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Unit2 What time do you usually go to school? 备课人:韩艳 关铃 1.up adv. a. up and down b.get /dress/ cut/mix/put/ eat up 2. dress v./n. dress sb./oneself get /be dressed He is dressed in a long dress. 3. brush v. brush one’s teeth toothbrush(es) 4. tooth----teeth have a toothache foot---feet goose---geese 5. shower v./n. have/take a shower get out of the shower 6. usually adv. He is usually late for the English class./He usually gets up late. adj. usual / as usual / unusual 7.sometimes adv. Sometimes he comes by bike and sometimes by bus. some time I’ll be away for some time. sometime You can hand in your homework sometime before Friday. some times I have been to the Great Wall some times. 8. forty/fifty num. in one’s forties/ on one’s fortieth birthday/at the age of forty 9. early adj/adv. an early bus / get up early 10. job/ work part-time/full-time jobs/ much work to do /work at a radio station Work hard from now on, and you’ll get a good grade. 11.radio station/ police station/ train station 12. o’clock adv. at 5 o’clock on the morning of Friday 13. night n. at night all day and all night from morning to night 14.funny adj. That’s a funny time for breakfast. That’s the funniest joke I’ve ever heard. have fun doing be fun to do 15.exercise v./n. I have to do some sports for exercise. 16. on weekends\weekdays at/on the weekend 17. best (adj./adv) –better—good/well Best wishes to you!/I like autumn best./ try/do one’s best to do sth. 18. group n. a group of… / in groups/pairs 19. half n/pron. half an hour / one and a half hours=one hour and a half half past five cut it into halves 20. past pre.\adj. It’s twenty past seven. go/walk past the bank= pass the bank In the past/ last three years , I’ve improved a lot. 21. quarter (n) = fifteen minutes a quarter to /past ten three quarters 22. homework n. do a lot of /lots of homework /do homework a lot 23. run—runner—a running star run out of 24. clean v./adj. clean the room clean up/out keep the room clean and tidy


Unit2 What time do you usually go to school? 备课人:韩艳 关铃

take/have a walk= go for a walk walk sth.---take sth. for a walk We are tired after a long walk. 26. quickly adv. Have breakfast quickly /have a quick breakfast 27. either…or neither…nor Either Mary or Rose is coming. Either you or I am going there tomorrow. He is either in the classroom or in the library. Either of them is OK. He doesn’t like math. I don’t like it , either. There are a lot of trees on either side of the river. There are lots of trees on both sides of the road. 28. taste n./v. Sugar has a sweet taste. Good medicine tastes bitter to the mouth. Does the soup taste nice? taste good/ tasty/a sweet taste look/feel/smell +adj. 29. life n. in one’s life save one’s life 30. Here comes the bus!/ Here are your clothes./Here is a photo of my family. Here you are. Ⅱ.Grammar 1.时间表达法 a.整点表达法5 o’clock b.几点几分 (顺读法)5:10 five ten 11:30 eleven thirty 8:46 eight forty-six (逆读法)借助介词past/to 分钟+past/to +点

8:05 five past eight 10:15 a quarter past ten 9:30 half past ten 11:50 ten to twelve 9:45 a quarter to ten 2. What time \When 引导的特殊疑问句 What time is it?=What’s the time? What time do you usually take a shower, Rick? What time does she often watch TV? When does she often watch TV? 3. 频度副词 always/usually/often/sometimes/ seldom/ hardly ever / never 写作:Talk about your daily routines

1.学会用一般现在时谈论日常作息时间 2.能正确使用频度副词谈论自己的生活 3.学会合理安排自己的学习和课外活动,健康生活


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