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Watching TV too late is bad for our health.

Playing computer games all night is bad for young people’s health.

‘What habits are bad for our health?’ Talk about this topic with your partner.

Language points
1. 请看下面三组例句,思考一下 V-ing形式的用法。

1. A. Alice’s brother likes Chinese. B. Alice’s brother likes speaking Chinese. 2. A. She has a good habit. B. Eating vegetables is a good habit. 3. A. My little sister often cries. B. My little sister is crying in her bedroom.

上面每组A、B两句的划线部分在句 中所充当的成分是一样的。 1. 第1组B句的V-ing形式在句中充当 宾语。除like外,我们还学过hate,


2. 第2组B句的V-ing形式在句中

3. 第3组B句的划线部分与另两组B句



1. His brother enjoys ________ (watch) watching
football games.

2. He is ________ (walk) on the street walking

3. Doing (do) some exercise every day is a _____
good habit.

观察下面两组例句,然后补全结论部分。 1. A. Wash your hands before meals.

B. Washing your hands before meals
is a good habit.

2. A. Do some sports every morning.
B. Doing some sports is good for your


以上两组例句中A、B两句划线部分的 意思相同,但形式不同。A句动词用原 形,B句动词用现在分词。A句是表示 请求、 命令等语气。B句是由动词现 在分词V-ing 形式开头作主语。A、B 两句最本质的区别是:A句为祈使句, 没有主语;B句有主语。

根据句意用所给单词的适当形式填空。 1. _____ (bring) your dictionary to Bring school tomorrow, please.

2. _______ (get) up early is difficult Getting
for me.

3. ________ (smoke) can cause cancer. Smoking

2. health n. 健康 healthy adj. 健康的,有益健康。 其副词形式为healthily,修饰动词。 如:eat healthily 吃得健康。 表示人的身体状况良好,感觉不错时 还可以用well, fine, OK等。

选词填空: health, healthy, healthily 1. I think walking after supper is good for our ______. health 2. You must look after yourself and keep _______. healthy

3. should和must的区别 情态动词should与must均可意为 “应该、必须”。请仔细观察下面 的例句,想一想should与must在用 法上有什么区别。

例句 A. It’s too hot. You should drink some water. B. Tony’s mother is ill. He must go to the bank and get some money at once. C. It’s raining outside. You should take an umbrella with you. D. She is going to the movies. She must buy a ticket.

情态动词should常用于劝告别人最好 做某事,口气比较温和;情态动词 must常用于告诫别人必须做某事, 口气比较强硬。

根据上面得出的结论,将下面的句子翻译 成英语。 1. 你明天必须早点来这里,我有重要的事 想告诉你。 You must come here early tomorrow. I have something important to tell you. 2. 太晚了,你应该回家了。 It’s too late. You should go home.

4. tired adj. 疲倦的;疲劳的;累的; 厌烦的 e.g. If you watch too much TV, you’ll feel tired. 如果你看电视太多,你就会感到疲劳。 I’m tired of his complaints. 我听腻了他的抱怨。

5. cause v. 引起;使发生 n. 原因;理由 e.g. Smoking can cause lung cancer. 吸烟可致肺癌。 You have no cause for complaint. 你没有理由抱怨。

6. without prep. 没有;无;在外 面 e.g. Without the sun, nothing would grow. 没有太阳,就不会有生物。

Are these habits good or bad?

washing hands

doing exercise

getting up early smoking couch potato

Talk about the above pictures with your partners: Which is good or bad habit?

根据句意及所给汉语提示,完成下列 句子。 1. Walking is good for our ______ (健康). health 2. Mike is too _____ (累) and he is tired sleepy now. 3. People can’t live without (没有) water. _______

4. We must wash our hands before _____ meals (餐). 5. You shouldn’t keep long _________ fingernails (指甲).

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