’t do D. told me; not to do

11. He asked me _________.

A. if she will come B. how many books I want to have

C. they would help me to do it D. how it happened

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