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1.There is not much money in Tom’.

2.The bag is too heavy (重的it?

3.可能) Mr Wu will come to our party .

4.Five yuan is (足够的) to buy a bag of bread .

5.from each other .

6.7.This kind of computer is 贵的). Can you have a cheaper one .

8.How many 牙齿) do you have ?

9.My father’s hobby is to (集邮).


1.He needs us 2.Here (be)some flowers for you with our best wishes .

3.Tom is interested in 4.My uncle often buys some gifts for (I).

5.We can use our pocket money 6.—How much —Twenty yuan .

7.Every day , Millie spends half an hour (read) English .

8.It’s very easy(容易的) (find) the new shopping mall .

9.Our teacher often tells us .

10.The English Club is a good place (practise) your English .


( )1.There some paper and a pen on the desk .

A.is B.are C.have D.has ( )2.There isn’t paper in the box . Will you go and get for me ?

A.any ,some B.some ,some C.a ,some D.an ,any ( )3.— do you usually go to school ? —On foot .

A.How B.What C.When D.Where ( )4.The story is and all of us are in it .

A.interest , interesting B.intereesting , interest

C.interested , interesting D.interesting ,interested

( )5.Millie doesn’t walk school . She walks home . 1

A.to ,to B./,/ C.to ,/ D./,to ( )6.This pair of trousers is . Can I ?

A.enough cheap , try on them B.cheap enough , try them on

C.enough cheap , try on it D.cheap enough , try it on

( )7.—How long does it you to finish this book ?

—Half an hour .

A.take B.cost C.spend D.pay ( )8.He is his book . Can he it ?

A.looking for ,find B.finding , look for

C.looks for ,finds D.finds ,looks for

( )9.My shoes are too small . I want to buy a new .

A.one B.ones C.pair D.shoe

( )10.I want to buy a nice present my mother and I must give it her myself .

A.for ,to B.to ,for C.for ,for D.with ,to ( )11.— do you sleep every night ?

—About nine hours .

A.How soon B.How often C.How long D.How much ( )12.We have two foreign(外国的) teachers here . One is from England ,and A.another B.the other C.other D.the others ( )13.—Can you bring(带来) me ? —Sure .

A.the all bags B.all bags C.all the bags D.all the bag ( )14.There a pair of sports shoes .

A.is B.are C.has D.have ( )15.—Would you like apples ? — .

A.any;No thanks B.some;No I would

C.any ;Yes ,I would D.some ; No thanks

三、句型转换 (15分)


in the box ?



Amy to buy 2 hair clips ?


the book

5.My home is near a bus stop .(改为同义句)

My home is a bus stop .




please. I’m coming soon .


This T-shirt me very .


your trousers ?


How do you 五、补全对话(5分)

A:B:Yes,I want to buy a shirt.


A:What about this one?

B:It looks nice !

A:Eighty—five yuan.

B:Oh,that’s too expensive!

A:It’s only sixty—two yuan.

B:OK.A:Here you are.


A:You’re welcome.

A.How about this one ?

B.I’ll take it。please.

C.What color do you like?

D.How much is it?

E.May I help you?



Five,four,three,two,one! Happy New Year! It is twelve o’.The year ends..

The New Year’s Eve(除夕)is 31st.It is the night before New Year’s Day.People try(尽力They do not want to be alone(单独的).They want to be 5 .Many people go to parties or restaurants.Everyone waits 6 3

the right time.They eat,drink,and dancetwelve,they hug(拥抱)each other and say“Happy New Year!”to each other.

The biggest New Year’S Eve in New York City.A million people go to Times Square.They wait for the new year coming there.Famous (著名的)singers to the big group of(一大群)people.A large ball slowly comes down from a tall building.Everyone watches it.The new year begins when the ball falls down to the people.Many people stay there until(直到 .

( )1.A.midnight B.morning C.afternoon D.noon ( )2.A.old B.new C.come D.1ast ( )3.A.October B.December C.July D.June ( )4.A.father B.mother C.family D.sister ( )5.A.sad B.unhappy C.sorry D.happy ( )6.A.of B.for C.in D.on ( )7.A.For B.To C.At D.Of ( )8.A.party B.1antern C.costume D.place ( )9.A.dance B.sing C.to sing D.1augh ( )10.A.evening B.afternoon C.morning D.night


( )1.Who found the basketball?

A.Tony. B.Jack Wilson. C.Grandma. D.Army. ( )2.If you want to play volleyball.you can call .

A.Tony B.Feifei C.Jack Wilson D.Army ( )3.Grandma wants Feifei to take things to his sister.

A.two B.three C.four D.five ( )4.What is Jack Wilson good at?

A.Volleyball. B.Basketball. C.Baseball. D.Football. ( )5.What’s Tony’s telephone number?

A.498—2456. B.495—3456. C.476—5939. D.495—3356.


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