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1.写下write down 2.在……的中间in the middle of 3.谈论talk about 4.和……交谈talk with/ to 5.立刻at once 6.想到,想起,认为think of 7.与不同的be different from 8 .拍照take photos

9.等待wait for 10.美好时光have a good time 11.穿上put on 12.现在,此时at the moment 13.期待look forward to 14.游览look through 15.在将来;在未来in the future 16.变暖get warm 17.擅长be good at 18起飞take off 19.思考;考虑think about 20.捡起,接某人pick up 21.变成change into 22.在……岁时at the age of 23.穿过go through 24.在……一起玩play with 25.过得愉快,美好时光enjoy oneself 26...成为现实come true 27 领(某人四处参观take sb, around 28.卖光sell out 29.听说 hear of/ about 30.照顾take care of= look after 31.与 .... 相处(好)get on well with 32在……帮助下with the help of

33.参加take part in 34..付款pay for 34.35.数百万millions of 36.发现 find out 37.以 ..... 为食live on 38.越来越少less and less 39.发生take place 40.和....相比较compared with 41.代替instead of 42.处于…的边缘 on the edge of

43.在…的底部 at the bottom of 44.就…来说;至于as far as

45.不再not any more

46..逃跑run away

47.暂时,一度 for a time 48.成长 grow up 49..谈论talk about 50.代表,象征stand for 51..负责,注意 see to 52..浏览look through 53.一次

at a time 54.用手工(制造) by hand

55.在…的开始at the beginning of 60集中注意力pay attention to

57.设法弄懂;计算出work out 58.试用try out

59.顺便走访drop in

60.同…一样as ….as

61.扔掉,抛弃throw away 62对…造成伤害 do harm to 63.对..产生重大影响; 很重要make a difference to

64.张贴,挂起put up 65.同…相似be similar to


give a hand to sb 67.即使even though

68.陷入大麻烦中 be in deep trouble 69.和某人说几句话have a word with sb 70.赢得…的心win the heart of 71..从…开始ever since

72.放弃give up

73..碰见 bump into

74. 保持联系keep/stay in touch 75.与…一起 all together 76.由于,多亏了thanks to


add to

78..取得进步make progress 79.旅游胜地place of interest

80.填写fill in

81.登记入住 check in

82.跌落fall off 83.过(某种生活)lead a life 84.炫耀show off 85.入睡fall asleep 86.为了in order to 87.能,会be able to 88. 扮演---角色play the role of 89.一直,总是all the time 90. 在户外,在露天in the open air 91.一点也不,跟本不not ….at all 92.独自,自己on one’s own

93..结果as a result 94.献身于give one’s life to 95. 害怕做某事be afraid to do sth 96.以某人的观点in one’s opinion 97. 和---交朋友make friends with 98一天天地,日益地,逐渐地day by day

99.即使,尽管in spite of 100.属于 belong to

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