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一. 名词的概念:

二. 名词分类:



气体: 液体:




两袋米: 三条建议: 六杯牛奶: 五块面包: 十张纸: 九则新闻:

四. 可数名词:


book bus leaf wife party potato hero radio photo

2. 名词单数变复数的规律:







1) a 变e:

2)oo 变ee:

3)child------ mouse------








思考:German 的复数是什么?

五.有的单词虽然是s 结尾,但它是单数.

news physics maths grass glass means 新闻 物理 数学 草 玻璃 方法、手段 a. Maths is a useful language . b. Grass is green in spring . c. The news is true.

六.有的名词表示成员时,用复数. 表示整体时, 用单数.

family , class , group … 等

1 tomato

a. My family is big. b. My family are watching TV.

c. Class One are playing games.

d. A group of students are playing football.


an apple tree--two apple tree a bike factory—five bike factory a boy student--ten boy student a girl student--- six girl student 特殊:

a man worker--several man worker ; a woman teacher-- many woman teacher a man doctor-- three man doctor ; a woman cleaner---five woman cleaner: 练习:

1. I have two ___and ___.

A. leg , feet B. legs , foots C. legs , feet

2. How many ___ are there in the city ?

A. factories B. factorys C.factoris D. factory

3. —Well,you look so happy!--Because I got a good ________.

A.work B.news C.job

4. You must clean your ____ every day.

A. tooth B. teeth C. tooths D. teeths

5. There ____ lots of bread on the table.

A. is B. are C. were D.be

6. There are two _____ and three _____ in our school.

A. Frenchmen , Germen B. Frenchmen , Germans

C. Frenchmans , Germans D. Russian, Americans

7. Many ____ are playing in the park.

A. children B. childs C. boy D.peoples

8. The meat ____not good . But the news ____ interesting

A. is , are B. are ,is C. is , is D. are, are

9. I can see many ____ on the hill .

A. sheeps B. cow C. horse D.sheep

10. Mr Black gave us ______on how to learn English well.

A.an advice B.many advices C.some advice D.some advices

11. Your clothes ____ very beautiful.

A. is B. are C. be D.have

12. My brother has two _____.

A. knife B. knifes C. fork D.knives

13. There ____ a pair of trousers on the bed.

A. is B. are C. were D. have

14. Would you like __________?

A. a milk B. a glass of milk C. some milks

15.—What would you like,sir? —A. Two bottles of water C. Two bottles of waters D. Two bottle of water

16. —.

— Oh, yes, just a little.

A. tea B. apple C. bananas


17. ---May I ask you ______ , mum ?

----Yes. What is it ?

----Our class are going to have a picnic tomorrow . Can I go ?

A. something B. anything C. some questions D. a problem

18. There are some _____ in the park.

A. man teachers B. men teacher

C. men teachers D. boys students

19. There is little ___ in the fridge .

A. bread B. noodle C. dumpling D. vegetable

20. Help yourself to ___. Thanks .It tastes good.

A.some chickens B. a chicken C. some chicken

21.Would you like some tea ? No, I’d like two __.

A. bottle of orange B.bottles of oranges

C. bottles of orange D. bottle of oranges

22. Uncle Wang bought two ___ yesterday

A. watches B. watchs C. watch

23. How many ____ are there in the world ?

A. country B. countries C. countrys

24. My sister likes eating ___

A.potato B. potatos C. potatoes

25. We took many ____ when we’re travelling

A. photos B. photoes C. photo

26. When autumn comes, ____ of trees turn yellow

A. leaf B. leaves C.leafs D.leave

27. There are _____ in our shop .

A. woman workers B. women worker

C .women workers D. girls workers

28. There ___ some good news in today’s newspaper

A. were B. are C. is D. have

29. There ____ two pictures and a map of China

A. have B. has C. are D.is

30. Either Liming or I ___ to help Mary .

A. likes B. am going C. is going D. going

31. Neither you nor your brother ___ been to Beijing

A. have B. has C. is D.are



a . 当名词不是s 结尾时,用 ’s

Lucy’s hair ; my mother’s bag ; the children’s photos

b. 当名词是s 结尾时,则用 s ’

students’ reading –room workers’ club

c. 共同所有格与个体所有格: 共有的东西,所有格也共有; 分开的东西, 所有格也分开. She’s Tom and Jim’s mother. (同一个母亲)

They’re Tom’s and Jim’s mothers. ( 各自的母亲)


d. 表示某人的家、办公的地方….

at Tom’s at the doctor’s at the barber’s

e. 表示时间、距离、国家、城市的名词,加’s 构成所有格

today’s newspaper in two years’ time

five minutes’ walk = a five-minute walk

eight miles’ journey= an 8-mile journey

二、 ―of + 名词‖ 的用法:

1. 表示某物的名词所有格

the door of the classroom , the top of the hill , the leaves of the tree

2. 特殊形式

the boy’s name=the name of the boy , the dog’s legs=the legs of the dog

China’s population=the population Of China China’s capital=the capital of China the bag of the boy riding a bike

3.双重所有格: of+名词所有格 或 of + 名词性的物主代词 表示整体中的一部分 a friend of my father’s , a friend of mine, three books of Lily’s


1. That’s my _________.

A. brother’s and sister’s bike B. brother and sister’s bike

C. brother’s and sister’s bikes

2. It's about ___walk from my home to the park.

A. two hours B. two hour's C. two hours' D. two of hours

3.Whose shirt is this ? It’s ____

A. Wang Wei’s B. Wang Wei C. of Wang Wei

4. Where’s Mr Wang ? He has gone to the ___.

A. doctor B. doctor’s C. doctors’

5. ____mothers made them have piano lessons

A. Peter and Anne B. Peter’s and Anne’s

C. Peter and Anne’s D. Peter’s and Anne

6. Do you know the woman ? She is ___aunt.

A. Lily an Lucy B. Lily’s an Lucy’s

C. Lily an Lucy’s D. Lily’s an Lucy

7. Our school is only______ ride from the station.

A. five-minute B. five minute's C. five minutes D. five minutes'

8. September 10 is___ Day

A. Teachers' B. Teacher's C. Teacher D. Teachers

9. March 8 is ____Day

A. Womans' B. Womens' C. Woman's D. Women's

10. Today is___. A. Mothers'Day B. Mother Day C Mother's Day

11. ___room is big and bright. They like it very much.

A. Tom and Sam B. Tom's and Sam C. Tom and Sam's D. Tom's and Sam's

12.This is a photo of _____.

A.yours B.yourselves C.your D.yourself

13. The old teacher is a friend _____.

A.my brother's B.of my brother's C.of my brother


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