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module 8Unit 1

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gets everyone dancing.

Unit 1 It’s the band which

Meeting the new words 1)photographer

n. 摄影师
2)shot n. (抓拍的)照片

3). kid

v. 开玩笑 joke

n. 孩子 child

The kids are getting on the school bus.
4). pick up

接 ; 捡起

The woman driver always picks the kids up .(接 )

5). expect


(1)预料 ; Zhang Ning didn't expect that she would win.
(2)盼望 ;期待;

My parents expect me to go to college.

6). on the left (of) 在(---)左边

7) .on the right (of)



? Listen to the recorder and check the sentence True or False 1. Tony can get some good photos easily. 2. He Zhong won the photo competition last summer. 3. There was something wrong with He Zhong’s camera.


Read the first half of the conversation and try to answer the questions.
1.Why can’t Tony take the photos of the Blues Boys at first? Because he can’t see over people’s heads. 2.Why does he want to get some good photos? Because he is going to enter the photo competition. 3.How popular are the Blues boys? They can get everyone dancing.

Read the second half of the conversation and try to answer the questions.
1. What happened to Tony?

He couldn’t find his camera. 2What is Tony’s father going to do? He is going to pick Tony up.

Complete the sentences in your own word
1. When Tony sees He Zhong, he feels unhappy /worried. . 2. He may get better shots from upstairs

because he can’t see over people’s heads.
3. He thought his camera was in his bag, but it’s gone/lost. . 4. When he says his camera has gone, Betty thinks he’s kidding. .

5. Lingling thinks Tony’s dad will be the most unhappy person because the camera is Tony’s dad’s .

Language Points

I can’t see over people’s heads.
over one’s head

Are you going to enter the photo competition?

3.你进展地如何? How did you get on? get on well with sb. 与…相处融洽

get on with sth. 某事进展如何
4. 现在我有机会赢了。

Now I am in with a chance to win.
be in with a chance to do sth.

=have a chance to do sth.有机会做某事。

5.....gets everyone dancing... 【精析】 get sb doing “让某人一直做某事”。 注:get sb to do / have sb do “让某人做某 事”。 【练习】 同义句转换。 1. Father kept my brother standing at the corner for two hours. my brother standing Father got ____________________ at the corner for two hours. 2. I’ll get two boys to help me with my work. have two boys help I’ll ___________________ me with my work.

Useful expressions
1. by the way 顺便说一下 2. It’s gone.它不见了。 3.You’re kidding.你在开玩笑。 4.There was something wrong with his camera.=Something was wrong with his camera. 他的相机 出了毛病。 5.That’s right.那是正确的。 6.Look after your camera. 保管好你的相机。

1. 顺便说一下, 明天把你的书还回图书馆。
__________, By th

e way please return your book to

the library tomorrow.
2. 贝蒂一直帮助妈妈照顾生病的外婆。

Betty helps her mother to _________ look after
her sick grandma all the time.

3. 我希望能早日见到你。 I expect ________ you much earlier. A. seeing B. see C. have seen D. to see 4. 我的手表出了问题。

Something is wrong with my watch.

Try to translate the following sentences 1. It’s the band which gets everyone dancing. 2.He’s the photographer who won the photo competion last time. 3.I got some great shots of the boy who plays the guitar on the left. 4.His father is the person who will be most unhappy.

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